15 Best Image Compressor OR Optimization Tools 2019

15 Best Image Compressor OR Optimization Tools To Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

15 Best Image Compressor OR Optimization Tools To Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality
15 Best Image Compressor OR Optimization Tools To Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

Images play a vital role in the optimization of any website or blog. Page loading speed is a significant SEO fact for all those sites which want to rank higher in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). An image helps our visitors to understand what we are saying and how to do a meticulous task etc. but if you are using many images on your article then they must be fully optimized so that when your page starts loading it can be loaded quickly in a few seconds, instead, of minutes. If your pages take several minutes to load then it is most likely those visitors who are using a low internet speed close your page and look for any other page which can load faster. So ahead you publish your article on the web you must optimize your each and every image with some tools for fast loading speed but while doing all this you must take care of the quality of images, it must not be reduced to image size.

Here is a list of tools which you can use to compress your images easily.

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Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG is an advance online tool to compress your images without losing the quality. This tool reduces the size of images by reducing the number of colors in the image. There is nearly no effect on the quality of the image but the size of the image is reduced by the factor of 3.

Using Details: Free, Online (Upload & Download)

Puny PNG

This is an advance image compress & optimizer tools mostly used by web designers to diminish the size of images easily without succumbing the quality. Before giving output for the compressed image it scans the contents of the image and points some best compressing techniques and formats. It supports all the formats which are common. It may use the different algorithm for different file formats.

Using Details: It has three plans Basic, Pro, and Team. The basic plan is at $3/month or $30/year first month is free. Pro is $6/month and the $65/year first month is free. Team plan is $12/month and $125/year for a month is also free.

JPEG Optimizer

This is also an online free image optimizer tool, which can lessen the image size easily. Upload your desired image, choose the compression level from 0-99 or leave it as default. If you want to resize your image then select the width of the image and finally click on Optimize Photo button. That’s it you can now download the optimized image.

Using Details: Free, Online (Upload & Download)

PNG Gauntlet

PNG Gauntlet uses PNGOUT, Opti PNG, and Defl Opt to resize your images at the highest possible level without disgracing the quality of your images. PNG Gauntlet can convert all type of formats into .png. It shows individual progress reports for each image which you want to optimize.

Using Details: Free, Download, Install & Use

Image Optim

Image Optim can handle PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. It uses some best techniques to optimize your images. You can optimize a single, many or a folder at once by dragging either individual image of the whole folder into its window.

Using Details: Free, Download, Install & Use


JPEG Mini is the best tool for reducing the image size which is in .jpeg format. In fact, it is specially designed to reduce the size of .jpeg images without losing the image quality. The best thing is you can reduce the image size up to five times without affecting the quality of the image.

JPEG Mini is available for Windows as well as MAC. In both free and paid versions (free is for a limited time).
To reduce your images using JPEG Mini just drop a single image or full folder into the app and click on resize button, that’s it your images will be reduced without losing the quality of the image.Using Details: Free for limited time, Paid

Shrink O’Matic

The best thing about Shrink O’Matic is it supports the EXIF data so that your any data is not loosed when you process images. It can easily handle JPG, PNG, and GIF files. It is Adobe Air application for reducing the image sizes easily. Select the single image or a whole folder and drop it into the app your selected files will be reduced.

Shrink O’Matic also allows customizing the settings, you can change image size, name, format and insert watermark in your images.

Using Details: Free

Image Optimizer

Image optimizer is just another best tool for reducing the image size of your JPGs, PNGs, GIF and any other format like this. It converts your images into a smaller size without losing the original quality of your image.

Image Optimizer is available both as a free online service, an app for your Desktop PC, but there is a problem with this tool it inserts a logo (Promo text) at the bottom of your each image which you optimize using Image Optimizer.

Promo text can be removed by buying the pro version or for paying to remove the promo text. Its interface is also very simple just drag and drop the images, select the max width, height etc. and click on the Optimize button.

Using Details: Free, $50 to remove promo text

Compress Now

Compress Now is a free online service for compressing your images, upload your images in the compressor choose a compressing percentage (this is the best feature) and finally click on Compress Now button. You can download the resultant images to your computer.

Compress Now is easy to use, you can upload maximum 10 images on a single time having 3MBs of file size per image.

Using Details: Free, Online (Upload & Download)

Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT)

Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) is a fast desktop app for reducing the image size with a user-friendly interface. Users can compare the original and compressed image immediately after the optimization.

The program is designed so that it can be used by beginners as well as for experts, it has advance features. Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) supports a number of formats and gives the output in its own desired format which is chosen by following different factors.Using Details: Free, Download & Enjoy


Trimage uses different features such as PNG Crush, Opti PNG, Adv PNG or JPEG Optim etc. depending upon the file type your input the program, it is available for multiplatform such as Windows, Linux or MAC OS etc. So you can say it a cross-platform for optimizing and compressing the images. EXIF and any other Metadata present in the image is removed.

Using Details: Free, Download, Install & Use

PNG Optimizer

PNG Optimizer can convert your PNG images into smaller size formats such as BMP, TGA or GIF etc. without losing the quality of your images, the best thing is your images are reduced too much that their size is decreased by the factor of 3. With such images, your web pages can load much faster than previous one.

It can also be used to capture screenshots of your computer screen. It also cleans any Metadata, and unnecessary information from your images. This app is available for Windows.

Using Details: Free, Download, Install & Use


BluBox uses advance methods to compress and resize your image that’s why it can compress images up 70% without affecting the quality or resolution of your images. BluBox is a good choice for those webmasters who often uses images on their post because the size reduced by BluBox is very good.

BluBox supports about all kind of image formats so you do not have the need to worry about format. There is also a good built in feature of BluBox that is ZIP previewer, you can also preview your .zip files using this app.Using Details: Free with displaying ads, $35 for removing ads

FILE Minimizer Pictures

FILE Minimizer Pictures tool is also called a perfect image compressor tool. Because it has four image compressor levels which one can use to compress the images. If you use the software in the right way then you can compress your images up to 85% which is too much. Moreover, it also supports many formats which include all popular formats.

Once you have optimized your images you can upload these photos to Facebook or send them to an email etc.


Smush.it is Yahoo’s tool for optimizations of images. Smush.it uses the lossless optimization techniques to compress and optimize your images. Image size is reduced without harming the quality of the image. The output of the image can be downloaded on your device.

Using Details:
Free, Online (Upload & Download)

Dear Reader! This was the list of 15 best image compressor and optimization tools to reduce (optimize) the sizes of your images so that your web pages can load faster and easily on low internet speed users. If these tools are helpful for you then let us know by commenting below, but if I have missed something then please let me know.

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  1. Claire
    Claire says:

    Every users require tools to compress the files and images to reduce the size of the file. Developers even use the compressed images in the app development, to increase the loading time of the website. Usually when we compress the images, the quality of images is reduced. but there are some tools that can retain the quality of the image after compression. I was looking for a tool to compress the images without losing the quality. Last time i used an online too to compress the image and the quality was tremendously reduced and i had to use the image without compression. I will try the tools that you have suggested.
    Thanks for sharing…

    • Geek
      Geek says:

      my favorite tool is tinyjpg. very time i upload an image to my site, i compress it with tinyjpg and it doesn’t effect image quality at all. Thanks for taking time to read this post.


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