How To Hack Whatsapp Account Using PC?

Hacking is a word which is not seen in good sense especially when you want to invade someone else. However, it is also true that hacking can be used for better purposes. This is something we call ethical hacking. For example, it could be used to put an end to some evil cause. Hacking can be very useful in conditions such as when you lose your phone or connection your account such as WhatsApp account. In such cases, you can hack into the system and retrieve your data back. In this guide, you are going to learn how to hack WhatsApp account using your PC. While your phone got lost, your device or app is not responding, or in any such case, this trick is useful. Now just by one but I am going to mention different methods of using WhatsApp and you can use any if found convenient.

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hack whatsapp account using pc

Step-by-Step to Hack WhatsApp Using PC:

Hacking is something which cannot be done without the proper tools. Fortunately, we are here for you and we have also got the right tools for you to use. The tool with which we are going to hack WhatsApp using PC is Dr. Fone and it is available only for iPhone and iPad or other devices from Apple. So, for this guide, it is very important for you to get this tool. But since you are here on our site, you can download the free trial version of this software here. Once you have download and installed this tool on your iPhone or iPad device, we are good to go with the rest of the procedure. So, let us now begin with our guide in which you are going to learn how to hack WhatsApp using PC.

  1. After the downloading and installing the tool in your device, launch it.
  2. Then next step should be creation of a connection between your iPhone/iPad device and your computer.
  3. Do that with the help of USB data cable and make sure that your computer detects it and so does the tool detects your computer.
  4. Once it has been detected, the tool should open a new window like ‘Recover your iOS Device’.
  5. At the bottom of this window, you will be able to see an option saying ‘Start Scan’.
  6. Click on this option so that the tool will start scanning the data and if you have more data in your account, it will take more time.
  7. Now the data recovered by the tool will be in sections such as messages, pictures, videos, and other stuff.
  8. Now you will need to recover and save each section one-by-one and manually.
  9. You can also recover that section only which you need for some work.
  10. For instance, if you need to recover messages only, select messages, click on ‘Recover to Computer’, and they will get saved there.

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And this is how you easily hack your pictures, messages, videos, and other stuff shared on your WhatsApp so that you can retrieve it and get back what is yours. So, did was this guide helpful? Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about it and keep visiting our website for more free hacks and guides from the tech world.

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  1. Abdullah Al Hasan
    Abdullah Al Hasan says:

    I always use the whatsapp software for video calling or chat. But recently our government has been stop the whatsapp. As a result i have installed imo free video calls and chat app on my android. Can you give the any information about how can i use the whatsapp in my country (Qatar)?


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