Top 10 Best IOS Fighting Games 2019

Fighting is one of the genres which goes as an all-rounder for many gamers. If you are a gamer gaming on the platform of IOS, you are going to need a good list of these games. So today, we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Best IOS Fighting Games 2019. So without any further delay, let us begin with the list now.

Best IOS Fighting Games


Shadow Fight 2.

Both on IOS and Android, Shadow Fight 2 is the most grossing game in the fighting genre. Developed and published by Nekki, the concept of this game was so much and unique that it started hitting the top lists very soon. Even after years of its release, it is still the most playable and amazing game on the mobile platform.

The game works in a way that you will need to make your way through the story by beating the opponents who are getting powerful with each episode. Upgrade your skills by earning more and more XP and then beat the final boss to complete this best fighting montage.

Marvel: Contest of Champions:

Who does not love all those amazing superheroes from the Marvel Universe? Well, since you are now given the opportunity to have some massive action on your phone with all those superheroes, do not wait anymore and just get on with it.

Marvel: Contest of Champions is developed and published by Kabam where your favorite superheroes and supervillains go against each other in one of the best fighting games ever made for the mobile platform.

Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat is that one game franchise which has set such high standards in the world of fighting games that even the best of products are compared with it and their standards are judged. Mortal Kombat X is just another latest and massive addition to the franchise.

In the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X, you are not provided with the story mode. While rest of the game modes are the same such as the fighting tower, online tournaments, and many others. The graphics are also very impressive and the game is rated 4.3 out of 5 on the iTunes store.

WWE Immortals.

There is one thing we had always missed on the mobile platform and it was a good WWE game. After the release of WWE Immortals, all those trends changed and we finally have something we can a perfect WWE game till now. The game got released in 2015 developed on Unreal Engine and published under the banner of Warner Bros.

In terms of graphics, gameplay, and game modes, this is a game which you always needed. It is a beautiful combination of Sci-Fi and real-life WWE moves. The game scored good ratings and is awaiting you to play.

EA Sports UFC.

Even since the sport of mixed martial arts started gaining popularity, the game developers also tried their luck by developing different games. However, the most successful were Electronic Arts who produced some amazing UFC games on the bigger platforms and then a game like EA Sports UFC for IOS and Android.

The game released on different platforms including Play Station 4, Xbox One, IOS, and the Android. For the mobile platform, they tried to bring the best version, however, without some large game modes which weren’t possible to bring. Try it out now and have fun endless fun.

Injustice 2.

If we talk about the current year, there is not a better game we have seen in the fighting games genre than Injustice 2. This game has so much content in terms of the story mode, gameplay, and graphics. The mobile version did not feature a story mode but with its rest of the features, the game simply clinched the hearts of players.

Developed on Unreal Engine 2 and published by Warner Bros. across platforms including Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, IOS, and Android, the game scored ratings such as 4.1 on the iTunes and 4.3 on the Google Play.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

What could be a news better than the release of a new Power Rangers game? After a long time we finally got to see the Power Rangers franchise coming up with something and this time it was this massive fighting game developed for IOS and Android by NWAY Inc.

There was some poor promotion behind the release of this beautiful and thus, not many people know about it. The game released with both single and multiplayer modes and is based on the same characters from the movies and animated series.

Shadow Fight 3.

The legacy which Shadow Fight 2 left gave rise to another massive game in the franchise and the sequel was called Shadow Fight 3. Even though in terms of gameplay and upgrades, this game is not as big as its prequel, still, there is a lot of new stuff to enjoy.

Shadow Fight 3 got released in 2017 for the platforms of Android and IOS and is expected to be among of the most grossing fighting games in 2019. It scored a massive rating of 4.4 on the Google Play and the same on iTunes.

WWE 2k.

After collecting huge success on the bigger gaming platforms, WWE 2k franchise by the 2k games moved towards the smaller platform and again, they had to do a blast. Now experience one of the realistic mobile fighting games with all your favorite superstars, a nice career mode, and graphics which are much realistic for the smaller platforms. So in the upcoming year, this will another be among the raging successes in the world of mobile fighting games.

Street Fighter X Tekken.

Tekken and Street Fighter are one of the most successful fighting game franchises and when Capcom came up with this amazing idea of making a blend, it blew everyone both on the bigger and smaller gaming platforms. This is one of the reasons why a game which released in 2012 still has a huge fan base and will continue to do so in the upcoming year.

So this was our countdown for Top 10 Best IOS Fighting Games 2019. If you agree with our list or if you want to add some games, don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website for more.

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