PUBG Tips & Tricks in 2020 [Exclusive Hacks]

PUBG is one of the top-grossing games of the last year and still counting. People are crazy about PUBG as they are crazy about TikTok. Chicken dinner is on everyone’s mind and why it won’t when you play it all day and night. In this lockdown and quarantine these days, people have nothing to do but they have only the option to play games or watch movies. So, if you are a newbie to PUBG, I mean a noob or you are PRO at winning chicken dinner. We are going to disclose some of the best hacks for PUBG that we have exclusively gathered for you.

Talking about the game, we have talked to people who are really good at playing PUBG and are crazy about it. They do it all the and night, so why not take some advantage from their own personal experience. To get some of the secrets that can make you the next pro player of this game? Let’s get to it without a further duo.

Tip# 1: Choose where to land very carefully

This one of the major and most important tips of the article. It is very important to see where you are landing because a wrong landing can make you in trouble and some serious trouble. A single game of PUBG lasts an hour or maybe two maximums. It can even go for some seconds as well if you don’t do good in the game.

So basically, everyone in the game wants to get the best loots and why not, after all, everyone deserves a good return in alternate to the hard work they put in. So, the trick is you have to land on some particular areas that I am going to mention. You can land on a military base, power plant to spawn the best armors and weapons.

While jumping off from the cargo plan, look out for swarms that some other players are going to an individual spot and don’t go to the areas like plague, that will be beneficial for you.

On the other hand, don’t ever jump without looking for it or freefall because there will be high risks of getting into the wrong place and that will be the end of your game.

Do you play PUBG on a mobile phone? Here is a personal suggestion, try playing on a tablet. You will absolutely love it. You can check some of the best tablet for Pubg here.

Tip#2: Loot first, shoot later

Ok, this is the second and last Tip of the day that is going to change your PUBG gaming experience totally. Just a reminder that if you die in the game, there will be no comeback and you will be dead. If you are playing individually, see you don’t have any of your team-mates, no squads and this will be your single chance.

If you are landed on the floor, the most important thing that you need to do is to gear up so you will not have to face any issues or animies. Now, you can loot easily because there are no animies lying behind you, so loot easily and you can shoot your competitors later when you will have enough weapons to kill them easily. Here goes your PUBG Game to the next level.

Happy Playing!

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