Top 10 Best PC Strategy Games 2019

No matter how many smart devices we get, true gaming experience can only be enjoyed on a desktop. PC games have always been popular amongst teenagers and even middle-aged people. There is an endless range of games to choose from and we have just sorted out the best ones for you.

Best PC Strategy Games

Top 10 PC Strategy Games:

Here is our top 10 list of Best PC Strategy Games 2019:


  1. XCOM 2

X COM 2 is a strategy game which is developed by Firaxis Games. This game was released in 2016 and is the sequel to the previous version XCOM: Enemy Unknown. XCOM is a military organization that is fighting against an alien invasion. They lose the battle and now they are the resisting force against the aliens on this planet. The player is commander of this organization and has the responsibility of leading the army in battle against aliens. Along with that, he also has to command the researchers and engineers to come up with new and more advanced technology to defeat the opposition. It is a game full of adventure and strategy. Something that will have to hook for hours.

  1. StarCraft: Wings of Liberty

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2010, this game became a favorite quickly. This game got the VGX Award for a best PC game. There are three species in the game. The Terrans are exiled humans, the Zerg is a superspecies and the Protoss is a mentally advanced species. The player has to move their army and protect them against factors like lava pouring into the battlefield etc. There are 29 campaign missions that the player can play out of which 26 can be played on a single playthrough. This game extraordinary plot and gameplay which led it to become the fastest-selling real-time strategy game.

  1. Civilization V

Civilization V is another amazing game by Firaxis Games. The game won BAFTA awards for Strategy due to its remarkable features. The players have to lead a prehistoric civilization in modern times. The players have to emerge victorious in all fields including economic, diplomatic, political and military fields. It is a turn-based game in which the player has to Manage civilian and military public and has to lead them to advancements in technology and ensure the growth of land and population. The civilization with maximum development overall is declared the winner.

  1. Factorio

Factorio is a strategy game in which the player has to build and manage factories. These factories are complex in their own particular ways. They require varied input which the player has to provide to them. As a result, they make products which you need for other things. It’s not that simple though. Players have to not only build factories based on their imaginations, they also have to protect them from the evil beings or monsters that want to destroy them. This exciting game will have to hook to your PC for long hours.

  1. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment. The game has won VGX Award for Best Pc Game. The game is set in World War 2 and the player has to command his unit strategically towards victory. Depending on gameplay, the player leads US military units in different battles of that era. Players can collect fuel, manpower, and munitions. Manpower is important for fighting and munitions to help the player upgrade vehicles. Fuel is for tanks and other vehicles that the player acquires.

This game was widely praised for its features and gameplay.

  1. Total War: War Hammer

Developed by Creative Assembly, this is a turn-based strategy game which is real-time. It is the tenth title in the Total War series and sold over a million copies on its first day of release. The player is responsible for moving armies and managing them. They also have to manage cities and army units on the battle field. The game is played in a fantasy setting with monsters, warriors, and armies.

  1. Stellaris

Stellaris is a game developed by Paradox Interactive. The game has themes of space exploration, diplomacy, and combats with other space civilizations. The game is set after space technology and the player is supposed to lead a new species in space. They also have to form alliances with other civilizations from space and have to take control of space vessels. Choose your own civilization, their ethics, and technology to lead them through the interstellar universe.

  1. Crusaders King 2

Crusader King 2 is a sequel to Crusader King developed by Paradox Interactive. The game has been sold over a million times making it Paradox’s second most popular games. The game revolves around control and management of Medieval Dynasty. The player strategically controls the whole dynasty through marriage, assassination, and wars. There are many historical figures in the games like, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan,Harold Godwinson, Robert Guiscard, Robert the Bruce, Harald Hardrada, El Cid, Constantine X Doukas, Harun al-Rashid, Alexios I Komnenos,Richard the Lionheart, Ivar the Boneless, Alfred the Great, Baldwin I of Jerusalem, and Saladin. The player can also choose to play with normal dukes and counts.

  1. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron is another strategy game by Paradox Interactive. It is set in World War 2 in which the player can take control of any nation of that time and lead them to victory. Players can choose any three ideologies, Fascism, Communism, and Democracy.

  1. Victoria 2

Victoria is another strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive. The game has many historical aspects as the players have to take control of a 19th-century civilization. The players are involved the military, economic and diplomatic development of their civilians are an army.

These games are quite famous and are widely acclaimed. Every game on this post is bound to make you have an amazing an thrilling adventure at different times in history

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