driver simulator

Driver Simulator APK Mod Download Free

Car games are just love because these games are quite simple and interesting. You just need to control the car and that’s it. Such games are best to play in spare time because these games relax our mind. There are many games but here we talk about Driver Simulator racing game.

If you want to experience the HD graphics and resolution in gaming and in your android smart phone then you’ll must try this game at once. You’ll definitely addict to it soon because of high quality video quality and different levels.

driver simulator

Driver Simulator

In driver simulator, you can go different cities and there are many options available for you for driving such as cars, trucks and bus etc. You can also make money by picking up the passengers and taking them to their destination. The realistic and next level missions are waiting for you.

If you drive fast, you can earn more money. Many people love to overtake other cars in games so this will definitely attract them that in this game you can earn money by overtaking other cars. You can also modify your car in the garage. If you have enough money to purchase things for your cars, you can purchase them in the garage.

Driver Simulator APK

Driver Simulator APK is needed when play store is not working on your device. The other reason is that play store is quite slow in downloading games so with APK file you can easily download games and with a good speed. So you can download free from here.

Driver Simulator Android

This game is specially created for android devices because a huge number of people in the world use android smart phone. So if you are an android user, then you can easily play this game and can get the experience of next level car game.

Driver Simulator PC

You can also download Driver simulator for PC. So if you love to play games on desktop then you can play this game as well on your desktop. You can easily download the game on your desktop and can enjoy the game.

Features of Driver Simulator

  • There are 8 different cars which you can use
  • You can get realistic driving experience
  • Passengers can give you realistic comments and scores
  • The environment is in detailed
  • Experience the real car sound
  • Career levels are more then 250+
  • Easily control the cars
  • HD display and resolution
  • Easy to play
  • Realistic traffic system for you

How to Control the Car

  • You can control the vehicle with motion sensor or by touching the screen
  • For accelerate you have to touch the right screen
  • To slow down the car, you can touch left screen
  • If you want to do any changes then you can do that from game settings

Final Words

Overall quality is good. If you have a latest version of android phone then this game will run best on such operating system. Because this is updated and works best on latest technology devices. Many people game positive reviews about this racing app because they know that this game is something that everyone looks for.

This game works without internet connection so this can give you more benefit because sometimes you have no any internet connection available so in such time you can play this game. This game has no any virus and bugs because developers update the game regularly and try to give you quality. This was the short review about the game. I hope you’ll enjoy it and will download the game to enjoy more. So good luck for the game and play the game with relax mind.

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