How To Root Android Phone Without PC Best 10 Apps of 2019

How TO Root Android Phone Without PC Best Apps OF 2019

How To Root Android Phone Without PC Best 10 Apps of 2016
How To Root Android Phone Without PC Best 10 Apps of 2016

Root your android phone without using computer by using the top and best 10 apps for this purpose in 2016.

Now about every person is using a mobile and about every 3rd person has a phone which has Android Operating System. The reason for this popularity is that you can use your android phone in any way as you want here is a simple example to use your android phone as Wireless Web Camera For PC there is not only this facility of android phones, in fact, it has thousands of facilities for its users that are why it has become popular and is used by the world. But still there are some facilities of our android phone which cannot use without rooting your android phone such as See Saved Wi-Fi Password In Android Phone

Here in this guide I am going to tell you a method to root your android phone without using your computer as I have also published an article on how to root android using computer, but this article will be more useful for you if you do not use computer or you do not have a computer and are wanted to root your android phone.

The apps which I am going to tell you can surely root your android phone without any difference of the type or manufacturer of your phone you can root Nokia, Samsung, Oppo, HTC Phones, Micromax, Lava, Intex, LG, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerry Huawei, Google, Panasonic, HP and all the other manufacturers of the world. Including all versions starting from Jelly Bean 4.1–4.3.1, Kit Kat 4.4–4.4.4, Lollipop 5.0–5.1.1 Marshmallow 6.0-6.1 and all the older & new versions will be able to root from the following apps.

Here I am not only telling you about how to root your android phone without a computer but I want to explain you everything so I have decided to tell you the exact meaning of android rooting, advantages as well as disadvantages of android rooting. So, I recommended reading the full article not only the names of apps because you will get the better idea about rooting your phones.

What IS Android Rooting?

When you buy a new phone from the market you do not have full access to your phone’s functionality I mean you cannot delete the system apps and there are many other actions which cannot be taken on your phone without rooting it. In other words, you are limited from using the full functionality of your phone. But when you root your android phone you can do many useful tasks on your android phone such as removing the system apps which are not in use increasing the RAM of your android phone, boosting the speed of your phone, any many others.

Disadvantages OF Rooting Android Devices

  • Voiding of Warranty: When you but an android device the manufacturer of the device gives a warranty but when you root your android device the warranty is over at that time.
  • Random Reboots: If you are using an older version of the android then your phone may reboot after a certain time.
  • Lose of Privacy: This may happen with you after rooting your android device if you use any third party apps on your devices which are not verified by the Google Play Store. But not to worry if you use the Apps from Google Play Store then this will never happen with you.
  • Hard Brick: Any rooted phone may be hard brick but believe me I have never say an android device which is the hard brick after rooting.
  • Security Issues: After rooting your phone you may face any security & Privacy issues but do not worry I have an article to overcome this just read this article you will never face any security issues.

These were some disadvantages of rooting your phone but I am sure that no one will happen with you if you take a little care I had never seen any problem with my rooted phone.

Advantages of Rooting Android Devices

  • SuperUser Permission: By rooting you can grant the superuser permission to your device’s apps. By doing so your apps can work better than the previous one
  • Accessibility: By rooting you can access all kind of files of your android device even the system files and do all action such as deletion etc.
  • Install All Kind of Apps: Once you have successfully rooted your android device you can install all kind of apps on your device there are many interesting and useful apps available for rooted phones especially hacking apps.
  • Ads Blocking: You can block the ads on rooted android devices.
  • Create Custom RAM & ROM: By rooting you can also create a custom RAM and ROM for your android device which can speed up your phone.
  • Boosting Android Speed: After rooting any android device its speed boosts to an incredible level.
  • Remove System Apps: Yes you can remove all kind of system apps of your android phone easily after rooting it. Even apps like Play Store and other important apps can be removed easily.
  • Increases the Battery Life: Rooted phones has a good timing then non-rooted I have tested this on my rooted device it is very good.

How To Root Android Phone Without PC Best 10 Apps of 2019

Here I am going to tell you the best and top 10 apps which can be used for rooting your android phone easily in 2019 without using any computer.

Kingo Root (Download)

The Best App To Root Android Without Computer is the Kingo Root. For the first time when I had rooted my android, I had used the Kingo Root for doing this. To root your android phone you must have to install the Kingo Root app on your android and must be connected to the internet in order to download the root app on your android phone.

Z4Root (Download)

Z4Root is another good app for rooting your android phone it can root most of the android devices which are not rooted using the apps described above once it is installed on your android device you can just the android by clicking on the root button easily without doing anything more.

Framaroot (Download)

Framaroot app can easily root your android device it has made this process very easy. It can install the Super User (Root) on your phone in just about 2 minutes. Once you have download this app you can root and unroot your android phone by just clicking the root and unroot buttons without using any computer or PC.

VRoot (Download)

VRoot is a popular android rooting app first its developers had launched it with the name of iRoot later they renamed it to VRoot it is also a single click rooting android app it can also root and unroot your android devices easily without using computers. It supports a wide range of devices which can be rooted using this app. It is also available for the computer and android because if you fail to root any particular app from your android device then you can connect the device to your computer and can easily root this rooting through a computer is 100% safe, easy and sure.

DooMLoRD Easy Rooting Toolkit (Download)

This is another best app for rooting the android phone without using the computer it was developed by the DooMLoRD. It can root a wide range of the android devices.

Universal AndRoot (Download)

Universal AndRoot is another good and safe app for rooting about all kind of android devices easily without using computer or installing any software on your computer you can root your devices by installing this app on your android phone and that’s it you have done, simply launch the app and click on the root button and your device will be rooted shortly.

SRS Root (Download)

SRS Root is a multiple exploit android rooting apps which are available for free to root your android phone. It can root all the phones and supports a very wide range of android devices and versions. If you try the above apps and you cannot get the root access on your android then you must try this because it is 100% best but may not work on some devices.

Root Master (Download)

Root Master is one of the best rooting apps for the android devices. If you every tested this app then you must come to know about its power it can root many devices in seconds but some devices cannot be rooted by this app that’s why it is on the 8th number. But you must try this one.

Towel Root (Download)

Towel Root is also a good rooting app for android users to root their devices easily. This app also supports a number of devices you can use it’s both android and Windows version for rooting your android phone. Try to root your device without using a computer but if it is not successful then you can root your android using computer app.

Root Genius (Download)

Root Genius is also a good app for rooting your android devices. Like all other apps, it can also root a big range of android devices and versions as it is clear from its name Root Genius it is really Root Genius because besides rooting it has many more features.

Steps To Use These Apps For Rooting Android Without PC

  1. Download and install the one of the apps on your android.
  2. Launch the app after installing on your android.
  3. Click on the Root button.
  4. The rooting process will be started and it will be completed in about 3 minutes may be late for weak internet connection.
  5. If the root is successful a message will show Success or same like this depending on the app which you are using.
  6. If the root is not successful just try any other app and do this process again.
  7. After successful root must restart your android device it is compulsory to work the root well.

How To Check is My Phone Rooted or Not

The method to check your phone from root access is very easy. You need to download and install an app on your rooted phone (Which you think) and click on the check button it will show you either your phone is rooted or not. Here I am telling you the names of some good apps for checking the root access on your phone

So, friends, these were some best apps for rooting your android phone.By using these apps I give you surety that you can 100% root your android device easily. I recommended rooting your android phone because it gives you many features which a non-rooted phone cannot give you.

Mostly Asked FAQs

Can I Remove Root Access From My Android Phone

Yes, it is 100% possible to Un-Root your android phone after rooting it you can root it manually and by using apps.
Can an android phone be rooted again

If you have already rooted your android phone then it cannot be rooted again because when you will try to do this using any app the app will show you the device is already rooted

Can I update My rooted android phone to the latest version

No, after rooting your android phone you cannot update it to the latest version because the connection between the manufacture and the android device will be ruined.
What are the Benefit of granting the root access to the android apps

There are many benefits of doing and fewer disadvantages I have already described the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your phone.
What happens after granting the root access to the apps

When you grant the root access to your apps they can work better than previously.

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