ufone sms packages

Ufone SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Messages Bundles

Ufone is providing value to its customers in their every service. We know that ufone calls rates are amazing but its messages rates are also interesting because every keeps message package in their mobile to chat with each other. So in this post, we’ll talk about Ufone SMS Packages that can blow your mind.

Where calls are important, there SMS are also important because sometimes it is necessary to send sms instead of calls. So, by keeping this in mind, all the telecom companies offering you many cheap sms packages which you can activate according to your desire. So, let’s check out what ufone is giving you.

ufone sms packages

Ufone SMS Packages

Many people especially students use SMS instead of calls. They chat each other on messages to do different activities. Students can send their important notes through SMS. They send each other different types of sms like if some of friend’s birthday is coming then you can wish him/her through SMS because this is the best way to wish on such occasions.

There are many occasion in Pakistan where people wish each other the Blessings of this day through SMS. This is the best way and people use this way from the beginning and still many people give priority to this way instead of calling. When we think deeply we realize that there is no anything which is not important for us because all the things have their own value and we can’t refuse them.

You can send many other messages such as funny, sad, jokes and others to each other. You can realize your friends and family that you care for them and this is possible through messages. Sometimes our friend doesn’t speak with us from some reasons so we can send sorry sms to him/her and in this way we can continue our friendship.

A lot of other benefits are here for you and you just need to use these bundles to start taking benefits from them. Ufone SMS Packages are such an amazing deals for us in this era of high prices and saves our lot of money. So what you need more if you are getting huge deals in low price? I don’t think so that you need more from that. If you are a ufone user than you’ll know better that what ufone is trying to make their company the number one company of Pakistan.

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Package Name PriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation Code De-activation Code
Ufone Power Hour 6 Rs + Tax 60 SMS 60 On-net minutes and 60 MBs 24 Hours (Valid only for the next One hour) Dial *99# Automatically expires after one hour
Ufone Daily SMS Bundle 3.99 Rs + Tax 1500 SMS 24 hours Type “sub” and send it to 605 Dial *506#
*Ufone On-Net SMS Bundle 2 Rs + Tax 500 SMS 24 hours Type “sub” and send it to 611 Dial *506#
Ufone Mid-Night SMS Bundle 1 Rs + Tax 300 SMS Valid from 12 AM to 8 AM Type “sub” and send it to 609 Dial *506#
**Ufone Uth SMS Bundle 1.99 Rs + Tax 600 SMS 24 hours Type “sub” and send it to 612 Dial *506#
***Uth SMS FnF Package 5 Rs + Tax Unlimited SMS24 hours Type “sub” and send it to 604 Dial *506#

These daily sms bundles are amazing but you have to activate daily these bundles and that thing is irritating but if you still want to use this then you can use it because they are low rate packages.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Package Name Price VolumeDurationActivation Code De-activation Code
*Ufone Uth Weekly Package 10 Rs + Tax 1200 SMS 1 Week Type "sub" and send it to 607 Type "unsub" and send it to 8066
Ufone Fortnightly Package 30 Rs + Tax 10,000 SMS 24 hours (valid for 14 days) Type “sub” and send it to 603 Dial *506#

Weekly sms bundles are amazing and everyone love to activate these bundles because you just activate once and for one week you’ll free from sms issues. So you can also go for these packages.

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Package Name PriceVolumeDuration Activation Code De-activation Code
*Monthly Uth FnF Bundle 5 Rs + Tax Unlimited SMS 24 hours (Valid for one month) Type “sub” and send it to 604 It expires automatically after one month
Ufone Unlimited Monthly Bundle 80 Rs + Tax 20,000 SMS 20 hours (Valid for one month) Type “sub” and send it to 607 It expires automatically after one month

Monthly packages are amazing and most popular because some people don’t want to activate daily or weekly bundles. Therefore they activate these monthly offers and enjoy it.

Final Words

SMS are important and packages are also important. Ufone SMS Packages are best to use. So, I suggest you to use these services and save your money just you need to activate one of your favorite bundles and start sending each other different sms. In this way you can spread love with each other in a efficient way and in a better way. So, this was the post about ufone message packages I hope you’ll like it. If you have any question you can ask in the comment section. We’ll try to answer your all questions as soon as possible.

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