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Call it AIO Downloader or All in one downloader, but this app is going to give you the same features. And you can’t deny the awesomeness of the features AIO Downloader has. AIO Downloader has broke every record of downloader apps. A single app giving you a lot downloading features.

Every app that is restricted to you because of any reason. Every game that you can’t download, because, you don’t want to pay. You are going to have it for free using aio downloader. AIO downloader has a huge collection of android unlocked games and apps.

There are recommendations for you, so you can choose the right app or game for you. You can go out and watch the editor recommendations.

You don’t need different apps for different downloading tasks. Without even costing you a penny, and wants you to download any other app to complete the tasks. Another specialty in it is that it won’t be needing the root access of your smartphone. Although, many apps require the root access, but unlike them, aio downloader does not want the root access, and works superb without the root access.

There are a lot of downloading features one can wish, and all in one downloader giving all of them. Letting you get rid of different apps for different downloading tasks. You can also see the number of satisfied customers, and positive reviews on Google play store this app has. Rating of 4.6 out of 5 is given to AIO downloader apk.

aio downloader apk

Basic Features Of AIO Downloader:

  • Downloads available for free of latest android games/apps
  • Not much space is required to install it
  • One tiny app giving a lot of features
  • No ads in this app
  • Works without rooting the device

These are the basic features that me and everyone loves. Each feature have uniqueness that not any other app is giving.

Download Games & Apps Via Aio downloader:

AIO downloader gives you feature to download desired game and apps. There are hundreds of apps and games that are in the collection of aio. You don’t need to wait for the app available to your region. Every app will be available to you, or if you want to unlock any app or game, aio downloader can do that too.

Paid Apps:

Not just providing you the hacked and patches app/games. AIO downloader also gives you the access download apps that are paid. So you don’t need to pay to use that apps, or to play that games anymore. And for giving you paid apps and games, it won’t cost you a penny, as all in one downloader apps market is free.


Another amazing thing is that you won’t miss any new update, or any new app that is published on google play store. All in one downloader app store keeps updating their list, and has a huge number of apps and games. And these apps and games updated regularly. So this way, you won’t miss any new update.

Ringtones and Wallpapers:

All in one downloader has a huge collection of ringtones and wallpapers too. If you are bored of seeing the same wallpaper again and again. Or listening to the same ringtone of your smartphone. It can get you some classy wallpapers and ringtones too.

Download Videos from Facebook:

For facebook lovers, it is annoying not being able to download favorite videos. You may save those links to your facebook account, but can’t download them. All in one download has a feature, and lets you download your favorite videos from facebook, directly to your smartphone.


There are two beauties added in aio downloader, when talking about youtube. One ease is that you can download your desired videos, directly to your phone storage using all in one downloader. Or if you want to save any video in mp3 format, there are no worries! With all in one downloader, you can use its youtube to mp3 converter. And you can download any music or video in mp3 format.

Movie Downloader:

Most of us love to watch movies all the time. Consider me from those people, but downloading the movie is difficult. No site or app is providing us downloading movies feature. But with all in one downloader, now you can download unlimited movies. And get entertained 24×7.

Tiny App:

I was afraid too, when i was going to use all in one downloader for the first time. I didn’t know how much space will be required. But trust me, it is a tiny app that gives all these features.

AIO Downloader for iPhone:

There are a lot of downloading issues that every iPhone user face. Especially downloading apps and games that are restricted for iPhone. AIO downloader gives you hundreds of paid, cracked, hacked, patched, restricted games and apps. But unfortunately, aio downloader for iPhone is unavailable. 🙁

How to Install AIO Downloader:

There is nothing to worry about aio downloader, an awesome app with awesome features. You can try by yourself or follow my instructions to install aio downloader free app market. There is not much effort required to install this amazing app, just follow the following steps:

  • Download aio downloader apk file from the provided link
  • Download it and store it in your android storage
  • Open the apk file in your smartphone
  • Complete the apk installation (same as all apks)
  • No sign-up or other registration is required to complete installation
  • Search for your desired game or app
  • Enjoy more features from a single app.

AIO Downloader File Information:

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AIO Downloader APP Details:

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AIO Downloader For Windows PC:

AIO downloader is an app that you can also use in your PC, you can get access to hundreds of apps and games in your PC. Or you can download movies in your Pc using All in one downloader, or you can download free music. Follow the below tricks to install and use aio downloader for pc:

  1. Download all in one downloader apk
  2. Save it in your PC
  3. Install Bluestacks in your PC
  4. Open Bluestacks and Update it
  5. Install the AIO Downloader apk same as you do on smartphone
  6. Download whatever you want to.

Final Words:

This app is the only solution to get rid of the downloading problems. And for those who are stuck and can’t download apps and games. Those apps and games that are regionally restricted to them. Or apps and games that are paid. You can get your desired app and game. You can download whatever you want to, you can download the ringtones of your smartphone, you can get that, you can get the best wallpapers, you can get everything for your smartphone.

We welcome your feedback, and if your mind does have any other question. Just ask us through the email and the comment. We will get back to you in a while!

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