Top 10 Best Android Keyboards 2019

Every phone comes with an inbuilt keyboard. However, it is possible that you might not be satisfied with yours and may want an upgrade or just a change. Throughout the years, there have been plenty of good keyboards. We have compiled a list of the best ten ones among them to narrow down your list of choices.


  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Offered by SwiftKey, this keyboard tops our list. With over a 100 million downloads and an average rating of 4.5, it is no doubt that this keyboard is the ultimate winner when it comes to choosing the best Android keyboard. A lot of people have problems with their autocorrect and predictive text feature in their phones. And for obvious reasons since these two just add up completely senseless words in the most random places. SwiftKey is quite adaptive in this regard since it learns your writing style and predictive text or autocorrects feature of this app then suggests or adds words according to your style. If you use emojis, this app also keeps track of them and learn them from you.

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With 80+ themes and colors to choose from, this keyboard is perfect for you if you like to customize often. It supports over 150 languages and offers faster and hassle-free typing to all of the users, regardless of their language selection.

  1. GBoard

Offered by Google, GBoard is a Google keyboard of course. With over 500 million downloads and a rating of 4.2, this keyword is a wide favorite. It comes with Glide Typing and even voice typing. For the convenience of the users, it also has inbuilt Google search which comes quite in handy. It also lets you check the weather forecast, sports scores and find nearby restaurants or hotels. Along with the old emojis, this app also has GIFs that you can search and use in messages or on social media accounts.

The keyboard supports 120 languages and the recent update also introduced stickers to make the whole writing experience even better and. More expressive.

  1. Flesky

Flesky is one of the most fun and accurate keyboard for Android. With it, you can browse through the wide selection of GIFs and stickers. Furthermore, you can also customize your keyboard with tons of themes and color choices present. According to TIME Magazine, this keyboard has “killer predictive text that even works with the sloppiest of writing”.

Flesky uses a highly advanced auto-correct so you can type faster without having to worry about your autocorrect making mistakes. Flesky not only supports 40 languages, it also has a typing record which makes it the fastest typing keyboard in the world. It currently has 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.2.

  1. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal is another famous and widely used keyboard. It has been downloaded more than 50million times till now and has. Google Play rating of 4.3. it offers fast typing by just sliding your finger on the letter and the autocorrect with Al features ensures that your sentences always make sense. There are a 1000 free themes and wallpapers to choose from in case you want to customize your keyboard. It won the Google Play Best App of 2015 for all the right reasons. It is the perfect choice if you want faster typing with an attractive looking keyboard.

  1. Swype Keyboard

Offered by Nuance Communication, Swype Keyboard is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite. It currently has 1 million downloads and an average Google Play rating of 4.0. It is one of the most powerful keyboards as it pays keen attention to your writing style and forms a writing model according to your language and vocabulary. It makes the whole experience of autocorrect much more easier and authentic and it allows faster typing. It also lets you change the keyboard settings such as vibration duration and even the height of your keyboard.

Swype supports over a 100 languages and you can have your personal dictionary in which you can add your most used words or slangs. The best feature might just be the voice recognition which is extremely accurate and lets you dictate the text to your device.

  1. Go Keyboard

Offered by GOMO apps, this keyboard has been famous for quite a while and it keeps getting better with every upgrade. Currently, it has 100 million downloads with an average rating of 4.4. You can personalize your keyboard with any photo and even change the font for your chats. Furthermore, there are over a 1000 emoticons to choose from. Supporting over 60 languages, this keyboard also has the option to add stickers.

  1. Cheetah Keyboard

Offered by Cheetah, this keyboard has the highest rating on our list of 4.6. It has been downloaded 10 million times to date. It is the first ever 3D android keyboard that comes without any ads. It offers many themes to choose from, awesome graphics and a faster and more convenient typing experience.

  1. Bobble Keyboard

With the same ratings as Cheetah, this keyboard offered by Bobble has been download 5 million times till now. It uses Glide Typing, Voice Typing and Word correction for a smoother typing experience. Moreover, it offers a number of themes, gifs, memes, and stickers to choose from. This is one of the coolest keyboards out there on your Android device.

  1. Google Indic Keyboard

Offered by Google, this keyboard is the best way to type your native language. This is probably why it has been download for a whopping number of 100 million times and has a rating of 4.3. It lets you type emails, social media statuses and even chat message in your native language. Additionally, users can write directly in their native script, can hand write on the keyboard or even write in transliterated form.

  1. New 2019 Keyboard

Offered by Redraw, this keyboard has been downloaded 10 million times till now. There are amazing layouts, graphics and themes to choose from. It offers the best typing experience due to which it has a rating of 4.6.

Just download any one these amazing keyboards and have the best typing experience ever.

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