Best Sites To Buy Domain Names At Cheap Prices 2019

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition
Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2019 edition

Domain name is the first important thing for starting your online business, whether you want to start a shiny website and personal blog or a small brand domain name is needed.
For beginners buying domain name is very hard process because most of them are not aware which is the best extension for their site, which is the best domain name provides, which domain seller site sells domain at a low price etc. so we will discuss each and every point which you should know before buying a domain name for your site. So let’s start the talk;

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is used to locate specific IP address, for example, if your IP Address is then you can set a domain name as which will locate the same page as the above IP Address.

Interesting information: In 2015, 294 million domain names had been registered globally.

Domain name does the same task as IP address, IP address is difficult it remember that’s why you can easily remember the domain name which makes it easy to get on the site you are looking for, for example, the IP Address of is which is harder to remember which is easy.

Choosing a perfect domain name

Choosing a perfect domain name for your blog is very important because a domain name also describes the business and should include some keywords which are related to your niche, for example, users can easily find is a blog related to technology.

For choosing a perfect domain name, sit down on a chair and take pen and paper and start writing your domain names which you think should be good, write at least 20 domains after thinking and then shortlist them and arrange them in such a way that if one domain did not found then you can select the second one by doing so you will not be confused which domain you should buy or which do not. There is one thing very important always buy a Top-level Domain (TLD), Top-Level Domain includes, .com, .org, .net and some other domains but these domains are the most popular and you should consider selecting one form above.

Things you need to know before you buy your domain name

  • Your domain name must be easy to remember for example if you choose a domain like “bingooseeon” it will be hard to remember while a domain name like is easy to remember. Also, try to not included hyphens in your domain name because hyphens make your domain name ugly.
  • Copyright infringement is the most important thing which you should consider and check before buying you domain, make sure your domain does not include the name of any popular brand, website, TV Channel, or other things of this kind because they will surely send you a mail to remove their name from your domain name, for example, you cannot include WordPress in your domain names.

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition

Here I have shortlisted some best sites which sell domain names at a relatively low price and are also popular as well as secure. This list of domain names will be updated as we find some best and new sites which qualify the standers of our visitors, so it’s a wise idea to bookmark this page if you want to get updates.

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition

Undoubtedly, GoDaddy is the most reputed, controversial, secure, reliable and cheap website to buy your domain names at an inexpensive price. GoDaddy has been dominating the field of domain selling since 1997. GoDaddy also offers many offers for its customers, for example, the offer promo codes which you can get by searching the Google and can get your Domains as well as hosting at a relatively low price. As you may know, there is a big competition between different domain selling sites so GoDaddy is also selling some new domain like .kids, .club, .party at a relatively low price of about $1, so why not to check this amazing site to buy a domain name for your site.

If you are a Blogger who can promote links of other sites then you can also participate in the affiliate program of GoDaddy and can earn a big amount of money by promoting their services, to be honest currently I am not using this but I know it is very useful for earning extra bucks.

Some important features of provides;

  • Free email forwarding
  • User-friendly and easy to use Control panel
  • 24/7 hours dedicated support

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition or say 1 and 1 is one of the biggest and the most popular and biggest web hosting company in the world and has been running since 1988, yes it is 1988. 1 and 1 provides many useful features with domain registrations the best one is free WHOIS protection which makes it special but here is one more special new, 1 and 1 is now providing domain names for just $0.99 and for buying a domain for your site at this cheap price you don’t need to search the Google for finding coupon codes. 1 and 1 also provides an affiliate program and also pays good revenue.

Some features of

  • 1 free email account
  • WHOIS protection for free
  • Interface is not much designed although it is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Instant support for any kind of issue and much more

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition was founded in 2003, in starting it was not as popular as it is not but it has earned a good reputation in a short time by providing the best services. is now a very cheap domain registrar but it has flexible pricing system which will surely impress you. Like other domain providers has not any hidden fees which they can charge while the transaction that’s why they directly display $10.9 per domain per year. You can also apply promo codes and coupons codes to buy the services at relatively low prices, coupon codes are available at different sites so if you wish to buy a cheap domain then you can search the Google thoroughly and can find the best promo code for buying your domain at cheap rates.

Some features of

  • They provide the best user-friendly interface
  • Dedicated support available for all the time
  • also provides many offers to buy domain names at a cheap price
  • Promo codes are also available

Best Sites to buy domain names at cheap prices 2016 edition

Name Cheap is considered as one of the best competitor of it offers domain names at cheap prices as it is clear from its name. Name Cheap sells .com domain name at $10.69 for the first year however if you wish to buy domains like .org and .net then they are a bit expensive here but don’t worry also provides the facility of promo codes which you can use for getting your .com at a cheaper price. Moreover, their interface is also very user-friendly and attractive. is also very popular for its Facebook and twitter contests there they offer some domains at a very low price that you can’t imagine. has been working in this field for years 16 years and now has become one of the most popular domains and hosting selling company of the word.

So this was the list of some best sites which sells domain names at a relatively low price and if you are looking for your first domain name at a low price then you must select one of the above sites to register your domain.

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