Top 10 Best IOS Action Games 2019

Just like Android, IOS is another good mobile gaming platform. Most of the games which are released on the Android, also get released for IOS and that is why they have a huge fan base. In this article, we are going to do our picks for Top 10 Best IOS Action Games 2019. So, let us begin with the list now.

Top 10 IOS Action Games:

Best IOS Action Games



If we talk about one of the best action and strategy games released across different platforms, Spore is one of them. It got released for Microsoft Windows and IOS and scored some really good ratings all over the world. The game is especially loved by the biology students since it based on the same concept.

For its intriguing gameplay, graphics, and reviews it received at the initial release, the game got some really amazing sale numbers. For all these reasons, Spore would still be our number one pick for 2019.

If you are someone who loves games with the simplest of settings, you wouldn’t find any game better than This is an online action multiplayer game which released across different platforms including IOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and few others.

This is also a biological theme based game where you need to grow a cell by eating pallets which appear on the board. You have a simple objective and it is to grow the largest cell just like the classic snake game. For this and many other reasons, this would keep grossing in 2019 as well.


When this name comes on the gaming scene, you wouldn’t find anyone who wouldn’t be aware of it. This is one of the biggest and classic games which is basically a sandbox game but can be turned into any genre depending on how you play and this is the beauty of it.

In Minecraft, you build different stuff by using the tools in the game which differ depending upon your use. You have both multiplayer and single-player modes in the game. It is one of the classics and would continue to dominate in the upcoming year as well.

Infinity Blade:

Infinity Blade is an action and role-playing game developed for the IOS by Epic Games and Chair Entertainment. The game was released in 2010 and was the first game for the IOS platform which was made by the unreal engine. Due to a project of unreal engine, the game has amazing graphics something for which are known.

The gameplay goes like the players in the game taking on each other in 1 vs. 1 battles and their ultimate goal is to reach the God King and beat him at the end to end the story mode. Even though the game is quite old now, it still has a good number of fans.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions:

One of the games which really excites the science-fiction lovers is Geometry Wars 3 from Geometry Wars Franchise. The game got released in 2014 for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4 & 3, Xbox, and IOS platforms. This is the sixth installment in the series.

You are in an advanced spaceship where you are required to kill the enemies which are coming in your way in order to conquer the galaxy. You will keep exploring the game modes and stuff when you will start playing it.

Device 6:

Do you love playing with the texts and images? Well, if yes, then here is a game which presents what you need exactly. Device 6, a text-based game which got released in 2013 for the IOS devices has much to offer you. With the simplest of settings, here is a game which you always needed.

With a blend of action and puzzle, you have to solve different puzzles with the help of sounds, texts, and images. The controls are also simple where most of the stories you go through are just by swiping the screen.


A game which also got released for the Android lately, Limbo is one of the best strategic and puzzle settings which ever got released on the mobile platform. Even though the game which got released in 2010 for the IOS platform, is still making marks on the mobile platform.

The game got its sales back after the release on the Android and those IOS players who missed it at the first release, are getting back to it. While looking for his sister, this unarmed boy has embarked an epic adventure where he has to survive through the worst and dangerous circumstances.

Broken Age:

Broken Age for IOS is an adventure and action video game developed and published by Double Fine Productions. Besides IOS, the game got released on other platforms as well including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and Play Station. Being a platform game, this is among of the successful ones in the genre.

You, as a character, has to do stuff such as moving towards the things and examine them. In order to learn more about the game world, you will need to talk to the players which you can use in the game.

Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers kind of falls into the genre. Even though among the top and successful games in the adventure and free-run genre, this game has much of action into it.  A game where you have nothing to do besides dodging trains to run past them in order to score as high as you can and become the top players.

The game is available across almost all of the gaming platforms including the IOS. Just go out there, download and install this game, connect it to the leaderboards, and see how you are about to rank against the world.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout:

Well, first-person shooters can bring a lot of action on your phone. One of the biggest examples is Modern Combat 5: Blackout where you can rock in both the online and single-player modes. So either join the story mode to have some of the top action games of all time or join the multiplayer mode to fight your way through millions of shooting fans fighting in the game.

So, these were our picks for Top 10 Best IOS Action Games 2019. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the feedback section and keep visiting our website for more.

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