Hack Facebook Account Online For Free 2017 Using Z-Shadow

There are several methods of hacking Facebook account, I have also posted top 15 ways to hack Facebook. In other methods some are online and most of the online method I have personally tested are fake, and I have not seen any method working for me. They may be working for someone but I have never got success to hack Facebook account online by pasting email or the profile link of my victim. But the method today I am going to sharing is very simple and easy method. You can follow this method easily and I am sure that you can hack someone’s Facebook account easily.

hack facebook account using zshadow 2017 free online

Hack Facebook Account Online For Free 2017 Using Z-Shadow:

As mentioned above, one of the various methods to hack facebook account is phishing method. And if you don’t have technical knowledge to create your own facebook fake page using domain and hosting, you would need z shadow. If you don’t know about z shadow, lets find find out.

What is Z-Shadow?

Z-Shadow is a website specially designed for hacking Facebook and other social site like Facebook, Gmail and many more. You just need to create an account on that website and have to copy the URL of the site which your victim uses. For example if you want to hack Facebook then you just need to copy the URL of fake Facebook page. Don’t worry no account bans or suspended because Z-Shadow is especially created for hacking.

All you need to do is that copy the URL of the site (phishing page) and send that to your victim. And remember Facebook does not block the fake URL it is the specialty of Z-Shadow. Because z shadow url are regularly replaced with new ones.

Disclaimer: My dear visitors this article is just for the sake of education so please do not use this method to hack into someone’s account hacking is an illegal activity.

To Learn Hacking Facebook Using Z-Shadow Just Follow The Following Steps:

  1. Step 1: Go to your favorite browser in my case Chrome is my favorite. Then type “Z Shadow” in the search bar OR just click here.
  2. Step 2: When you open the z-shadow.co just click the Sign Up button.
  3. Step 3: Now fill out the Sign-Up form and click the “Sign Up” button on the bottom of the form.
  4. Step 4: When you successfully create an account in Z-Shadow then a page will open before you just select any service and copy any of the links.
  5. Step 5: After copying the link send that link to your friends you can also send that link through Facebook chat.
  6. Step 6: Here I have selected the service “Add 1000 followers to your account” you can also select according to your desire when your victim will click on the link a fake page will be opened asking the victim the email and password he is already login but our link requires login to hack.
Update: In some countries, z-shadow has stopped working so you can visit on any of below method for hacking Facebook account.
    1. Oh Yeah! when your victim enters his email and password to your fake page that will be saved to your account which you have created in Z-Shadow.

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How To See The Saved Password In Z-Shadow:

To see the saved password in the z-shadow account just follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: Login to your Z-Shadow account which you have to create while signing up.
  • Step 2: When you successfully login click on the “My Victims” tab at the main menu of you account.

Oh Yeah! you have the email and password on a page before you showing some passwords and emails.

Friends if you have need of any kind of help from me related this article the feel free to ask I will help you, you can either contact me by giving me a comment or just use my contact form I am 24 hours ready to help you so do not hesitate to ask.

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Note: There is a new facebook phishing page generator site that is alternative to z-shadow and you can use that in case zshadow is not working for you. You can read our complete guide on how to use shadowave hacker to hack facebook.

170 replies
  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    can you please help me i want to hack the facebook account of the girl who's stalking to me every day . she is my enemy please i want your help .

  2. Vivek Kumar Gupta
    Vivek Kumar Gupta says:

    z.shadow account showing invalid id and password,but my password and Id is correct,it is not loging in.sir give reply

    • harish singh
      harish singh says:

      on clicking on home you will find three symbols in corner upward one of earth this symbol is to change languages and second symbol is a drop this symbol is used to change colors and the third symbol you find contains your username with a drop down button when you click on it then a drop down list will open which consist logout option when you click on logout then you will logout.thanks

  3. Deepak
    Deepak says:

    I followed all your steps but when someone open the link,which i send them..they get a page of ad and nothing. It doesn’t ask their id and password. what should i do??

  4. Prasanth
    Prasanth says:

    The requested URL /5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017e592/fcb/m/en/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  5. yashmit
    yashmit says:

    Sir mera Facebook account kise n hack kr liya or password change kr diya Jo no. Account me h vo no. Mere pass nhi h aab m kese apna account le sakta hu mujhe mera vo hi acouunt chaheye

  6. Muhammad Amim
    Muhammad Amim says:

    After signing up a page comes up which says that pls select a ad and click refresh……. When do so then also same appears

  7. Seenu
    Seenu says:

    Hey boss,after login
    i click on first flag then its sayin
    ur account has been suspended
    contact ur service providers
    what should i do now
    plz help me

  8. rambo
    rambo says:

    Hello sir…… I am unable to sign up….. After filling details… When I press sign up button…. Then the home page appears…. So what SLD I do now… Plz help

  9. M kay
    M kay says:

    I had sign into Z shadow and all the website is working but still I can’t copy the FB link..
    when I click the facebook on the homepage it redirects me to any other ads please tell me what to do.

  10. M kaif
    M kaif says:

    I had sign into Z shadow and all the website is working but still I can’t copy the FB link..
    when I click the facebook on the homepage it redirects me to any other ads please tell me what to do.

  11. Endalk
    Endalk says:

    i already …login to the page… Where can i find URL when i tap that Face…. Erre 404 …like…. What am i suppose to do buddy

  12. shubhankar biswas
    shubhankar biswas says:

    can uu plz help pi am not getting the victims details here and moreover can you help me plzz i have set up a phising page that works fine but how to access the passwords plzz help me plzzz

  13. Arohi Samal
    Arohi Samal says:

    I had hacked one’s account.Then I got his mail id and password.But after sometime he chnaged his password.How I will be able to get his new password .???

  14. Madhan
    Madhan says:

    ” Victims get deleted automatically after 15 Days.” what is the meaning for this …….their facebook account was deleted or their account details was deleted form my z-shadow account

  15. vinod
    vinod says:

    This will be the perfect blog for anyone who desires to discover about this topic and I feel pleasure to view your website. Thanks for sharing such an informative information in a gentle manner. Keep it up and all the best.

  16. huntingfakefriends
    huntingfakefriends says:

    i already how an account but my link was not working i guess can someone teach me how to used phising ??

    • Geek
      Geek says:

      it is written in z shadow site that the link would work for 6 hours so you should get a new link after every six hours.


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