Use Z Shadow Hacker To Hack Facebook & Gmail In 2019 (In Few Minutes)

There are several methods of hacking Facebook account, I have also posted top 15 ways to hack Facebook. In other methods some are online and most of the online method I have personally tested are fake, and I have not seen any method working for me. They may be working for someone but I have never got success to hack Facebook account online by pasting email or the profile link of my victim. But the method today I am going to sharing is very simple and easy method. It is a site called z shadow. You can use this z-shadow hacker to easily hack someone Facebook account by phishing method.

We will be moving forward soon with the procedure which is involved in the hacking process of Facebook with Z Shadow Hacker but first we need to introduce you to it. You must have heard about of phishing websites or tools which are used online just to hack ID and passwords of people who are on different social media sites or have different mail accounts. Now of course we know this hacking process is not a professional one where you deal with all the networks etc. but you simply use the bait from a phishing website and retrieve the login credentials of the target if they fall to your bait.

There are a lot of tools which you can use to perform a procedure like this. However, since tools like these are ways of making easy money, many people come with fakes ones just to get their money and they don’t really benefit you. So to save you from the trouble of checking into different tools, we have come up with this detailed guide on Z-Shadow Hacker which is a free online hacking tool. The special thing about this one is that this tool 100% works and there is no doubt about it. We have personally tested this tool and that is why we can assure you that you can definitely rely on this tool.

Invading into someone’s privacy is not a thing which we support but when you need to do it for some important purpose that may concern you, you can use tools like these. Make sure that you don’t use them for doing harm to others. Also, this article is just for learning purposes. In this complete guide, you will learn everything about z shadow Hacker. You will learn to hack Facebook with it and every other social media or mail account which it possible to hack with it. So without wasting anymore of your timing with introduction and disclaimer, let us begin with our primary objective now.

z shadow hack facebook free

Hack Facebook Account Online For Free 2018 Using Z Shadow:

As mentioned above, one of the various methods to hack Facebook account is phishing method. And if you don’t have technical knowledge to create your own Facebook fake page using domain and hosting, you would need z shadow. If you don’t know about z shadow, lets find find out.

Z-Shadow hacker is a simple tool. You don’t have to be an information technology expert or a professional hacker to create a fake Facebook or other social media fake pages to trick people. With z shadow, you can easily create a fake page for your Facebook or other account and use it to trick people into giving you their ID and password. The plot for this tool is mentioned in an upcoming heading and how it is done is another heading.

One thing however, should be plain and clear that the use of this product should be made for something which serves an important purpose. Follow the heading below and read about Z-Shadow and its working plot.

Check out the video to learn to hack Facebook account using z shadow for free:

What is Z-Shadow?

Z-Shadow is a website specially designed for hacking Facebook and other social site like Facebook, Gmail and many more. You just need to create an account on that website and have to copy the URL of the site which your victim uses. For example if you want to hack Facebook then you just need to copy the URL of fake Facebook page. Don’t worry no account bans or suspended because z shadow is especially created for hacking.

One thing which confuses you is the working plot of this tool, we are going to explain it you now. z-shadow Hacker creates a fake Facebook page for which there is a proper URL present. Now sending this URL to your target and when they click it, it opens up a new page which requires them to add their ID and password. This page is backed by your Z-Shadow profile and when they their credentials to enter, they get hacked and you can get the results. Now you can easily use that ID and password for whatever you want to do.

Now these thing don’t just happen and you get away with them. Most of the people are aware of these things and that’s why they never click on these links and fall to bait. However, it is also true that these people can still be tricked if you can come with a better idea for creating a Facebook or simply by making your fake page more attractive. You can also create a fake page for the famous celebrity which is your target’s favorite and with these tricks, your targets will more likely fall to the bait.

Once you have hacked an ID and password, most people just keep finding them. Well, this isn’t something you should be bothered about. In fact, you can find those credentials simply by going into your z shadow profile and get them in the ‘My Victims’ tab. Make sure that you use these things wisely and for the right purpose otherwise, your victims will know and they will change their passwords. This can also lead you to humiliation among people because most of them are those who you know and meet daily.

All you need to do is that copy the URL of the site (phishing page) and send that to your victim. And remember Facebook does not block the fake URL it is the specialty of Z-Shadow. Because z shadow url are regularly replaced with new ones. Since we have introduced you to this tool and told you everything that is there about it, it is time that you move on and learn how to actually do that.

List of Accounts which can be hacked with z shadow:

Don’t just lose your hope and start thinking that Z-Shadow can only be used for hacking Facebook only. This is because the developers from this phishing tools are expanding work in their domain and as the time passes, they are adding more and more options so that you can hack more and more accounts. The recent news is that some of the other top media such as Twitter, Google plus, YouTube and many others. There is a long list which I am going to mention for you that you can know about options you have.

  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Gmail account
  • Yahoo account
  • YouTube account
  • Paltalk account
  • Netlog account
  • Gamezer account
  • Minecraft account
  • Tuenti account
  • Zynga account
  • Jawaker account
  • IMVU account
  • Darkorbit account
  • League of legends account
  • Krosmaster account
  • Dofus account
  • Dofus forum account
  • Instagram account
  • Hotmail account
  • Twitter account
  • Ask account
  • Steam account
  • Origin account
  • Goultarminator account
  • Metinv2 account
  • Z8games account
  • Habbo account
  • Xat account
  • Conquer account
  • Skype account
  • Paypal account(It’s Premium)
  • Rappelz account
  • account
  • Line account

How To Use z-shadow?

So this was a long of accounts which you can hack using Z-Shadow. The core or basic procedure for hacking all of these accounts is not different however, there are differences between the methods. It is not possible for me to bring all the method just in this one guide but I will surely be bringing them one-by-one in the future. I will only be covering some of the top ones in this guide which most people keep searching for so that majority of people can benefit from the guide. As for the rest of them, stay tuned.

Disclaimer: My dear visitors this article is just for the sake of education so please do not use this method to hack into someone’s account hacking is an illegal activity.

How To Hack Facebook With Z Shadow?

  1. Step 1: Go to your favorite browser in my case Chrome is my favorite. Then type “Z Shadow” in the search bar OR just click here.
  2. Step 2: When you open the just click the Sign Up button.
    zshadow how to 1
  3. Step 3: Now fill out the Sign-Up form and click the “Sign Up” button on the bottom of the form.
    zshadow how to 2
  4. Step 4: When you successfully create an account in z shadow then a page will open before you just select any service and copy any of the links.
    zshadow how to hack facebook 3
  5. Step 5: After copying the link send that link to your friends you can also send that link through Facebook chat.
  6. Step 6: Here I have selected the service “Add 1000 followers to your account” you can also select according to your desire when your victim will click on the link a fake page will be opened asking the victim the email and password he is already login but our link requires login to hack.
Update: In some countries, z-shadow has stopped working so you can visit on any of below method for hacking Facebook account.
    1. Oh Yeah! when your victim enters his email and password to your fake page that will be saved to your account which you have created in Z-Shadow.

If you have difficulty understanding the steps above, follow the video below:

Recommended: How To Hack Gmail Account With CMD Method

How to Hack Gmail with Z-Shadow?

The second most demanded method by the people is the method of hacking Gmail with Z-Shadow. If you have been searching at different places and couldn’t find the right place, don’t worry because you have just find the right spot. Like the the above guide in which we taught you how to hack Facebook with z shadow, we will teach you this process and you can do that on your own simply by following the guide.

There are not a lot of things which are different. You will need to follow the same sign up procedure and once you sign in to your account, you get to a little bit different things for hacking Gmail since it is a different account from Facebook and thus, it needs a different procedure. Having said that, let us move on to the step-by-step in which you are going to learn how to hack Gmail with Z-Shadow.

  • Just like you did in the above procedure, sign up and login into your z shadow.
  • From the list of the links available on the phishing page, you will only find one for Gmail.
  • It is because the developers have only provided with one page to hack Gmail.
  • This page however, will be enough to serve our purpose.
  • Now send the link using Facebook but it will be more appropriate if you email the link on your target’s Gmail.
  • This makes the link look more natural and user will more likely users his/her gmail account.
  • This will hack their ID and password and you will get what you want.
  • Once it is hacked, you can see it in your ‘My Victims‘ tab.

And this is simply how you hack gmail using Z-Shadow. Now I am sure you have learnt this quite well so you can perform it any time and get what you want. This guide needs a lot of updating and our next checkpoint is your favorite social media, Twitter.

Learn How to Hack Twitter with Z-Shadow.:

Twitter is the second most used social media platform which is mostly public but now they have added a lot of privacy options to it as well. Now if you want to hack Twitter, you will need to follow another guide here. To be honest, none of the guides are very different from each other. However, since most people come looking to read the method for different accounts of their desire, they expect us to write separate guides. That is why I have written the following guide so that you can easily hack Twitter using z shadow. So follow the guide given below and you will learn well whether how you can hack a Twitter account with Z-Shadow.

  • The first step will always be the same which is signing up on the website and create your personal Z-Shadow account.
  • Once you have created an account, verify it from your email address and login to the website.
  • Now you will see a list of links which you can use for hacking and a phishing page for Twitter will be there as well.
  • Just to be exact and make it easier for you, just go directly to the third page.
  • On the third page at number 36, you are going to find a phishing link for twitter and rest of the procedure will be the same.
  • Just copy this link and send it over to your target.
  • It is better that you send it in the personal messages section because tweeting it makes it public.
  • Now once your target will open the link and enter their credentials, they will get hacked for you.
  • You can come back to the z-shadow website and get the hacked passwords in my victims tab.

And following this quick procedure you can easily hack any twitter account. Since again for twitter just like gmail, there is only one link which you can use so make sure that it is well used and you trick your target well. If by any chance they get the scent, you will lose your mission. Now let us move on to our next checkpoint and that is introducing you to the Z-Shadow app and how you can hack Facebook and other accounts with it.

How To Hack Yahoo Account With z-Shadow Hacker:

Hacking yahoo account using z-shadow hacker is quite easy and the steps are almost the same as given above for Facebook and gmail.

If you want to hack someones yahoo account and have tried all the other methods but none are working for you then you should give this one a try. This one would definitely work as phishing is one of the most promising method of hacking.

Most of the online hackers that you would find would be fake and will never generate results for you. But phishing is something which will always work. But the problem is that awareness regarding phishing is spreading. But still many non geeks would have not heard the name phishing. Therefore, you should try this method on only those who don’t know about it. Otherwise you should be caught and the consequences would not be good.

So if you are sure that your victim doesn’t know about phishing and z shadow then follow the steps given below:

  • First of all you would need to create account if you don’t have one. The steps along with screenshots are given above so go there, check it, create account and then come back here.
  • After you create account, sign to your account. I guess you would be quite familiar with step if you use internet and Facebook etc.
  • Then in your dashboard there would be a lot of buttons for different sites. Click the one that says yahoo.
  • Then a link would open. You should copy that link and send to the person whose yahoo account you want to hack.
  • If your victim click that link and enter his/her login details then  that details would be stored in z shadow victims page and you would be able to easily access them and use them

So this was some briefing regarding hacking yahoo emails using z shadow. If you have no ideas how to send phishing url to your victim then don’t worry i am writing some time below. Scroll down a bit and you would be able to find them.

How To See The Saved Password In Z-Shadow:

To see the saved password in the z-shadow account just follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: Login to your z shadow account which you have to create while signing up.
  • Step 2: When you successfully login click on the “My Victims” tab at the main menu of you account.

Oh Yeah! you have the email and password on a page before you showing some passwords and emails.

Friends if you have need of any kind of help from me related this article the feel free to ask I will help you, you can either contact me by giving me a comment or just use my contact form I am 24 hours ready to help you so do not hesitate to ask.

Z-Shadow Victims:

Victims is a page in z shadow from where you can get the login that is the id and password of the person whose facebook account have you hacked recently. If the person clicked the phishing link and has entered id and password then it should me there in z shadow victims page.

Hack Youtube Account Using Z Shadow:

Hacking youtube account of someone with zshadow is quite easy. The reason is that youtube has the same login as gmail or you can say google account. So if you wanna hack someone Youtube account than don’t worry they method is quite easy. You would just have to follow the steps above given in the section of how to hack gmail or how to hack google account with zshadow.

Hack Paltalk Account With z-shadow:

Paltalk is an online video chatting site. So if you wanna hack your friend’s paltalk account and see his/her activity of video chatting or something else then don’t worry. I have a way for you. You can take advantage of phishing method and hack paltalk account. For this, you can use z shadow as well.

The method is quite similar to the methods given above for facebook and gmail etc. But i will write the steps in detail as well in a separate post so stay tuned.

Hack Netlog Account Using Z Shadow Free:

Netlog is a free social networking site used for chat, share photos and play fun games. If you want to hack someones’s netlog account by phishing method then z shadow is the only choice.

Because its a bit difficult and time consuming to create your own phishing page and it needs technical knowledge too, z-shadow can be a life saving tool in this case.

Its very fortunate that zshadow has added netlog hacking option in their system. So if you wanna use that option, simply click on netlog and copy the url. Then send that url to your victim via Facebook, email etc.

If you don’t know how to safely send phishing url to your victim then the below giving methods would definitely help you.

Some Tips To Send Phishing url To Victim:

So if you are having difficulty send the hacking url to your victim, you should follow the tips given below:

  • The most easy way to convince your victim by saying him/her that click the link and play the game on fb or check out some interesting page on Facebook etc.
  • After convincing, you can send the url in fb chat.
  • If you don’t want to talk him/her directly then you can send from a fake profile.
  • If you cannot do that as well, you can send him/her an attractive email. You can use the title like you can mention his favorite Facebook game or community etc in which a new post he should check out.
  • You can also try some other attractive ways like you can win this account or mobile phone by participating in some competition and the link to that competition is given below click that.
  • If you want to show your identity then i have another trick for you. You should create a fake facebook profile of your victims friend but remember, don’t create fake account of his/her best friend. Create account of his friend who doesn’t connect much with your victim and send email or facebook message from that account.

Z-Shadow App APK + Review and How to use?

A lot of things have been made easier with the apps which get released for your smartphone devices such as Android. Just like many other phishing tools, Z-Shadow app is also available for the users using which they can easily hack Facebook, Twitter, and other mentioned accounts in the article. Getting the free Z-Shadow APK, installing it and then using it to serve your purpose is the easier way you can do things. Apps are always direct and thus it becomes quite easier for you to do things such as this. Let us now teach you now how you can download, install, and hack accounts with zshadow app.

How to Download and Install Z-Shadow App?

The following steps are involved in the download and installation procedure of Z-Shadow app.

  1. First, you will need to download the external Z-Shadow APK file. You can do so by clicking the green download button that is below the author bio at the end of this guide. Or click the link above and download from this specific post.
  2. It is important because this app is not available on Google Play for you to download and install
  3. Once you are done with downloading this external file, install it.
  4. If you cannot install it because the options is not available, it must be because the ‘unknown source or external source’ is disabled.
  5. To do that, simply go to the settings in your phone and in the security settings, find and check the unknown source button.
  6. This will let your mobile install the apps through external files and then you can install Z-Shadow app as well.

Logging to Z-Shadow App and Using it to Hack Facebook:

Well, it would be difficult for you to wait so we will move straight ahead and teach you how you can login to your Z-Shadow app and use it to hack Facebook and other social media or mail accounts with it. The following step-by-step guide teaches you how to do that.

  • If you have created a profile on z shadow using the website, you can login with it.
  • If not then you can use the sign up button and create an account for yourself.
  • Now once you are logged into the app, it will be open a homepage where you can see all the links.
  • Now it depends on you whether which profile you want to hack.
  • For Facebook, there are plenty of links and you can choose one which suits you the best.
  • Also, make sure that you choose a link that is more natural and your target can be easily tricked.
  • Now copy the link and send it to your target.
  • If he falls to your bait, you will soon get this ID and password in your my victims tab.

So this is how you download, install and hack Facebook using Z-Shadow app. The next thing we will be doing is to review the app so that you can know its features and benefits of hacking with it. Let us begin with that now.

Z-Shadow App Review:

There is no doubt that using apps make things more easier and you can do them faster. Even though the website versions lets you do more things and you can choose between a wide variety of links, it is also true that it is not always as great as the app. You cannot take your computer with you everywhere and that is when the app helps you. Also, you can get choose between the lesser and quality fake links for the hacking procedure. One of the cons is that the links in the app are not very strong in bait and most people can easily spot them. Also, the app gets crashes on many android operating system.

The Z-Shadow App is overall an app which should make things easier and that is why we recommend you to have it.

My dear visitors if you like my work and want to do something for me then please share this article with your friends on your favorite social app so that I can get good visitors this is your greatest support for me. Thanks

Note: There is a new facebook phishing page generator site that is alternative to z-shadow and you can use that in case zshadow is not working for you. You can read our complete guide on how to use shadowave hacker to hack facebook.

Final Words:

Z shadow is a great phishing tool to hack facebook and other accounts. But sometimes there are bugs in the site and it is not working. In that case, you can use shadowave (mentioned above) or another alternative called anomor hacker to hack fb and other accounts free.

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