Top 10 Best Video Players 2019

Something on which people spend most of their time is watching different videos. Those could be random funny videos, sitcoms, television series, movies, and songs. In order to get the best video playing performance, you have got to choose the right video player. Today, we are going to do a list of Top 10 Best Video Players 2019. Let us begin with our picks now.

Best Video Players


Media Player Classic.

Though not many people would agree, this is my personal favorite. Let it be the video quality, colors, the audio quality, auto subtitle download feature, and many others, media player classic is and will be our number one pick.

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Media Player Classic is a free video player which you can get for your desktop or laptop computers. This has the ability to run the maximum number of video codecs alongside great video performance. Not many players give the same color result as your LCD and this is when media player classic wins more hearts.

MX Player.

On the smartphone devices including the Android and IOS, you will MX player being used mostly. It is one of the fastest and most reliable video players on this platform. It is because of its easy to use interface, being a light software, has quick slide options for the reduction or increase of brightness and volume. If we talk about the smartphones, there is no denying that MX player will still be the dominating video player in 2019.

VLC for Windows.

VLC is one of that software which always have a certain appeal of use. It is another of the lightest video playing software which you can get for absolutely free for the Windows. It also has some great features including the good video frame rates, good audio enhancements features, and a lot of others. This is also absolutely free to download and use where you do not have to pay for any feature and also there are no ads which should bother you.

VLC for Android

VLC for Android is available in Beta version on Play Store. It is an app by Video Lab and has over 50 million downloads with a rating of 4.3 It is the best and the easiest open source app on the store. Just like the desktop version of VLC, this player also plays local videos and audio files along with network streams. It has support for multi-track audio and subtitles. Additionally, it supports a widget for audio control, headsets control and a complete audio media library. If you have loved VLC on your PC, this beta version of it is ideal for you.

Windows Media Player.

When most of these advanced video players were not in trend, most people would rely on WMP and especially during the times of Windows XP where other software couldn’t be run properly. Now we have an even better version of Windows Media Player which is especially good in terms of music but for movies and other videos, it does have some impressive features. This would include the better subtitle format, good and true colors for the videos, and nice video & audio enhancement features.

KM Player.

If we talk about the classics, we don’t get many in the category, however, there are many standard video players which you can always get the alternatives. One of such alternatives for the smartphones is KM player which is another excellent or rather standard option for playing high-quality videos.

One of its advantages is even when your phone’s hardware is not powerful enough to play HD videos, it would use the best of it make this possible. This is one of the reasons why it is rated quite higher in the ranks and also has rather nice ratings among the fans.

Real Player for Windows.

While remembering some of the classics, you can never forget Real Player and this software gives you that feeling of nostalgia. Now in these modern days of Android, the real player is back and since it was getting attention, the developers focused on the Windows version as well and now it is even better.

Most of us remember Real Player for its integration with the internet browsers which would allow you to directly download videos from the video streaming platforms including YouTube and many others. Even in these days, it is still a nice product to try out.

Real Player for Android.

Offered by Real Network, this player has been downloaded for over 10 million times. It is one of the best video players as it offers online search of YouTube and Bing as well. You can bookmark videos and even use voice common for searching. Furthermore, you can share your files easily on social media along with setting your favorite music as your ringtone.

The player comes with headphones support and is available in 9 languages. The best part is that it comes with widgets that you can just keep on your home screen and control your videos and audio playing conveniently without having to open the app every time. It supports all formats and is a choice for most users.

BS Player.

When you see this video player on Android getting millions of downloads, you tend to search for it. What you find after doing some research is quite astonishing. As for the video playing features, BS Player has quite standard ones where you get everything that is necessary.

However, where this player gets really good are the music features of it. You can create libraries and playlists, play music directly from the internet, even stream videos directly from YouTube and many more.

Video Player for Android

Video Player for Android is a video player by Android Player with a rating of 4.2 and has 10 million downloads till now. It claims to be the easiest video player in the market. It has a smarter algorithm which lets you have a smooth video watching experience. It can automatically detect videos on your SD card and play them.  With support for all video formats and features like hardware decoding and smooth playback support, this app is an ultimate winner.

So this was our list of Top 10 Best Video Players 2019. Do you agree with our picks? We’ll be glad to have your feedback. Keep visiting our website for more of such amazing stuff.

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