12 Best Call Recording Android Apps 2019 (To Record Calls Automatically)

Do you have an Android phone? It must have many useful features but can it record all outgoing and coming calls automatically? I know the answer is NO for most of the Android users. There are many Android device manufacturers in this world, and everyone likes to add some unique features on their phones, so this facility (Auto call recording) is present in some Android devices by default, but most of the Android devices do not have this feature. Do you know why? Everybody do not like to save the calls about 5% people like to do this. There are many advantages of recording calls of your phone, for example if someone tell you something on call, and you forget then you can listen to his recorded call. Moreover, it can be used for taking the proofs of different tasks as well.

Disclaimer & Important Note :Call recording in some areas, countries, states, and cities are illegal and is against the rules of their laws before you start recording any calls make sure that call recording is not illegal according to your laws. If you do anything illegal using this guide, I or my blog will not be held responsible.

Best 12 Call Recording Apps For Android To Record Calls Automatically

If you want to record your calls, then you are on the right path. Here in this article, I will tell you about ten best call recording apps for your Android phone these apps will be very useful for you.

#1 Super Call Recorder (Play Store)

This is super app as it is also named as Super Call Recorder it records the incoming and outgoing calls like other apps but the method to record calls is different you can look at its features below.

Features of Super Call Recorder


  • Can record the call better than other apps
  • This is the best feature that is it is entirely free to use and can support a larger number of devices you can say that it supports all kind and versions of the Android phone
  • Gives best and clean output after the call has been done
  • Recordings can be opened in its built-in default player
  • Easy to share the recordings on social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and also lets the users send the records as an email
  • There are many other features present in this SUPER call recording app


#2 Auto Call Recorder Pro 2016 (Play Store)

This is a very useful tool to record your all call it has many good features including beautiful, eye-catching theme, best quality audio recorder. Record any call and save according to your desire if you want to keep then you can otherwise not. Further you can set which user’s call it should record or which’s do not.

Features of Auto Call Recorder Pro 2016


  • Select the format which you want to assign to the recorded files, in other words; you can choose your desired format for recorded data.
  • You can easily enable or disable notifications for start recording
  • Saves selected contact’s calls
  • You can also set a passcode lock
  • Built-in audio play which can play recorded sounds in High Quality
  • You can set a time when all the recorded audios will be deleted.


#3 Call Recorder PRO (Play Store)

Call Recorder PRO is also one of the best call recorder app it can record calls easily as it is specially designed for this purpose. There are many features in this app look at some key features of Call Recorder PRO

Features of Call Recorder PRO


  • Records calls in background process
  • Let’s the users to choose either they want to record outgoing call or incoming call or both
  • Safe and stylish theme & design


#4 Digital Call Recorder (Play Store)

Digital Call Recorder is a very popular call recorder app it has breathtaking and best features some of them are described below.

Features of Digital Call Recorder


  • Records all calls automatically
  • Records calls in background process
  • Good design and also saves the battery efficiency
  • Easy to activate call recorder either by the app or by screen widgets
  • Provides the MP3 settings such as sample rate, bit rate, stereo
  • Also provides the facility to drop a comment on the recorded audios
  • Makes it easy for users to share single or multiple recordings
  • Enables to filter the call or outgoing or incoming calls
  • Provides the facility to set a pattern lock on the main app to keep the recorded calls safe


#5 Hidden Auto Call Recorder (Play Store)

Hidden Auto Call Recorder lets the users record all or selected contact’s calls to save the memory and time of the user to listen to only those calls whose contacts he has kept not all call’s recordings.

Features of Hidden Auto Call Recorder


  • Free to download & install and record ultimate calls
  • Users can set an auto call recording for each recording
  • Enables the users to play or delete all or selected calls at once
  • Records all outgoing or only incoming calls easily


#6 Jit Call Recorder (Play Store)

Jit Call Recorder has many useful features which can be used to record all kind or calls; it has beautiful and attractive design with an eye-catching layout, according to its description of Google Play Store it is the app that you must install on your Android phone.

Features of Jit Call Recorder


  • Supports a large number devices including older versions in some versions it needs root access to work
  • Have an on-screen call recording feature which can be used to record calls
  • Automatically deletes old calls depending upon the time, date or size
  • If you like any of your recordings, then you can comment or start it
  • Supports multi languages


#7 Phone Call Recorder (Play Store)

Phone call recorder is another good recording app for Android users to record ultimate calls, besides the recording features it can also be used to block the calls and to protect the recorded calls by PIN or passwords, etc.

Features of Phone Call Recorder


  • Allows to block incoming calls this function makes it unique
  • Users can easily add important calls to favorite
  • Supports a huge list of format for recorded files


#8 Record My Calls (Play Store)

This recorded cannot be used on some Android devices if the device is not supported by the app then the recording will be the inferior. It does not need any root access to work. It has many attractive and neat features some of them are described below.

Features of Record My Calls


  • Records all outgoings and incoming calls automatically
  • Lets the users to select the format of recordings
  • Can record calls in the background process
  • Completely free to use with good and attractive design


#9 Smart Auto Call Recorder (Play Store)

Smart Auto Call Recorder is a smart auto recorder app for Android devices it can record your calls very easily and can be used to keep the proof of different things; it is many excellent and best features. This app cannot work properly on some Android devices.

Features of Smart Auto Call Recorder


  • Free to use
  • Very good recording ability to record both sides calls
  • Good layout, design, and theme
  • Have many other useful features


#10 Super Automatic Call Recorder (Play Store)

Do you want to take the backup of your all voice call on your Android phone if yes then this app is a perfect one for your Android device because it can do this work very nicely? It has many useful features including the recording of calls and any important things which you can think.

Features of Super Automatic Call Recorder


  • Completely free to use with unlimited recordings
  • Optimizes your recorded files so that it can take less memory
  • Users can enable or disable the automatic call recording process during the calls
  • You can set different call recording formats
  • Very simple and easy to use


#11 Galaxy Call Recorder (Play Store)

This is a fantastic tool for recording the call of any smartphone but it can work excellent and smoothly on Galaxy phones that’s why it is named as Galaxy Call Recorder. It is one of the top leading apps for recording all outgoings and coming calls of your phone it also gives the feature to delete the call logs automatically when they get old.

Features of Galaxy Call Recorder


  • Easy to use
  • Good layout and design with an eye-catching design
  • The caller name stores recordings, time, and picture (if added)
  • Easy to play or delete the recently recorded file
  • There are also many more features present in this app


#12 Total Call Recorder (TCR) (Play Store)

Total Call Recorder ( TCR ) provides the facility to record you incoming and outgoing calls very smoothly and easily, in fact, it also allows its users to manage the file list easily, but there is a problem that it cannot work on some devices properly especially on older versions.

Features of Total Call Recorder ( TCR )


  • Manage the recorded calls easily
  • Simple and easy use
  • Built-in audio player to open the recorded apps in HD quality
  • Easy to delete the recorded calls
  • The best feature is that it is entirely free to use

So, friends this was the list of Best 12 Call Recording Apps For Android To Record All Calls Automatically. You can test some apps on your Android device and please tell me the app which you think is best for your Android device with the model of your device so that I can update my article and others can select the app which is supported by them. If you like, then share this post with your friends so that they can also enjoy this fresh & top apps for recording their all call logs.

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