How To Turn Off Notifications And Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once

How To Turn Off Notifications And Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once

Welcome friends, today in this article I am going to tell you a fascinating method to unfollow and turn off notifications of your all Facebook groups at once. First thing is what is Facebook Group? Facebook Group is a feature provided by the Facebook to its users where people of the same category can add themselves, or their friends can also add them and each post which a group member shares is shown in the news feed of every member. In this respect, Facebook Group is critical for those peoples who want to promote their brands, blogs, websites, products, information or services.

But there is a problem with most of the Facebook users that are they are not organizing a company or brand. So they do not have any reason to join too many groups but on the other way the people who holds a big company has need of many and many groups so that they can promote them by sharing their products on more and more groups. If you are a blogger then, you must have joined more than 100 groups related to your blog and will be posting according to your blog or contents. But if you are not then the notifications which you will get from the groups will be the biggest problem for you because after a few minutes you get a new notification that your this friend or this member has posted in this group this is very irritating. Is it not? Yes of course it is.

The solution is to leave all the groups, but if you remove all the groups from your Facebook account, then you will not get any news feed or posts from your favorite groups. There is also a solution for this problem this is not to leave the Groups, in fact, we should turn off the notifications of all the groups. Now the point is how to turn off the notifications I mean if you have joined more than 100 Groups (Usually it is) then it will be very time-consuming and annoying to turn each group’s notification off. But do not worry here in this guide I will tell you an absorbing method to turn off the notifications of each group you are joined in.

How To Turn Off Notifications And Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once

The method to turn off the notifications of your all Facebook groups at once is very easy because here we will not use any scripts; in fact, we are going to use an extension that is available for the Google Chrome names as Facebook Social Toolkit. This extension has many useful features for our Facebook here we will use its feature to turn off all notifications of our all groups.

There must be Google Chrome installed on your computer as the extension we are going to use is available just for Google Chrome not for any other Browser.
Now you have to add the Facebook Social Toolkit to your Google Chrome click here to go the home page of extension.

In the home page of extension click on the ADD TO CHROME button located at the right upper side of the page. A popup will appear for confirming just click on the ADD EXTENSION button there.

When you have successfully added the extension to your GOOGLE CHROME go to the Facebook login page and log in with your email and password.
After logging in to your Facebook account, you will see Facebook Social Toolkit icon at the top right corner of the Chrome just click on that and click the button saying START SOCIAL TOOLKIT.
Now Facebook Social Toolkit will open a popup and ask for confirmation once again click on the UNFOLLOW ALL GROUPS AT ONCE.
Now you have to wait for a while until it turns off the notifications of all the Facebook groups. Once it is complete, you can open those groups which are important for your and enable the notifications easily.

Final Words

Sometimes, we want to see only important news in our FB news feed but because we’ve joined too many groups so it is tough to watch important news. We know that in a lot of groups, people post useless things and we don’t want to see them. Therefore we want to turn off group notifications and want to get free from useless posts. With the above method, you can do that easily. You can control your profile news feed according to your wish. Many people don’t have any idea how to control their FB home page especially newbies. There home page becomes full of useless posts or activities. With this method, they can easily handle this job.

Basically, facebook has many benefits one of the best benefit is that we can every viral news there without turning on TV. Many people make their account for this purpose but their friends add them in groups and it become tough to watch viral news. So, they want to get rid from this problem and want to control their profile. When you turn off group notifications, you never see the groups posts until you turn on the notifications. So, this FB feature is amazing and helps a lot. Facebook is providing value to its users therefore this social site in the best and biggest in the world.

So, this was our guide about how to unfollow group notifications at once. We hope you’ll like this post. If you like it, you can appreciate our efforts by sharing this post to friends and family and other loved ones. Hope they also facing the same problem and searching for solution. So, you can help them also by showing this method to them. If you have any problem related to this topic, you can tell us, well try to sort out your problem as soon as possible. So, good luck and enjoy your news feed.

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