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If you want to fully control your android device, you need to root your mobile phone. There are many rooting apps available that can root your device but Supersu is one of the best mobile rooting android apps. With the help of root you can access the hidden files of your smart pone easily.

You can do whatever you want with your mobile. In rooted mobile, you can delete any kind of app which you can’t delete in unrooted mobile. Besides, it rooted mobile has many other features which we’ll talk bellow. So let’s get it start with step by step.



Supersu is becoming the most amazing app in worldwide. The developers are including more features in it. Rooted mobile has many features like if you want to play hacked games, then you can easily hack any game and can play the hacked game easily. There are many apps that won’t work without root so these apps can also work in rooted mobile.

Many people use root to do different tasks which they love. So, if you want to root your mobile then you have to make a plane that what tasks you’ll do after root. It’ll help you in future.

Supersu APK

Supersu APK provides you one click root option. Means you just have to open the app and click the root option. No matter which mobile you are using and which android version is running on your mobile. You can easily root any mobile.

There are many other rooting apps but they can’t root every type of android version. Therefore these apps are not much popular and supersu apk is winning the race.

Many people complain about the supersu but they don’t knew that the app version matters a lot. If you’re using old version then you can’t root your mobile easily because of expired features. Therefore they complain that this app won’t work.

So always go with latest version because new version comes with a lot of features with more easy steps. I know that updates are just weird but you have to update your apps for better user experience and quality.

And you’ll be surprised that new versions are bugs free and there is no chance that there is any kind of virus in them. Now you realize the importance of them and you’ll always go with latest version from now. You’ll never face issues in latest apps.

Supersu Download

Here you’ll find a downloading link where you can free download this amazing app and also you can easily install this app in your device. After installing, you just have to click the root now option and the process of root will be start. It will restart many times during the root so there will be no issue. It’ll take upto 5 minutes to fully root. After this process, you can check is your device is root or not with any root checker app. If your android is rooted, then enjpy the cool features of this app.

Final Words

This app also suggest important apps that can make your android performance better. So if you have enough space on your android you can install these apps also. The sped of your android will also increase after root. You’ll see a minor increase in speed.

It’ll be smart decision to prepare yourself before rooting your device. I hope you’ll like this article and it helps you a lot to make a better decision about this app. If you still have any question you can ask in the comment section. Our team will try to sort out your every problem.

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