Top 10 Best Android Browsers 2019

There are a ton of ways you can use to search the web on your Android device. Most devices come with an inbuilt browser but at times, this may not be enough. There are a number of browsers present on Play Store that you can download to suit your needs. If you are confused as to which browser you should get, look no further. We have listed the ten best ones for your help.

Top 10 Android Browsers 2019:

Best Android Browsers

  1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is one of the best browsers out there. It has been downloaded 50 million times till now and has a rating of 4.5. It has Flash Player which lets you have great gaming and video watching experience on Daily Motion, Vimeo, and many others. With options like Ad Blocker and multiple tab bars, this browser is very user-friendly. There is personalized search and fast download feature also available. You can download videos from the web at top speed from this browser too.

Incognito Mode lets you surf privately without leaving a History data. Dolphin Browser also offers sonar i.e. that you can use your voice to search something or just bookmarks pages.

  1. Firefox Browser

Firefox is not unknown to anyone. It is one of the most used browsers on Android. Its popularity can be measured from the fact that it has been downloaded 100 million times till now. Firefox has been developed with your needs in mind. The browser cleverly remembers your previous searches and suggests the most accurate things when you are searching. It also has fast browsing and sync feature through which you can sync your history and data from your desktop to your Android device. There is an ad on like Ad Blocker and Internet Downloader to make your surfing experience even better.

  1. Maxthon 5 Browser

With a rating of 4.4, this app has been downloaded over 10 million times. It claims to be a fast and smooth browser. Indeed, it is. This browser was rated as the Best Browser on for three years in a row. You can take notes while searching and organize your notes too. Furthermore, there is password manager that secures your passwords and remembers them for you. You can also create shadow email address with it to give to different websites so that your real one can be secure from spam. Being multi-lingual and having fast browsing, this app is a real winner.

  1. CM Browser

Offered by Cheetah Mobile, CM Browser has been downloaded 50 million times and has a rating of 4.6. CM Browser has an inbuilt downloader which detects downloadable videos and gives you the option to download them. There is also an ad block feature to get rid of those frustrating ads. You can also search the net in incognito mode and leave no History details behind. The best thing about this browser is that it warns you about fraudulent and malicious websites or data so that you can have a secure and fast searching experience.

  1. Opera Browser

Opera Browser is another popular browser which has been downloaded over 100 million times till now. Opera has a sleek and convenient design. It comes with an in-built news feature. You can either read the news there or save in for later by subscribing to your favorite pages. You can also add any website you access most of the times to your home screen so that you can easily search on it without having to type in the address every time. Data Saving mode lets you save data by fast loading and this browser also allows you to zoom in on pages to read smaller fonts.

  1. UC Browser

With Facebook Mode and Night Mode, this browser quickly became a favorite after it’s release. It has been downloaded 100 million times to date. A unique feature of this browser is the cricket scorecard. The browser tells you about the scores of cricket matches taking place every day. You can also search in incognito mode to not leave any History behind. This browser comes with a downloader that lets you download downloadable videos and save them in the browser’s own inbuilt memory. With some really advanced features such as Ad Block, this browser is quite a good catch.

  1. Puffin Web Browser

Another newbie in the market in Puffin which claims that it is wicked fast. It has over 10 million downloads till bow and a rating of 4.3. It allows it’s users to have a safe web browsing experience by offering cloud storage. All data that goes from Puffin browser to sever is well-protected. There is customizable sidebar option available along with extremely fast browsing. All these features combine allow the user to surf the net quite smoothly.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular and extensively used browser on the Play Store. It has been downloaded for a huge number of 1 billion times. It is easy to use and fast web browser which is also extremely secure. It allows you to have quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and fast browsing. There are in-built Google search and Google Translate which lets you take advantage of talking to the browser to find or search something. The safe browsing feature warns you about malicious content or websites. Needless to say, this is the best browser to have right now.

  1. Next Browser

Next Browser is a fast and secure web browser with a rating of 4.3. Currently, it has been downloaded over 10 million downloads. The browser has passed many speed tests. It offers you the feature to check and get Breaking news easily. You can also ad powerful add-on to increase functionality. There is incognito and Night mode to provide you’re a smooth searching experience. You can also activate No Image feature which blocks loading of images and saves mobile data.

  1. Boat Browser for Android

This is a powerful browser which lets you customize the whole thing with provided themes and plugins. There is ad on which you can use to increase functionality too. Flash support is also present in this browser. Moreover, you can add your favorite websites to speed dial and access them easily.

If you are not satisfied with your device’s browser, just download any one of these amazingly fast browsers to fulfill your needs.

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