Top 10 Best Selfie Apps 2019

While buying a smartphone, one of the features care most for is the camera of it. Some people especially women, they would even ignore many important features just when they are getting the perfect camera. Now to get better pictures, you are going to need some good camera apps as well.


In this article, we are about to cover our picks for Top 10 Best Selfie Apps 2019 at iTechGYD so let’s begin without you keep waiting anymore.

Top 10 Selfie Apps 2019:

Best Selfie Apps


Whether on the Android or IOS, one of the most used apps for taking selfies is Retrica and by far, the best. In the on-going year or the upcoming, this is going to dominate as well due to the features such as cool filters, editing tools, and much more.

What you are about to get from Retrica is cool selfie experience which you had never experienced before. You can crop, enhance, and stylize your pictures to make you look more beautiful.

Candy Camera:

An app which has really grown its fan base over the years is Candy Camera and is still growing faster. On both the Android and IOS app stores, this one is rated quite higher by the users. Just like the above app, Candy Camera also has tons of features such as themes, filters, and editing tools for you.

Also, what’s good is that the features such as all the filters are absolutely free and you don’t need to pay for extra stuff. With quick filters and editing tools, this is an evergreen for the selfie lovers.

Bright Camera:

Facebook is the biggest social platform and there is no doubt about it. There are billions of people who are taking pictures every day and uploading them on the Facebook to get likes and shares with their friends and fans. For Facebook, a selfie app which is most suited is Bright Camera.

The bright Camera app has a lot of features you can name including self-timer, filters, background changer, tilt-shift effects, and many more. Also, the app is optimized to work across different social media platforms and for Facebook, this is just perfect.

Selfie Studio:

Do you want to go max on the features for taking selfies and look prettier? Well, here is an app which goes with the name Selfie Studio and when it comes to editing the pictures on your phone, it rarely finds an alternative. You want us to name the features? Let’s go.

Not just that this app allows you to take cool pictures but also, you can use powerful editing tools to enhance the quality and looks. Even when you are not good at taking pictures, you can always make them cooler by editing with this.

B6 12:

B6 12 is another beauty filter that is popular amongst Instagramers is other people. It has over 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.4 on Play Store. Offered by SNOW Inc., this app lets you take amazing pictures in a variety of filters.

There are also a lot of stickers to choose from. These add life to the boring backgrounds and make your everyday selfies look great. What makes you look even more beautiful are the beautiful features which are already customized according to your needs.


If you are an IOS user and looking for some cool alternatives to the different selfie apps, this CamMe app is the one which would be enough. Like many other apps, this gives you standard features such as beautiful filters, themes, and simple editing tools but that is not all and certainly not what it is known for.

In fact, Cam Me is an app which gives you more control over the editing tools which is better than any other app. Some of those features include cool-cutouts and locations so that you can have better fun with it.

Lumia Selfie:

For Windows Phone users, one of the coolest options is the built-in Lumia Selfie app. It is true that the store of Windows Phones is not great with the apps but there are some apps which leave no need for it. For taking cool pictures and appear beautiful on the camera, Lumia Selfie is your go on the Windows Phone.

The app features a lot of cool filters, themes, and backgrounds to make you look beautiful. In order to enhance the pictures, you can move to other editing tools which are a part of this app.

Create A Perfect Selfie:

Even though this is not a big setting for a Selfie app, it has everything necessary at the basic or standard level. You want to take some cool pictures with standard themes and filters, well, you can do with this app on your Windows Phone. You want it all free and without any offers? Well, this is exactly what you get with this ‘Create A Perfect Selfie’ app for the Windows Phone.

HD Camera:

As far as the Android is concerned, here is another pick which could serve as a great alternative. HD Camera is a relatively newer app but it has got 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 due to its amazing features. It lets you perform optical and digital zoom on your pictures.

Furthermore, you can also set the white balance and even resize your pictures. It is the perfect app for adjusting the focus of pictures. It also allows taking perfect panoramic photos at 360. With four modes, night, sunset, part and sports, this app is perfect for use in any atmosphere and light.

Beauty Plus:

The only reason which put this app this down on the list is that we were targeting different platforms. Otherwise, on a list of the Androids, this would have been among the top. With the coolest of filters, free themes, and all the background tools you need, Beauty Plus is an app which only makes you look gorgeous.

Beauty Plus selfie app has over 100 million downloads in the play store. Moreover, it comes with some really broad and powerful editing tools which give you good grasp over the image editing.

So these were our picks for Top 10 Best Selfie Apps of 2019. Do you agree with our list? Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting us back for more.

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