Top 10 Best Android Shooting Games 2019

It is the time that we hit Android because we are already done with our list of Best IOS Shooting Games. When it comes to games, people love the genre of action and shooting. This is especially true for boys who make most of the gamers. In this article, we are going to do a list of top 10 best android shooting games 2019. The list contains some of the top games which you will be enjoying in the upcoming year so let’s get going.

Top 10 Android Shooting Games:

Best Android Shooting Games

Call of Duty Strike Team:

No one can deny the mark Call of Duty franchise made in the bigger gaming platforms. However, when Android also got cringe of gaming, Call of Duty released their games for that as well. This has really changed the face of shooting games on the Android and all the credit goes to games like Call of Duty Strike Team.

Call of Duty Strike Team is first-person shooter game which features both online and offline modes. It is definitely one of the biggest shooter settings and you can enjoy massively in 2019.

Max Payne Mobile:

Just like the above franchise, this one also has stronger marks on the bigger platforms. There is no denying that fans would demand this on the Android and that is why the developers had to release a version of it for the Androids.

With beautiful settings on the Android operating system with a nice story mode and some other modes, May Payne is another grossing game on the platform. While you are looking for some classic third-person shooting on the Android in 2019, this game is it.

Deer Hunter:

For those love hunting out in the woods and do it by some clean shooting, Deer Hunter is the one for you. It is an Android shooting game which is known for its realistic hunting shooting experience which it brings right on your small screen.

Deer Hunter comes with a larger adventure than you could imagine. You can choose between different terrains, hunters, guns, and a lot of other stuff. The graphics and gameplay are so realistic that you would feel like entering the real world of shooting. This should be another of your pics in 2019.

Critical Ops:

There is one thing definite about the world of the first person shooting and that is the multiplayer mode which gamers always want no matter the platform. Critical Ops is another first-person shooter game which features both online and offline game modes.

The gamers love this game for its online modes where they can play a lot of match modes for the whole day. The game also features a story mode for those who love to be in it. Also, the updates which you get from the game and the graphics are really impressive.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout:

When it comes to shooting, what else could we choose except the Modern Combat franchise among the top ones? Before the progress of franchises such as Modern Combat and Call of Duty, the first person was not given enough importance on the Androids. But, after franchises like these set the standards, they are just grossing over the android market.

One of the most grossing games is Modern Combat 5: Blackout from the Modern Combat Franchise. The previous games in the franchise were also good but the standards set by this game are hard to beat. Since it has a multiplayer mode as well alongside other offline modes, keep playing this in the years to come.

Dead Effect 2:

Dead Effect franchise has been making its mark on these smaller platforms. After the release of Dead Effect 2, the franchise reached a whole new level of science fiction games. When you play this one, you feel like entering a bigger world like on a PC or play station console.

Now you will be able to play a story mode, enjoy the graphics and gameplay which are very realistic, and side quests which keeps you engaged in the game for a longer time.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

Even though the marks which Modern Combat 5 made cannot be reached, Modern Combat 4 is another of the greats which played its part in setting that platform. In fact, the story mode in this one was even more interesting.

This game also featured an online multiplayer mode which brought ultimate fun to the platform of Android gaming. It featured a realistic gameplay with graphics which are really impressive and in fact, everything for your likes.

Deer Hunter Classic:

Deer Hunter 2016 may be grossing all over the platform but the game which put the basis for that game was Deer Hunter Classic. Deer Hunter Classic is not the Deer Hunter game you grew up enjoying. However, it is one of the more competently done shooting games on mobile.

Like its namesake implies, you’ll be out hunting various types of game. It boasts over 100 species of animals to hunt, Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements, and even global coop challenge that everyone can participate in. It’s a freemium game, so the Classic part of the name is a tad bogus. Otherwise, it’s a fun little shooter.

N.O.V.A 3:

Doesn’t matter when you cannot get an alien masterpiece like Crisis 3 on your Android, there is always N.O.V.A 3 to serve you. This is one of the biggest settings of action and the alien world on the Android smartphones. Even though the game got released in 2012, people still crave for it.

For those who love playing multiplayer shooting, this is a game which they must get. Even though this also has a pretty impressive story mode, most people love it for its online modes. The game has recently been re-mastered and you can get it on your latest Android or IOS.

Hitman Sniper:

While mentioning some of the top shooting games on Android for 2019, we would never leave out on a title such as Hitman Sniper. This game, however, is unlike other games from the franchise where you do all the investigation and carrying out targets in different ways.

In fact, in this setting of Hitman Sniper, you are provided with a Sniper and asked to carry out targets. The game requires you to be patient because you have got to find the right time for killing your target otherwise, you will be risking raising the alarms.

So, guys, this was our list of top 10 best Android shooting games of 2019. If you agree or disagree with our picks, let us know and keep visiting our website for more.

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