Best Android Flashlight Apps Of 2019

Being an android user, if you are looking for the best flashlight apps which could enlighten your world, then here is a list of:

Best Flashlight Apps for Android 2019:

Best Android Flashlight Apps


1. Color Flashlight:

The best app which you are going to get for your flashlight is Color Flashlight. If you don’t feel good about all the permissions on your phone, get this app since it brings the minimum of permissions. Also, the features this app brings are more than any other app. This will use minimum battery and will still give you maximum light performance from the flashlight in your phone. It has an easy on and off switch for your ease and you can also control the intensity of light as well. This flashlight app is absolutely free to download.

2. Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc:

Before the above flashlight, this was the most used flashlight app since it was the most standard app which came with very few permissions and a flashlight performance which is right according to your battery and power of the flashlight. An additional feature which you might like from this app is the compass which shows you the directions right on your android smartphone. This app is also free to download. Also, the switch in the app is easier to use and is built on the concept of standard flashlights in real life.

3. Flashlight by Sim Gears:

This is another standard flashlight app which you can get as a good alternative for the above two apps. If in any case, the above two apps are not available, then the one you will like to use is this flashlight by Sim Gears who are quite good at these apps. This app also comes with permissions but they are very few and they won’t bother you. A features which you will love is the free widget which gets installed along with the app and provides an easy on and off switch on the main menu. Flashlight by Sim Gears is absolutely free to use app.

4. Flashlight HD LED:

Just like the above app, this one is no different and if you are looking for a good alternative then this could be one. This app also comes with a home screen widget in order to on and off light from the main menu. Flashlight HD LED has reasonable permissions which won’t bother you much and it also comes with ads being a free app.

5. Privacy Flashlight:

The last app on our list is Privacy Flashlight. This is one of those apps which comes with the minimum of permissions even though it pop-ups many ads while you are using it which could be one of the bothering things. However, this app will certainly be a good alternative if you are willing to get and it is free as well.

So, do you agree with your list of Best Flashlight Apps of 2019? If yes, then let us know by commenting your opinion in the feedback section. Keep visiting our website for free tech guides and stuff.

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