How To Get Free Internet On Android 2019

It seems like a dream when someone says that there are tricks with the help of which we can free internet on our android smartphones. Who does not want to enjoy free internet because those data packages from mobile companies do not come free and cheap? You will find it quite good to hear that there are ways of getting free internet on android the one we are going to tell about today is with using this app named ‘Feat VPN’. This article contains a complete guide which will teach you how to get free internet on Android with Feat VPN and also, you are going to read the features of this app as well. In the end of this article, you can download the free Feat VPN APK to install this magical app on your android smartphone and get all free internet for yourself.

How To Get Free Internet On Android


Step-by-Step to Get Free Internet on Android with Feat VPN:

Getting free internet using Feat VPN on the androids is an easy process but you will need to follow each and every step as it is written in the guide. So let us now proceed without any further do.

  1. Download and install the Feat VPN app by downloading the free APK and install it on your android smartphone.
  2. Then open the app, and click this link to download the configuration file which is the key to this method.
  3. Once you have downloaded that file, open Feat VPN again and then open ‘Tunnel’.
  4. In the Tunnel, click on the ‘add’ option and from the place where you have saved the downloaded configuration file, import it to the Feat VPN.
  5. The software will now ask you to add something like pass.txt which is the final requirement and then you can complete the process.

Now open your mobile data and you will be able to use free internet. This might not work on the latest android smartphone with latest android operating systems due to the compatibility issues of the app.

Features of Feat VPN:

Even though we already know what does this app do? Still, you may want to know the features of Feat VPN for a better user experience.

  • Unlike other apps you will get for such purposes, Feat VPN is absolutely free to download and even easier to install and use.
  • The app works with the older version of the android and works better on them but it is also true that it may also work on all the latest android versions as well, however, it may also create problems with latest phones as well.
  • Downloading and installing this app is so easy. Simply get the APK file for it, enables the unknown source from the security settings, and install the app on your phone at that moment.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Yes, you can get free internet on your android smartphone right now so stop wasting time on expensive data packages and try this. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website for more free tech guides and stuff.

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