Best Hidden Apps For Texting List And Reviews

Privacy is the one of the most important personal requirement and it is the right of every Individual. In present Era, The most common and cheap way to communicate with other people is through Messaging. For Smart phone users variety of applications are available on different app stores like What’s app, Hike, Viber etc. but due to simplicity Messaging has its own unique position. The problem lies with the privacy of messaging anyone can access to your personal conversation or data lies in the messages which may create problems for you. The risks increases when you lend your smart phone to friends. Since you can’t hide your messages options so you will need the specific apps for the particular job. Here is the problem again, Internet contains the hundreds of apps so which one you should select for the job so from here our work begins we have listed top rank apps which will rescue you and maintain you privacy as good as a security guard.

Here we have listed the top 5 apps to fulfil the job vacancy and apps will not disappoint you for sure. The important features of all apps are mentioned separately.

best hidden testing apps

Private SMS & Call-Hide Text:

Private SMS & Call-Hide Text is simple but versatile due to particular reasons listed below

  • It create a separate and safe space for messaging
  • After installation, the first step is it will set a pin code lock to secure the messages
  • During the process you have the option to hide the messaging option
  • After pin-Code lock, import the contacts in app and contacts will be labeled as private cool isn’t it
  • Messages From particular contacts won’t appear in messaging option and replaced with dummy messages
  • Not only messaging, you can manipulate the calls as well, set the particular ringtones for specific contacts

Go SMS Pro:

Go SMS Pro is one of the most successful app for the task, and it has more than 100 million downloads on Play Store. Features are listed below.

  • Simple and friendly interface
  • It will allow you to set the pin code lock for your messaging
  • It creates a private SMS box which contains personal messages from particular contacts
  • Interface is available in different colors chose according to your taste


  • If you are really annoyed by your fellows who always tries to check your SMS box then Calculator is the best app to rescue you from your fellows the features are listed below.
  • Its interface is designed as the calculator but it’s a vault which keeps the your Privacy at bay
  • Since its operates as a calculator so no one will ever have any idea that what is secured behind the scene
  • You just have to enter the code “ 123+=” and get access to your personal vault
  • Add particular contacts, in future the calls and SMS will be stored in the vault
  • Though User interface is not that much appealing but it will create the best illusion to secure your privacy

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos:

Its more than Message hider, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos can serve you in many ways by not only securing your SMS but also videos and pictures. It works similarly like other message hider apps.

  • Adjust pin lock to private folder
  • Import the contacts, in future calls and messages will remain hidden until you access them
  • Contacts will no longer appear on your casual contact list or phone book
  • It also locks the other apps if you want to

Message Locker- SMS Lock:

This app is different than rest of apps listed above, it is simple and easy to use. It simply lock the message stock and other features are listed below.

  1. It simply lock the messaging and don’t create extra burden on Smart phone memory
  2. Lock password is available in both Pin code and pattern later modes
  3. The interface includes the icon you want to secure from access
  4. To lock the apps simply touch lock button and vice versa easy isn’t it
  5. Just enter the password and enjoy the privacy
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