Top 10 Best Android Adventure Games 2019

Adventure games are among the most played and most loved games. And for obvious reasons. They take the player on an adventure of a lifetime in a non-existent world.

We have made a list of 10 best adventure games available for Android users on our site.

Best Android Adventure Games


  1. Broken Age

Broken Age is Double Find’s revolutionary adventure game. The game has a lot going on. It is basically about the life of two teenagers who are confined by their traditions. At the same time, Vella Tartine has been chosen to be sacrificed to a monster. This is the tradition that will save the village from the wrath of that monster. In another part of the game, Shay Volta is bound by maternal Al who Shay is trying to escape.

Broken Age has amazing graphics, a good quality soundtrack and a gripping storyline that keeps the player hooked. You can buy the game for $9.99.

  1. Machinarium

Machinarium is one of the most famous adventure games out there. With over a 100,000 downloads, it rates high on the Google Play Store. The game gives you achievements for completing skill-based challenges and completing tasks. The game is offered by Amanita Designs and is another creation of the makers of Botanicula and Somorost Series.

The story of the game revolves around a robot named Joseph who is on a mission to save his girlfriend Berta who has been kidnapped by Black Cap Brotherhood Game. The game is available in Play store for $3.

  1. Swordigo

Swordigo is another famous one. It has over 100,000 downloads on Play store. The game has a 4.5 rating of Gameplay and Graphics while having a 4.4 rating for controls. The game is a magical realm of dungeons and towns through which players can reach higher levels by passing adventure tests. Players collect weapons, items and spells to defeat their enemies. This game from Touch Foo helps you embark on an adventurous journey through a virtual world.

The game is free of charge with in-app purchases of $1-2.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure has been called as ‘a piece of interactive art’ by WIRED. And indeed, the game lives up to this definition. Offered by Noodle Cake Studio Inc., Alto’s Adventure is an exhilarating Physics-based adventure gameplay. Alto and his friends embark on a journey through the alpine forests of their beautiful hill station. In the midst of their adventures are abandoned ruins and old villages. The graphics are amazing with weather effects such as blizzard, snow and even a rainbow. There are 180 skill-based goals that the player has to pass to reach a higher level in the game.

Players can save their game. And then pick up where they started. There is also a scoreboard to compare the scores of each player. Initially free of cost, the game has in-app purchases of $4-5.

  1. The Silent Age

The Silent Age is probably one of the most liked games due to its gripping store line. The game is set in a dystopian future in which human race has gone extinct. Joe, the player, moves through the 70s and the empty lands of today. The daunting visuals and eerie soundtrack create the perfect atmosphere for solving mind-boggling puzzles. Offered by House on Fire, this game has had 100,000 downloads till date. It has ratings of above 4 and is also an Editor’s Choice adventure game.

The game comes free with in-app purchases ranging up to $5.

  1. The Walking Dead

Everyone knows about it and everyone loves it. The Walking Dead is the most widely acclaimed adventure game of today. It has received 90 Game Awards. The protagonist is Lee who is a convicted murderer. He has been given a second shot at life in a world which is occupied by the living dead. His aim in life is to protect a little orphan girl clementine because he believes this way he will get redemption. With dead coming to life and corpses attacking, this game is one hell of an adventure.

The game has been download a whopping 10,000,000 times till date and has a very high rating on Google Play Store. The free version has in-app purchases ranging from $5 to $16.

  1. Badland

Offered by Frogmind, Badland has been awarded the Game of the Year title. The player plays one of the occupants of the forest and flies through the forest. The forest is seemingly a magical and lovely place but there is something dark and terrible going on. Adventuring through the forest, the player finds several traps and obstacles. You can play alone or even multi players may also enjoy the game. In the Level Editor mode, the players can create levels and share them with others. Over 70,000 levels have been created so far.

The game is free with additional in-app purchases of $3-5.

  1. Rayman Adventures

Offered by Ubisoft Entertainment, Rayman Adventures is another popular adventure game of today. The player adventures through an enchanted forest which is in trouble because the eggs from the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered across the globe. Rayman and his friends have to embark on a journey around the world to find Incredible egg’s to bring the tree back to life.

The game has had 10.000.00 downloads so far. It is free with lots of in-app purchases.

  1. Adventure Tombs of Eden

Developed by Ice Cream Game Studio, this game is a revolutionary and free new addition to the gaming world. Jane goes on several adventures through the tombs to find the last guardian. The player has to avoid the other raiders and discover catacombs and the secrets of the dungeons. With over 100,000 downloads, Adventure Tombs of Eden is a risky and nerve wrecking adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Xenowork

The game picks up as the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone terribly wrong. As a result of it, mutants have now infested the world and you are the last hope against it. The player’s mission is to destroy all the nests and to ensure that the mutants cannot spread. With over a 100,000 downloads, the game is free with in-app purchases.

There are hundreds of adventure games to choose from but these remain our top favorites because of the amazing storyline and captivating visuals.

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