Top 10 Best PC Car Games 2019

Your personal computer could always be turned into a beast for gaming. If you are a PC gamer and have it all set up for some cool racing games, we have a gift for you today. In this article, we are going to do our picks for Top 10 Best PC Car Games 2019. So without any further delay, let us take you to our top 10 picks.

Best PC Car Games


Need for Speed: The Run.

Some people might object to using this old release as our number one pick for 2019’ list. Well, Need for Speed: The Run is a game which justifies that with its beautiful gameplay, graphics, and game modes which changed the course of the franchise.

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After this game, people started expecting too much from the NFS franchise and it pushed EA to do even better. With all its amazing storyline, gameplay, and graphics Need for Speed: The Run will remain our top pick even for the upcoming year.

Project Cars 2.

Being a car games developer, it is certainly not easy for the franchises to come up with something which others haven’t already produced. However, Project Cars are one of the franchises which did so well with their career and online modes that people face no doubt while buying it.

It is another of the beautiful Pc car game projects where there is so much to do in the career and online modes. You can play this for hours and still would not get bored.

Project Cars 1.

Doesn’t matter how good Project Cars 2 was, the game which set the basis for it was Project Cars 1. It was the beginning of this brilliant simulation game racing franchise by Slightly Mad Studios who collaborated with Bandai to release one of the finest racing settings in the gaming history.

The game got released across different gaming platforms including Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. The game scored even better ratings than its sequel where the best score was 9.2 on the IGN and is definitely a fan-favorite.

Dirt 4.

When we talk about the franchises producing the rally car racing games, the brilliance of Code Master is the Dirt franchise can never be ignored. The latest game in this franchise is Dirt 4 which got released across different platforms including the Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, and Xbox One.

The reasons why we have ranked this one above other Dirt games include the expanded career mode, the online modes which are much better now, and the improvement in the gameplay mechanics which took this franchise to a whole new level.

Dirt 3.

One of the games in which people recognize the Dirt franchise is Dirt 3 which was developed and published by Code Masters for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Play Station 3. In this whole franchise, it was the second best game as per the ratings of the critics and the fans in the gaming circles.

It was one of the games which worked on the revival of the franchise among the hearts of players. Being set up in the biggest of settings of rally racing, Dirt 3 is one of the favorites among fans in both online and offline modes. The game scored a Meta Critic percentage of 85 which is amazing for any game.

Need for Speed: Payback.

The fans must be wondering why we haven’t ranked Need for Speed: Payback yet. Well, the reviews of this game among both the experts and fans were not impressive at all. But, due to the expanded multiplayer modes and the graphics which are so realistic, the NFS fans will still love this in 2019.

There were mixed reviews about the game. The diehard fans of the franchise had rather biased reviews and they rated it much higher. Well, either deserved or not, this will still be one of the car game options to be played in 2019.

The Dirt Rally.

Would you rather play rallies than the cruises on the road? Well, here is a masterpiece from the Dirt franchise which takes the rally racing to a whole new level. The game got released across all major platforms and is still grossing among the fans worldwide.

We are quite short on words to praise one of the masterpieces in rally games. Get your hands on it and you will see that in terms of gameplay and physics, this game is a definition of perfection.

The Crew 2.

Before the release of The Crew franchise, everyone was hyped about these games, however, when it got released, we see most of the disappointed face. Well, it has been observed from the reviews and demo releases of The Crew 2 gameplay releases that UBISOFT is about to make amends with this upcoming sequel in the most anticipated car game franchise.

The Crew 2 is set to be released in 2019 and if it really is what we have witnessed from the gameplay and trailer reveals, you won’t need any other

The Crew.

The Crew is the first racing simulation game developed and published by the Ubisoft Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. Even though the game didn’t do as good as it was expected, there are still mixed reviews from the fans and critics.

What saved this game from being a complete disaster are its online modes which are something full of entertainment and fun. Also, the gameplay was quite impressive. The graphics were downgraded with the developers due to the optimization issues which serves as the major reason for the disappointment shown by the fans.

Forza Horizon 3.

Some readers might be concerned with our order of games in the list but you must realize that with all these games pinching game, it is quite hard to decide for the upcoming year. There is no doubt that Forza Horizon is one of the finest car game franchises and this third game in the series, Forza Horizon 3, is one of the masterpieces. Another perfect example of the realistic gameplay, game mechanics, and modes, this will be another title you will love playing in the upcoming year.

So, do you agree with our picks? Do you want to add something to our list of Top 10 Best PC Car Games 2019? Leave us your feedback in the comments section and keep visiting our website for more!

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