Top 10 Best PC Racing Games 2019

Racing is one of the best and famous gaming genres. On PC and bigger gaming consoles, this genre is always on the minds of people. The upcoming year is almost upon us and we are counting down our picks for a list of Top 10 Best PC Racing Games 2019. Let us begin with the list now.

Best PC Racing Games


Need for Speed Payback:

Need for Speed is the biggest racing games franchise developed and published by Electronic Arts for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. The latest game in the franchise is Need for Speed Payback which even though didn’t do well in the reviews, still, it is one of the biggest settings for this and the upcoming year.

With the beautiful and realistic graphics, a bigger setting of offline career and online modes, and a gameplay which is just massive makes it definitely one of the best PC racing games.

Forza Horizon 3:

Forza Horizon series made its mark when the competition among the racing games was just enormous. Well, it has to be some game in order to that and when you play, you find it to be quite true. The latest of their games is Forza Horizon 3 which got released the last year and is already one of the best racing games so far.

Even though a release from the last year, this game will stay among the lists due to its open-world racing gameplay where you took the liberty of exploring the streets better. You don’t have this yet? Hit the stores right now!

Project Cars 2:

Project Cars is the franchise where we truly observed the mad skills of Slightly Mad Studios which published their top racing game franchise under the banner of Bandai Namco Games. It is a simulation racing game which got released in 2017 and has perfectly set the stage for the third game.

Project Cars 2 got released for different platforms including Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, and Xbox One. The game scored amazing ratings on the gaming platforms where the best rating it scored was 8.9. This game is definitely something to try.

Project Cars 1:

Doesn’t matter how good Project Cars 2 was, the game which set the basis for it was Project Cars 1. It was the beginning of this brilliant simulation game racing franchise by Slightly Mad Studios who collaborated with Bandai to release one of the finest racing settings in the gaming history.

The game got released across different gaming platforms including Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. The game scored even better ratings than its sequel where the best score was 9.2 on the IGN and is definitely a fan-favorite.

Dirt Rally:

There was always a difference of opinion between the critics and fans about the Dirt franchise. Finally, the game which ended the debate with its brilliance is Dirt Rally which is a racing game developed and published by Code Masters for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Play Station 4, and Linux operating system.

Known for its realistic graphics and gameplay, the game performed amazingly among both the fans and reviews of the critics. The highest rating which it scored was on Steam where the score it earned was 9/10 as rated by the fans.

Dirt 3:

One of the games in which people recognize the Dirt franchise is Dirt 3 which was developed and published by Code Masters for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Play Station 3. In this whole franchise, it was the second best game as per the ratings of the critics and the fans in the gaming circles.

It was one of the games which worked on the revival of the franchise among the hearts of players. Being set up in the biggest of settings of rally racing, Dirt 3 is one of the favorites among fans in both online and offline modes. The game scored a Meta Critic percentage of 85 which is amazing for any game.

Dirt 4:

You would be wondering why I am not coming on the latest release in the Dirt franchise which is Dirt 4? Well, this is definitely the biggest settings which you will be playing 2019 both at the offline and online level. Even though it didn’t score as highly as the third game, it is still considered among one of the best rally games.

Dirt 4, which is rally racing game developed by the Code Masters for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, and Xbox One, got released in 2017 and will be your game for 2017.

The Crew 2:

This is something you are all waiting for! The Crew 2 is an upcoming racing game under-development by the Ubisoft. Even though the first game in the franchise didn’t perform well according to its expectations, players are very hopeful about this upcoming title in the year 2019.

Ubisoft will release this game across all major gaming platforms including Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, and Xbox One which is quite clear from the news. The trailers and gameplay demos for the game are already out and boy, it looks brilliant.

The Crew:

The Crew is the first racing simulation game developed and published by the Ubisoft Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. Even though the game didn’t do as good as it was expected, there are still mixed reviews from the fans and critics.

What saved this game from being a complete disaster are its online modes which are something full of entertainment and fun. Also, the gameplay was quite impressive. The graphics were downgraded with the developers due to the optimization issues which serves as the major reason for the disappointment shown by the fans.

Need for Speed: The Run:

Even though this has grown quite old, all the gamers would agree upon the brilliance of Need for Speed: The Run. The game which served as the real masterpiece for the franchise got released in 2011 across all the major gaming platforms. Whether we talk about the graphics, the storyline, the gameplay, or the online modes, this game is a true masterpiece which the players would still love to play in 2019.

Do you agree with our picks? Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our site for more stuff from the world of entertainment.

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