Top 10 Best PC Shooting Games 2019

Shooters are the best kind of action or adventure games. These are the kinds of game that make you feel alive and let you feel that much-needed rush of adrenaline every now and then. There are plenty of action shooting games for PC. We have listed the ten best ones below so that you can try them whenever you get the chance.

Best PC Shooting Games

Top 10 PC Shooting Games of 2019:

Here is out top 10 list of Best PC Shooting Games 2019:


  1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a shooter game which was developed by Valve Corporation. This game is the sequel to the same kind of game from 1996. The game comes as one of the games of the game bundle called The Orange Box. Players can choose any one of the two teams each of which have 9 characters. Players have to defeat their opponents.

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The game is one of the greatest in its genre because of its direction, gameplay and multiplayer mode. The game also has a slight touch of humor to keep it on the lighter note.

  1. Half-Life 2

We have another game on the list from Valve Corporation. This is a first player shooter action game which has been named as the VGX Best Game of The Decade. The player wakes up after a long while to find that the alien Combine has taken over the world. The protagonist, Gordon, now has to find a way to free the world from this monster’s clutches. He also uses alliance from other sources to achieve his goal.

Physics, animations, graphics and the narrative of this game were highly praised. It is due to these features that this game ended up being the 10th most sold PC game ever.

  1. Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is also a game by Valve Corporation and is a first-person multiplayer shooting game. This game has won the award for the Best Sports Game of the year. The game has two teams namely the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. All six modes of the game have unique characteristics and gameplay. The player can either play as a terrorist and plant bombs in places or capture hostages.

They can also be a counter-terrorism and prevent the bombs from being placed along with protecting and freeing the hostages. The overall gameplay of this shooting game makes it a huge favorite.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is a first-person shooting game for PC. The game has been loved for the longest time and has won the BAFTA Award for the best game by public demand. It has also won the VGX Best Shooter Game of the year. Modern Warfare is the fourth game in the series. The story follows a radical leader who kills a President from a Middle East country. At the same time, there is a civil war going on in Russia. The game is set in various places and the multiplayer mode allows the player to unlock more weapons to fight.

The game was praised for its overall performance and won many awards. The popularity of this game can be deduced from the fact that it was the most sold game of 2007.

  1. Counter-Strike

Developed by Valve Corporation, this game is a first-person action shooting game. The game was the first installment in the series which then led to the making of other games too.  The game is set in many locations around the globe where the player either act aa government’s counter-terrorist teams or as terrorist militants. The players can have their own weapons to defeat the enemy. They can do that by either killing all of the enemies or by doing the tasks on the map.

  1. PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 is a multiplayer shooting action games. This game is a sequel to PlanetSide 2 and revolves around the players that try to take over the planet Auraxis. This game has over a thousand players in the same battle and holds the Guinness Record for having the most number of player in a single game battle. This game has the ability to support hundreds of players at the same time who have to use their skills interaction with other players to kill others.

Full of action and adventure, this is the best shooting game of it’s kind.

  1. Far Cry 3

Far cry is an action adventure shooting game which has won the BAFTA Award for the best action game. Developed and Published by Ubisoft, this game is the third game in the series of Far cry. The game is set on an island where the protagonist and his friend go on vacation. The player now has to save his friends who have been kidnapped by the pirates of the island. The protagonist must find a way to get out of this island with his friends.

The game received major acclaim for its gameplay, story, and direction.

  1. Borderland 2

Borderland 2 is the sequel to Borderland which was developed by 2K games. The game is set on Planet Pandora on which the player has to strategically complete a campaign in which there are many weapons, shield, and character developing elements.

  1. Overwatch

Overwatch is a multiplayer shooting game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The players are divided into two teams in which they can choose their own characters according to their unique play. The players have to secure the points on the map together. Filled with action, this game is the best for pastime.

  1. Wolfenstein

Developed by Bethesda Software, this game is an action shooting game. The game is set in an alternate history where the Germans with the second world war. The player has to stop the Nazis from ruling over the world. Filled with shooting and action, this game is one hell of a thriller.

All these games have an amazing narrative, direction, and gameplay which will satisfy all your needs for action and adventure.

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