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Today, everyone is busy in their daily life routine. They have to work a lot to manage their home circle. In their busy schedule, sometimes people forget their extra but important tasks. But now you can easily remind such tasks to yourself with this Ticktick smart phone app.

You can save your important tasks in this app and set a schedule to remember this task. In that time which you set in this app, this amazing app will remind you through an alarm and your task is shown in your screen. So this is the short intro of this app let get into the detail.



Ticktick is basically to do list app where you do many things at one place. Except this, the app is also work as a task manager and you can set more than 1 schedule in it. This will customize your life with a whole new way and with this app, nothing will miss by you.

In old days, people write their personal tasks in a paper but sometime they miss out the paper and miss the task also. But now your mobile phone is your task manager and to do list paper. You can manage your time with it.

Ticktick Review

The app that can save your time and helps you in your daily routine life to work with more efficient way is totally a positive app from me. My review is positive about this app because this lightweight app can help you a lot to remember big and important task easily.

Ticktick app is really amazing app in the era to busy routine of people. Personalize your lifestyle with this app and you’ll also realize that what you were missing. Set daily, weekly and monthly schedule in it and forget about such tasks because this will work like your boss that always rememorize you important tasks.

Tticktick Vs Todoist

Ticktick and todolist works for same purpose. They both exist to remember your daily life work. But in some places ticktick is better than todolist. Ticktick has a user friendly interface which helps you to use the app easily and smoothly. Besides this, the design of this app also is interesting and eye catching. So, these are some little factors that differentiate both apps. However different people have different taste so if you have any doubt still you can check both apps to your own.


  • Customize your life ticktick pro
  • You can change the app theme according to your taste
  • Save up to 100 tasks easily
  • You can share the tasks up to 15 people easily
  • Interesting interface
  • You’ll experience a next level design

Final Words

We all need such apps that can save our time and helps us to work like a professional who never forgot to do his tasks. So this app is here for you. Download this amazing app for free and include in the list of professionals easily. Many interesting things and features are waiting for you. So enjoy them without wasting much time.

This was a detail review about ticktick apk app which can help you to understand better this app. So use this app once and you’ll feel really amazing and your mind will also be fresh because you don’t need to be worry about missing anything. Let this app done this small but important job for you.

I hope you’ll have an idea about this app and you’ll download this app. Enjoy it and share it also with your colleagues and let them enjoy also. If you have any questions you can ask from us. Our team is here to help you out.

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