Top 10 Best IOS Shooting Games 2019

Even though most of the fans of gaming on the mobile platform do not prefer shooting, still they make a huge fan base and as for IOS, there is a great number of players as well who love the shooting genre. So that is why today, we have come up with our pick for Top 10 Best IOS Shooting Games 2019. Let us begin with the list now.

Top 10 IOS Shooting Games 2019:

Best IOS Shooting Games

Modern Combat 5: Blackout:

There are hundreds of shooting games which got released for the mobile platform but the one which has the honor to break all records was Modern Combat 5: Blackout from the Modern Combat franchise. In terms shooting, game modes, gameplay, multiplayer and single player, modes this game is just perfect.

This is among one of the most played games on the IOS platform as well with stunning graphics, a realistic gameplay, and features which are really impressive. No wonder this would be our pick for 2019 shooting games for IOS.

Dead Trigger 2:

When it comes to the evil of Zombies other supernatural objects, the gaming gets into a phase for real fun. Once such example is Dead Trigger 2 which is really grossing on the mobile platform for its beautiful graphics, a gameplay which is much realistic, and lots of game modes to offer.

A game where you have to fight some powerful zombies and after beating the small soldier, you move towards the big bosses which with every passing level, become harder to beat. You are in for a real treat with this game man.

N.O.V.A 3:

There was a time when shooting games and online shooting was not much of a trend of this smaller platform. Now the credit goes to N.O.V.A 3 which has set those trends on the mobile gaming platform which is now unstoppable. A world of aliens with a beautiful setup, this game is just perfect.

Moreover, for the first time, a better concept of a multiplayer mode for the games was introduced where players had much more options in terms of matches and competition. Well, these are some of the reasons why the game will still be grossing in 2019.

Call of Duty: Zombies:

We have all known Call of Duty franchise for the massive wars among humans and of course that bigger setup of shooting games on the bigger gaming platforms. However, when it was introduced for the mobile platforms, Call of Duty was all different.

In Call of Duty: Zombies, instead of fighting some human enemies, you get to fight in an apocalyptic era where there are tons of zombies coming at you and you have to beat them rising as a hero and saving the planet earth.

Critical Ops:

There is one thing definite about the world of first-person shooting and that is the multiplayer mode which gamers always want no matter the platform. Critical Ops is another first-person shooter game which features both online and offline game modes.

The gamers love this game for its online modes where they can play a lot of match modes for the whole day. The game also features a story mode for those who love to be in it. Also, the updates which you get from the game and the graphics are really impressive.

Special Soldier:

Even though Special Soldier is not the biggest of setups, this game was quite a fun due to its gameplay and modes which were really impressive for a game on a smaller platform such as IOS. With an interesting gameplay and modes, there is much to explore in this game for the players.

As for the game setup, you are like in any other shooting world where your primary objective is beat the serpents you have risen against your honor. However, when you start playing it, there is much more to explore.


Fighting off zombies and saving the world from their wrath is always something of greater fun in the shooting games. Now for IOS, one of the games with which you are going to have real fun is Unkilled. This game is available on both Android and IOS platforms and if you have an advanced IOS device, the experience gets much better and smoother.

There are a lot of game modes including the multiplayer mode which you are about to enjoy this game. This is basically a first-person shooter and of course, you would prefer it more.

Max Payne Mobile:

Just like the above franchise, this one also has stronger marks on the bigger platforms. There is no denying that fans would demand this on the IOS and that is why the developers had to release a version of it for the IOS.

With beautiful settings on the Android operating system with a nice story mode and some other modes, May Payne is another grossing game on the platform. While you are looking for some classic third-person shooting on the Android in 2019, this game is it.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

Even though the marks which Modern Combat 5 made cannot be reached, Modern Combat 4 is another of the greats which played its part in setting that platform. In fact, the story mode in this one was even more interesting.

This game also featured an online multiplayer mode which brought ultimate fun to the platform of Android gaming. It featured a realistic gameplay with graphics which are really impressive and in fact, everything for your likes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops:

Why denies the beauty of the storyline, graphics, and the shooting experience which Call of Duty games bring? Well, I am sure the answer is no one and yes, that is true. Call of Duty: Black Ops was one of the most successful games in the franchise which is known for its amazing storyline in the Cuba where a special team of ops has been sent down to bring down Fidel Castro.

After its success on the bigger platforms, a version of it was also released on the mobile platforms including the IOS and Android. Well, even though the game got released seven years ago, people are still going to love it in 2019.

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