Change Facebook Old Look To New Flat Facebook Interface 2019

Change Facebook Old Look To New Flat Facebook Interface 2019

Change Facebook Old Look To New Flat Facebook Interface 2019

Facebook is a very friendly social site more than one billion peoples of the world are using this social site. There are many other social sites available such as Twitter, Google Plus and much more, but they have not got such popularity as the Facebook. Facebook has many useful features that other social sites do not have; that’s why it is the best and most popular. But as we all know one cannot be a perfect man I mean everyone have some faults, in the same manner, Facebook has a big mistake that is its interface. I am not saying that its interface is not friendly it is very nice, but it has not been updated for a long time. This interface was excellent in the beginning because this interface was the most user friendly in about 2005, but now it is 2019 world has gone forward look at the other social site all of they are providing a very attractive and a good interface for its users. But the interface of the Facebook is not as good as it must be. But do not worry about the interface of the Facebook. Facebook has many other features that’s why we cannot leave using it but do you know that you can also change the interface of the Facebook to a new and a good look quickly with just using simple tricks.

Change Facebook Old Look To New Flat Facebook Interface 2019:

The Facebook itself does not provide the method we are going to use, in fact, we will use a very straightforward and free extension for our Google Chrome, and that extension will change the Facebook design of our Facebook Profile to a new look which is too much user friends and gives an excellent interface.

Features of Facebook Flat Extension

  • Increase the Facebook speed to an incredible level.
  • Removes all kind of Facebook Ads.
  • Best eye-catching look & colors.
  • A good style of your picture on Profile giving your photo a cyclic frame.
  • Gives a best and user-friendly interface.
  • An excellent arranged of left menu panel which provides quick and easy access to many features. Morover a well-arranged menu.

How To Use The Facebook Flat Extension

Using Facebook Flat Extension for your Google Chrome is very easy and uncomplicated you just need to add the extension to your Google Chrome (Latest Version), and that’s it you are done, however if you have problem to do this then you can follow the following steps:-

First of all need the Latest version of the Google Chrome installed on your computer as the extension (Facebook Flat) we are going to use will work more efficiently with the latest version.

Now click here and add the Facebook Flat extension to your chrome. To add this click on the left green button saying “Add To Chrome” a new (little) popup will appear there just click on the “Add Extension” button.

How To Use The Facebook Flat Extension
How To Use The Facebook Flat Extension
When you are done this Extension will start downloading on your computer (It will take just 2 seconds) and the extension will be successfully added to your Google Chrome.
Now login to your Facebook account, if the extension is enabled then you will see the new design of the Facebook after login.
But if the extension is not enabled you will see the older design so just enable the extension by switching the extension button on from the top left side near the Facebook search bar.
After you have enabled the extension, you have to refresh the page you will see that now you have a new Facebook look. All kind of ads will be blocked from your timeline; more ever you will judge a faster loading speed of your Facebook than the older one.

That’s it now you are done. Now please enjoy the new Facebook interface.We take much care in providing you the quality articles now it is your duty to respect our articles and share with your friends on your favorite social sites.

So, friends this was all about to Change Facebook Old Look To New Flat Facebook Interface 2019. By following the above method you have many features available on your new Facebook Flat design & Interface. You can also amaze your friends by showing this interface if they are not aware of this style. I hope you have liked my this article.

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