How To Create A Blog Using Blogger A to Z Full Guide 2019

How To Create A Blog Using Blogger A to Z Full Guide

How To Create A Blog Using Blogger A to Z Full Guide
How To Create A Blog Using Blogger A to Z Full Guide

Do you want to have a blog? Yes, of course, that’s why you are here. This is the home page or you can say the topic page of our Blogger classes here we will mention our all blogger topics and all the topics will be linked here.

Before we start anything we must need to have a little knowledge of that thing. That’s why I am going to describe a little about Blogger before we go to the next topics.

What is Blogger?

This is a very interesting question, especially for the beginners. They must have listened to this word “Blogger” but they do not know what is it. So here I will describe Blogger.

Blogger is a blog publishing service provided by the Google. It was founded by the Pyra Labs but in 2003 Google bought it from them. Now it is a side business or a side service of Google.

Blogger is hosted by the Google. If you do not know about hosting then let me clear that hosting means to store the data of any website such as videos, images and written article on a web server so that it can be accessed by other over the internet.

Blogger is a very popular platform for creating beautiful, attractive and user-friendly blogs. There are many other sites which provide the same facility. I mean you can also create a blog using them but they do not provide such features as Google’s Blogger that’s why we will use to create our first blog. But here I am also going to tell you about WordPress. WordPress is also a popular blog-publishing provider, in fact, it is more professional than the Blogger but here we will use Blogger because it is totally free while on the other hand you have to buy a web hosting for the WordPress which costs about five dollars every month and starting with such an amount is very difficult for the beginners. That’s why we will use the Blogger, instead of using WordPress and do not worry about anything if you stuck anywhere then I am 24 hours ready to help you.

Difference between Blogger and Word Press

BloggerWord Press
Blogger is managed by the Google. It has enough strength where you can publish your contents it is very easy and reliable. Google has the rights to delete or remove your blog or cut your access from your blogger blogs at any time.For Word Press you have to decide where you want to host your Word Press blog. You have full access to your blog. Your blog is totally depending on you, you have to decide how long you want to use it.
Here you have a limited tools and features and you cannot use any further features on your blog. SO you can say Blogger tools are limited.This is the king when we talk about tools and control. There are many plugins available for every task which you want to do on your Word Press blog.
By default Blogger has only a few templates which you can use but there are a number of templates available on the internet which you can download and install on your blog.The default template of Word Press is also not very good, but there are also many themes available for the Word Press which you can download and install on your blogs.
Moving your blogger blog is a very difficult task. You have to take the risk of losing your search significance.It is very easy to move a Word Press blog to new domain without losing your traffic.
Blogger is best for security. If you are on Blogger then you had no need to worry about security as it is highly secured under Google’s services.You are fully responsible for the security of your blog as you have to decide where you want to host it. You have to take the backup of your blog in a regular interval of time so that if anything unwanted happen you have the backups and you can recover the loss.
Blogger provide a community where you can ask your question, an arranged documentation about everything. Now many sites are writing about Blogger that can also be helpful.Word Press also provides full support to its users. It also has documentations and live helping community. There are many websites on the Google which can help you in every issue you face.
When we talk about SEO Blogger is good, but is has not features like Word Press.Word Press is once again King about SEO. There are many and many SEO Plugins, and many more things which can be used to increase the SEO of your blog.

List of Topics that we will cover in this course

  1. What is Blogger and Why We Choose Blogger?
  2. Create First Blog Using
  3. Setting Up A Custom Godaddy Domain For Your Blogger Blog
  4. Best Sites To Buy Domain Names At Cheap Prices 2019 Edition
  5. Complete Introduction To Blogger Dashboard 
  6. Basic Settings Of Blogger (Blogspot) Blogs 
  7. Posts And Comments Settings In Blogger 
  8. Email Settings in Blogger 
  9. Language and Formating Settings in Blogger 
  10. Search Preference (Meta tags, Errors and redirections, Crawlers and indexing) Settings 
  11. Other Settings 
  12. Adding a Favicon to your blog
  13. How To Use Google Analytics Beginners Guide
  14. Best Templates For Blogger Blogs
  15. Changing Template (Design & Layout) For Your Blogger Blog
  16. Introduction To Different Tools Of Post Editor Of Blogger
  17. Writing Your First SEO Friendly Post That Really Ranks Higher
  18. How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Facebook 15 Incredible Ways
  19. How To Embed YouTube Facebook Dailymotion Vimeo Videos In Blog Posts
  20. Optimizing your blog’s images for better SEO
  21. How To Check Is Someone Copying Your Contents or Not
  22. Protecting your contents from being copied
  23. Display Rating Starts For your Blog posts
  24. Post Setting (Labels, Schedule, Links, Location, Search Description, Options, Custom Robots Tags) For Blogger Blogs
  25. Different between Pages and Blog Posts
  26. Creating Important Pages (Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap and About)
  27. Best Sitemap Plugins For Blogger Blogs
  28. Adding/Removing Important Widgets to Your Blogger Blog
  29. Adding Facebook Like Button Widget
  30. Adding Alexa Rank Widget To Your Blogger Blog
  31. Blogger Stats of Your Blog
  32. The Best Commenting System For Blogger Blogs
  33. Setting Up Disqus Commenting System With Your Blogger Blog
  34. Understanding The Basic of HTML For Creating Main Menu
  35. Adding Labels to The Main Menu
  36. How To Use Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) Beginners Guide
  37. Submitting Your Site To Yahoo & Bing Webmaster
  38. Using Google’s Feedburner
  39. Adding A Sticky Post To Your Blogger Blog
  40. Strategies That Your Should Follow To Increase The Traffic Of Your Blog
  41. Creating & Adding Popup Email Newsletter For Your Blogger Blog
  42. Adding Hello Bar To your Blogger Blog
  43. Checking & Optimizing the Page Loading Speed Of Your Blog
  44. Preparing Your Blog Ready For Google AdSense
  45. Applying Google For AdSense
  46. What To Do After Applying For AdSense To Google
  47. AdSense Account Not Approved What To Do Now
  48. AdSense Alternatives: Best Google AdSense Alternatives
  49. And Much More Topics

The above was a list of topics which we will cover in this tutorial. And I guarantee you if you follow me correctly and honestly then you will definitely get success and will become a successful blogger. Remember if you need any more topics or you have a problem you can comment below your problems I will try my best to solve them moreover if you need any help or want a separate article on any topic then just comment below.

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