Fix iPhone 6 stuck in Headphone Mode (100% Working Methods)

For iPhone 6 users, one of the most common problems which occur is their iPhone stuck in headphone mode. This issue could occur due to many reasons known and unknown and some of the causes include some temporary bug, dirty or dusty headphone jack, a faulty headphone jack, and some permanent bug in the operating system. Well, for all of these causes, there are different fixes and today we are going to tell you all of those fixes. Each step in this guide will tell you how to fix this problem for each cause. So, let us now fix this problem of iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode.

fix iphone 6 stuck in headphone mode

Methods to fix iPhone 6 Stuck in Headphone Mode:

I am now going to begin with all the methods which you can use to get rid of this problem from your iPhone. These steps are easy and simply and you need to follow them just as they are written in this guide.

Restarting the Phone:

This method is the easiest method and that’s why I had to put this on number one so that you shall try this before any of the other techniques. Many problems that occur in phones can be easily fixed simply by restarting them. This is because most of the problems especially problems like this one are not permanent and happen due to some temporary bug in the system. When you restart your phone, the system gets rid of that bug itself upon restart and this is now you can fix this problems as well. If this fix did not work for you, then you can move towards the next method and see if that works for you.

Cleaning Dust with a Q-Tip:

Sometimes due to dust or garbage that gets into the ports such as headphone or charging jacks, these problems may occur and fixing them should not be an issue. To fix this problem, the other thing you can try is cleaning the headphone jack. But this should be done with something like Q-tip. So, get a Q-tip, adjust the headphone get in front of you and then clean it with the help of it. Make sure that you clean it as well as you can and see if this fixes the problem for you. If this fix doesn’t work as well then you can try the 3rd method which is written below.

Changing the Operating system:

Try changing the operating system of your iPhone. This problem can occur due to some bug in the system and if you update or downgrade your operating system, this problem might as well get fixed and you can finally take a sigh of relief.

So, these were the three top methods with the help of which you can fix this issue of iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode. Let us know in the comments section which one of these worked for you and keep visiting our website for free tech guides and stuff.

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