Most CPU Intensive Games (Top 10 Games List)

As we see the next gen games appearing in the world of gaming, we see that game players are also looking forward to upgrade their systems. These article is about some of the top CPU intensive games which really stresses the hell of out of your computer. Also, in this guide, I am going to suggest the best CPU available for all the respective games. So, without any further do, let us now begin with out guide on some of the top CPU Intensive Games.

List Of Top 10 CPU Intensive Games:

Here is the our list of cpu intensive games:

cpu intensive games

1. Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 is one of those games or you can say the top game, which takes your CPU usage to the maximum and if you have those normal second or third generation processors, the processor usage for this game will be 100% which is of course something you will not want. Now the recommended processor which you must have to enjoy the best performance and run this game at its maximum settings is i7-4790 which has ability to run this game at the ultra settings and you won’t face any lag or bug during playing this game. Even though the old second or third generation processor have the ability to run this game but if you want to go on higher resolutions such as 4k, you will need a processor like 4th generation i7-4790.

CPU Intensive Games

2. The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt.

This game was a real sensation in 2016 and still, there are players who are playing it since this game takes much longer to complete. It takes approximately 90 hours just to complete the story mode and it also puts a lot of stress on your processor as well. Using the graphics technologies such as Nvidia hair works, tessellation, advanced textures, and some others, the game needs a good third or fourth generation processor in order to give great fps counts on higher resolutions. To play this game at resolutions up to 4k, you will need a processor same like I recommended you for the Battlefield 1.

CPU Intensive Games

3. Batman: Arkham Knight.

If you think you have a good processor and you want to put it under real stress, you need a game like Batman Arkhan Knight in order to really stress it out. The game requires a minimum of 4 GB video ram in order to run the maximum textures in it and from this you can realize that how good of a processor you need in order to take this game to the maximum settings. The recommended processor would be i7-4790k if you want to run this game on higher settings also if you have a 4k screen then on this resolution, the other CPU would not be compatible enough. So get a bigger processor like the one mentioned in order to get the maximum performance of this game.

CPU Intensive Games

In the near future, I will update our list with some more CPU intensive games which are really going to stress pout your CPU. To stay tuned with the list, keep visiting our website and let us know what you think of it.

4. Crysis 3.

Crysis 3 was developed by Crytek on the cry engine 3 and got released in 2013. This is one of those games which brought all the personal computer systems to their knees and none of the consoles could run it on maximum settings with even on 30 fps. This was the first game which was solely built for DX11 and DX10 could not run it. All the gamers had to move from those old systems to new and the console gamers upgraded to play station 4 and Xbox one while others relied on those medium graphics settings. If you would have processors like third generation i5 or others, they were not simply enough for the game. In Crysis 3, the story of the prophet continues who then continues to fight the alien named alpha ceph eventually kills him to free the planet from those aliens. The game would consume complete processor speed of the processor I mentioned and the players had to switch on to processors like third generation of i7 in order to enjoy the maximum settings of this game on their high-end graphics units.


5. Just Cause 3.

Just Cause series always had a great influence due to its amazing action walk through and you would see players going mad over the though of new just cause title. Just Cause 3 was the latest title in the series which got released in 2016 and as we expected being the next-gen game, Just Cause 3 burnt all the old processors and graphics units. People with processors such as second gen i7 or even with the 3rd or 4th gen i5 were crying since their processors were being completely consumed by this game. That was mainly due to the advance physics technology, tessellation, and anti-aliasing which was too good and we can definitely call Just Cause 3 a next-gen game. Well, since players do search for the recommended hardware in order to enjoy this game, here are few recommendations. If you are playing this game on a screen with a resolution of 1920×1080, you are going to a ram of at least 8 GB along with a GTX 1060 and a 4th gen processor such as 4790 from Intel. Once you have these hardware installed, you will easily get a smooth game experience on more than 60 FPS and you can enjoy this whole new title Just Cause title.

6. Assassin’s Creed –  Syndicate.

Assassin’s Creed is one of the biggest gaming franchises known in the world of gaming and Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate is the latest addition to the franchise which got released in Fall 2015. After the release of the second last title Unity, it seemed like the franchise really wants to jump higher in the matter of graphics in order to complete the next-gen games and that is when Syndicate became another big CPU intensive game. Being sponsored and optimized by Nvidia, the game used graphics technologies like tessellation, advanced anti-aliasing, hardware accelerated physics, ambient occlusion, and many others. Also, to run this game on maximum textures, it needs a graphics unit with a minimum video memory of 4 GB which shows that how good this game is in terms of graphics. Now if you want to enjoy the adventures of these twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye, you are going to need a well built PC which has should have a ram of 8 GB, a GTX 1060 6 GB edition, and a 4790 in order to run this game at maximum graphics and at a resolution of 1920*1080. If you want to hit higher resolutions such as Ultra-HD, you will need even more intense graphics units such as a GTX 1070 or 1080.

7. Grand Theft Auto 5.

Even though most players would disagree on the idea of Grant Theft Auto 5 being a CPU intensive game, they can’t deny the fact that to run on this game on maximum settings also on a resolution such as 1920*1080, they had to switch to graphics units with a minimum video memory of 3 GB and when it is using this much video memory, you certainly cannot run it with processors such as Core 2 Duo or others. Yes, it is also true that most people were seen playing this game even on systems such as Core 2 Duo with low or medium-end cards, they could not reach more than 40 fps which are not recommended for a smoother game experience. Also, this game uses so many graphics technologies such as anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, depth of field, and so many others, it would put a lot of stress on the normal processors and that is when you need to move to higher CPU such as third generation i5 and others. Now if you want to enjoy the adventures of Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor on maximum settings, get a ram of at least 4 GB, a GTX 980 or 1060 6 GB edition, and a processor such as 3770 or 2700k.

8. Arma 3.

This was one of the games that got nominated for so many action awards and at some places, for visual quality awards as well. Even though the game did not do too much good with the graphics, the bad optimisation of the game, made it one of the most CPU intensive games. When you go on higher resolutions with this game, it really beats the hell out of most 2nd and 3rd gen processors from i3 and i5 and that is when you need to move to processors such as 3rd generation i7 and for ultra higher resolutions and settings, some players would like to get 4th generation i7 which is even wiser. The thing which made this game so heavy are the maps which are so big that you will not be able to explore them completely in few months while playing the multiplayer mode. The graphics technologies such as anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, and most likely the hardware accelerated physics from Nvidia are the things which made this game so difficult to optimise on these bigger maps and that is when players faced a lot of trouble while running this game on maximum settings even when the graphics were not very expensive. The game got even heavier when the manufacturers released new additions. You must have a rig with a minimum of 6 GB ram, a 4790 Intel processor or a GTX 1060 or 1070 with the latest drivers to run this game better on your computers.

9. Rise of the Tomb Rider.

When Lara Croft returned with her another adventure and this time in the snowy mountains where frost will freeze you and the hair of Lara Croft are rendered with the technologies such as Tress FX and special hair works, this game became one of the most CPU intensive games and it really beat the hell out of those old second and third gen processors. Along with the graphics units upgrade, the players had to made changes in their processors as well and they moved to processors such as 3770 or 4970 in order to enjoy this game on maximum graphics settings on resolution such as 1920*1080 and Ultra high-definition as well. The game was very well optimised by AMD and developed by Square Enix, the adventure of Lara Croft was very well enjoy by the players. In this game, Lara Croft comes after the secrets for which the clues were left by her father and who died protecting them.

10. Metro Last Light Redux.

When Metro Last Light got released, the super sampling anti-aliasing beat the crap out of all the processors and graphics units and there was no single processor or graphics card which could run this game with SSAA on. Well, with the latest advances in graphics and processor technologies, finally processors such as 4790 and 900 series could handle this game on maximum settings but when the Redux edition for this game got released, it once again made all the players cry since it became even heavier and they simply couldn’t get more than 50 FPS with the rigs they had. Now to continue the adventures of the Russian guy in the game and get more than 60 FPS, you need to put a ram of minimum 8 GB with an Intel 4790 and a graphics unit such as 1080 to run with this game with super sampling anti-aliasing on and also the hardware accelerated physics. This rig or the higher ones are the only rigs which can bring you the best performance from this game.

So, do you agree with out list of Most CPU Intensive Games? In case of agreement or disagreement, don’t forget to leave us your feedback in the comments section below so that we and other readers can know your thoughts. Maybe we have missed a game or two with which you can correct us at anytime. Keep visiting our website for more stuff happening in the tech world.

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  1. Miroslav
    Miroslav says:

    To sum it up this article is telling you that this groups of game genres are cpu intensive: open world games,strategy and simulation games

  2. Durai Jeeva
    Durai Jeeva says:

    Nice article. I agree 99% and I know it sounds selfish but it makes me feel better that people with better hardware struggle with these games as I have put many hours into tweaking settings to improve performance. Consoles and clever marketing have definitely held back progress. The gap between the console generations is amazingly huge, Xbox 360 to Xbox one was 8 years. Think how many times we upgraded our hardware in that time. Games these days don’t amaze me with the graphics. I thought we would be much further ahead by now. Game developers, Nvidia, ATI and Intel should concentrate on the effects and graphics that we actually notice


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