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After the great success of First Touch Soccer 2015 or FTS 15 in short, the fans of this franchise waited a long time for the release of this new edition to the series which is First Touch Soccer 2016 or FTS 16. It was never clear whether the developers were going to release this new edition and then finally the good news came. FTS 16 finally got released by the end of the year and all the fans burst on it in great numbers. FTS 16 has now become one of the most grossing football simulation game on the all play stores of different smartphone developers whether it is the android, IOS, or the Windows store. If you haven’t got your copy yet, then download the free FTS 16 Mod APK right now from our website. Let us now discuss the game modes and features of FTS 16.

fts 16 mod apk

FTS 16 Mod Features and Game Modes:

There was nothing with which you weren’t provided in the previous version of the game. However, the game has been enhanced even more by making new editions to the same modes. Once you will be done with reading the features and game modes of the game, you will know.

  • Even though all the major leagues such as English Premier League, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Brazilian leagues have been part of the game, this league got even bigger when other some leagues such as Scottish, Indian, Australian, and few other famous league were also added in the game. All the leagues features their complete set of teams and whenever you enter one, you enjoy a full set of matches. Also, you can play different leagues at the same time by making different first touch soccer 16 offline profiles for the game. You can also try another awesome game Roblox MOD Apk Unlimited Robux with everything unlocked.
  • Most favorite mode of the players for which they love FTS is the customization where they can do and create everything they want. Before in the previous version, you could create clubs, edit squads, manage stadiums, and also, customize other such stuff including balls, kits, and stadiums. Now in this game, you can enjoy all these features to the same extent but thousands of new things have been added to these categories so that the player can enjoy even wider variety of material. These things can also be traded and yes, transfer mode of the game has also been enhanced in this way.
  • The competitive mode of the game include all the international tournaments such as World Cup, Euro Cup on the international level while on the club level, you have competitions like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Club World Cup, Super Cups, and many others which vary according to the league you are playing.
  • Career mode of the game has also been extended where along with the player, you can now also play as a manager and make a club of your choice and then it to the glory as a manager. The career mode of the player is quite the same with few more additions while the career mode with the manager is a whole new thing. Also, the practice mode allows you to practice your skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting so that you can become a better player by practicing more and more.
  • All the stuff and upgrades can be bought with the coins you earn in the game by winning trophies and matches. But if you are downloading the FTS 16 Mod from our website and then these coins will be the least of your worries.

Download FTS 16 MOD APK:

So, football lovers what are you waiting for? If you desperately want to get your hands on this game then don’t wait and download the free FTS 16 Mod APK right now from our website to begin some real football simulation game action. Keep visiting our website for more free apps, guides, and other tech stuff.

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