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First Touch Soccer franchise for the android, IOS, and Windows operating systems has been an ultimate success and now this is the most played football simulation game all across the world. The title which actually brought all this success was First Touch Soccer 2014 or FTS 14. The game was released in the year of 2013 and then everything football lovers talked about was this title. Everything you wanted from a good football simulation was present in this game. Whether they were the leagues such as English premier league, spanish league, italian league, french league, or the giant clubs such as Barcelona, Madrid, Manchester United, and many others, all of them were featured in this game. One of the best thing about the game was customization and management level which gave this game a whole new dimension. Well, the players of the game would put a lot of effort and time in the game and then they would be able to earn all the coins to buy new upgrades and stuff in the game. This thing was made easy by the mods which were released by the app developers with the help of which you can get all that stuff for free and you don’t need to put extra effort in the game. To get the FTS 14 Mod APK, click the free download link given at the end of this article and install the game on your android device to begin some real footballing action.

download fts 14 apk and mod apk

FTS 14 Mod Features and Game Modes:

Listed below are all the features and game modes which you are going to enjoy in this game.

  1. First touch Soccer 2014 or FTS 14 features a wide variety of game modes which were never been a part of any football simulation game developed for the android or other smartphone operating systems.
  2. For the first time in the history of football simulation on the smartphones, all the major leagues were features in the game which included English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian, French, and Scottish Leagues.
  3. Also, all the big club names such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain, and all other big clubs that you can name were featured in this game.
  4. Some major international tournaments such as World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and other major club competitions were featured in FTS 14.
  5. The thing which made this game an instant was the management modes in which you could create squads, do regular football business such as buying and selling players and other stuff and the market which featured kits, shoes, stadiums, and every other footballing stuff was featured in this game.
  6. To unlock the new features and upgrades in the game, you need to earn coins by winning matches and this takes months of your time to collect all those coins by winning matches and then unlock all the stuff. These things were made easier by the mods which you are able to download on this page.

Download Fts 14 apk And Fts 14 mod apk free below:

So, if you are already excited enough to get this game then download the free FTS 14 Mod APK right now from our site and install the game on your android smartphone device to begin some real football simulation action.

Other Version:

Here are some other new versions of first touch soccer:

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