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First Touch Soccer franchise is by far the best football simulation game franchise developed for the android, IOS, and Windows phone operating systems. The latest addition to the series was First Touch Soccer 2017 or shortly called FTS 17. If you have played the previous games from this franchise, you know the size and intensity of these games and with this game released, they have simply added more to their legacy. In this article, we are going to talk everything about this game. Whether they are the features, mods, gameplay, or graphics, we are going to tell you everything about it. At the end of this article, you can also download the free FTS 17 APK and FTS 17 Mod APK which has a slight difference between them. So, without any further do, let us now move with our primary objective.

fts 17 apk

FTS 17 Features and Game Modes:

FTS 17 is the biggest and latest game in the franchise which comes with so many features and game modes that the whole year until the release of next title will be amazing for you. The base features are the same just like the previous titles but they have greatly improved in FTS 17. Let us now see how?

1. Manager Mode:

The feature you will love in this game is this manager mode where you can now create and manage your own club. Buy new players from the market and train them to transform them into one massive club and lead your lads to the victory. Choose your club’s name, kits, shoes, stadium, and everything you want to do. You can easily fulfill your dream or becoming a football manager and this is something new because before, all we did was playing on the pitch and some people felt quite bored of that. So, get FTS 17 and try this all new manager mode.

2. Gameplay:

Talking about the gameplay, it is not much different from the previous title, however, if you look professionally, a lot has changed on the pitch of FTS 17. The attacking and defensive tactics have changed a lot and new tricks have been added for the defenders so that they can tackle the attackers. Also, for the attackers, new dribbling and passing modes are added which make this game even better to play. The players move in a more natural way and the game is getting very close to the reality. New Modes such as test daily match challenge and other have been added to enhance your skills when you play the tournaments and other events.

3. Graphics and Visuals:

As we are approaching the thing called next-gen, the graphics in the games are improving a lot and especially in this game. You can see the new grassy effects on the pitch. Also, the faces of the players and their expressions look quite good. Using the latest mobile graphics technology, the visual and audio quality of the game is much better and entertaining than the previous versions.

4. New Teams and Kits:

Few new leagues such as Turkish and Swedish leagues have also been added to the game which is definitely going to bring more fans from these countries. Other famous leagues such as English, Spanish, Italian, and French League are already a part of the game. New kits, shoes, stadiums, balls, and other footballing items have been added to the store which can be unlocked by using the points you earn through the game.

FTS 17 Mod APK Free Download:

By using the mods developed for this game, you can now get all the items for free for which you have been struggling and playing this game a lot. To get these mod, download the free FTS 17 Mod APK right now from our website and install it on the base game to enjoy them. If you don’t want to go for the mods and want to get the original copy, you can also get it here by getting the free FTS 17 APK from our website.

So, as we promised, we brought you everything about this game in the article. If you are already excited enough to get it, then download the free FTS 17 APK from our website and install the game on your android device to begin the most realistic footballing action. Keep visiting our website for more stuff from the world of smartphones and other tech stuff.

Other Versions:

Here are some of the other versions of first touch soccer:

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