How To Hack Whatsapp Chat History/Conversation

Even though we have done a lot of guides before on our website where you learnt many ways to hack WhatsApp, still, some people search for things by going very specific such as they look for ways to hack WhatsApp chat history and conversations. Although it is nothing different and it can be done with the same guides, still, in this article, I am going to repeat some of the things which are as specific as people search for them. This means that in this article, I will specifically hit the idea of checking out chat history and conversations. The technique we will be discussing will be one of those we have discussed before but in this guide, we will just bring out one thing thing from it. Okay, so without further do, let us now move on to tell you how to hack WhatsApp chat history.

hack whatsapp chat history

Step by Step Guide to Hack WhatsApp Chat History/Converstion:

If you remember one of the previous guides from our website in which we used hacked WhatsApp using PC then you don’t really need this one, however, if we want to be specific about hacking the chat history, you could use this guide as well. Note that you are going to need the Dr. Fone software which is available for iPhone and iPad devices and you can download it for free. Once you have download it, we are good to go with this guides.

  1. Download and install the mentioned on your iPad or iPhone with the help of which we are going to do this.
  2. You are now going to need a USB data cable so you could connect your device with the computer.
  3. Once you have connected it, the app will show the connection.
  4. Now look for one of the tabs of the app saying ‘Start Scan’ which is actually the button pressing which you can start searching for WhatsApp data.
  5. Now this will take sometime and after that, it will download all the record of WhatsApp such as pictures, videos, and chat history on your phone.
  6. But, since this app recovers data only on a PC, that is why we use and when you have to recover chat history, simple recover it to PC.
  7. Then you can read and check the messages on your which you got from this tricks.

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I really hope that this guide helped you with what you have been searching for. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback in the comments section and keep visiting our website for more mobile hacks and guides.

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