How to Flush DNS in Windows 8? A Step By Step Guide

What happens when you are unable to browse the internet from your computer or if you are able to do it but the browsing is very slow? Well, most of the people keep blaming their internet service provider for this issue and no one ever thinks that this could be due to some underlying issue on your computer or with your internet browser. If you never pondered before that it is the time to do so. One of the most common reasons known which causes this issue is the DNS cache which gets stored in your web browser when you browse the internet in the web browser without using incognito mode. So, in this article, I am going to teach you the easiest solution for this. Let move with our guide on how to flush DNS in Windows 8 and fix your slow or no browsing issue.

flush dns in windows 8

A step-by-step guide to Flush DNS in Windows 8:

Note: Here is one thing that you need to know before reading this guide that this is specifically for the users of Windows 8. If you are some other operating system such as Windows 10 or 7, you can check the respective guides Below:

  1. You are going to fix this by running an easy command in the CMD panel of your windows.
  2. To open it, press ctrl and R on your keyboard and open the run menu.
  3. Now type this command ‘IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS’ and press the enter key to start the process.
  4. This will take some time and within a few seconds, it will flush your DNS Cache from the computer.
  5. And, that is it since you have successfully done it.

Also, keep in mind that this can be used to fix some common problems with your website’s C panel as well. If you liked this article then don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website for more tech guides and stuff.

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