How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2018

In Tech : Remove shortcut virus from your computers and other storage devices especially USB and other drivers easily with and without using any kind of software for free in 2018.

 remove shortcut virus from computer and usb

Nowadays the biggest problem for the computers and other devices like this is the virus. A virus attack generally occurs on those computers which are commonly used at public places such as internet cafes, school computers or any other places.
As you know there is not only one kind of virus there are hundreds of thousands of kind of viruses present and too much are discovered every day. One such type of infection is the shortcut virus. Every virus has its work which once installed on any computer completes that work until that is complete removed. For example, about two years ago a virus was discovered which shut downs the computers after every 10 minutes. In the same way, shortcut virus has its work. That is to create the shortcuts of different files present on the computer of the victim. Once the shortcut virus is installed, it cannot be detected and removed by the standard antivirus especially from those antiviruses which are for free because they do not provide too many resources and have the least power to identify and eliminate the viruses. Now at this point, the only question arises it;

How Can I Remove Virus From My Computer & USB Without Antivirus 2018

This method to remove shortcut virus without using antivirus is quite easy and straightforward. In this method, we will just give some commands to our computer using the command prompt because these viruses cannot be deleted on the windows however CMD can remove then quickly.

Step 1. First of all, you need a Command Prompt Window. To open it just go to the start then search for CMD or command prompt, OR simply press the “Windows + R” key together and type CMD in the run box. CMD window will be opened.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2016
How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2018

Step 2. Select the drive where the virus is present. You can select only one drive at one time.

Step 3. Change the directory(Drive) of your command prompt window. For example, when I open my CMD window its default directory was C:/Users/Mirza> to change it to directory D, I type D: and press enter key. My directory was changed to D:/>. You can select any one which the virus infects you thing by just typing Derive Letter and a colon like above example.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2016
Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2018
How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2016
How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer 2018

Step 4. When you have successfully changed your drive just give the following commands, and hit the enter key. 

attrib (Your Drive Letter (My Was D):*.* /d /s -h -r -s
Without Quotes

here attrib is the mode for the command while Your Drive Letter is the letter of your USB or any drive which is infected and :*.* /d /s -h -r -s (Remaining Part) is the function to perform by the command Prompt.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2016
How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB 2018

Step 5. It time to wait until Command Prompt completes it the task, So you have to wait for about 1 minute and CMD will remove all kind of shortcut viruses from your selected drive.

Best Software To Remove The Shortcut Virus From Your Computer 2018

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2016
Software to Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2018

There are many software available on the internet for this purpose, but if you are using a free software then you cannot remove shortcut virus from your computer. The reason behind this is that the free software does not provide much power to detect the viruses and especially this kind of virus because these viruses are same as the shortcut which we create manually. But do not worry the software which I am going to suggest you is the free and best for removing the shortcut viruses, in fact, that is specially designed for this purpose. I think now you are waiting for the name of that super software. That is the USB Fix. Yes, USB Fix is a free and very good software it has many features some of them are described below.

Features OF USB Fix Software:-

1.  It can detect all kind of viruses as well as malware from your computer as well as USB and other storage devices.
2. Can be used to repair the files which are damaged with viruses and malware.
3. When this software deletes any kind of file from your computer it first creates a backup of that file so that you can also recover that file easily if you think that is not a virus.

4. Very good virus database and also wants to be updated regularly. And has too much kind of viruses information.
5. It creates an autorun file on your computer that prevents you from the future infections.
6. Can be used to detect most common type of viruses such as  VBS viruses, worms, Trojans, keyloggers, other malware infections
7. Creates a log file of all scans for your computer.

How To Use The USB Fix For Removing Virus From Your Computer


1. To use this amazing software, first of all, you have to download this in your computer, so download USB Fix from here.

2. Install the software on your computer and restart it for better performance of the USB Fix.
3. Now connect your flash drive (USB) which you think is infected and click on the clean button of the software.4. When you will click the clean button it will start scanning your computer and will take a little time.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2016

Use The USB Fix For Removing Virus From Your Computer

That’s it now you USB has been scanned and this software has removed all kind of viruses from your USB and you are safe now.

So, Friends all of above was  about How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And USB 2018, by following the 2 methods described above you will be able to remove any kind of virus from your USB and from your computer easy and this will work for the shortcut viruses. I can hope that you have successfully removed all the viruses from your USB and are now virus free but if you have any questions then feel free to ask me.

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