How to Sign out of Kik Messenger? A Complete Step By Step Guide

Kik Messenger is one of the most used instant messaging app on the smartphone platform. It has millions of users due to the features it provides which can make your instant messaging time. In this article, we are going to few thing important thing about Kik such as its features and also, the most important, to teach you how to sign out of Kik Messenger. Signing out of Kik is one of the most searched problems about this messenger because of the complexity of this issue. This is not something which is very difficult to do but a little confusion makes it hard for the people to log out of this app. But you don’t need to worry because today I am going to teach you how to sign out of Kik in the easiest way. So let us now begin with our primary objective.

how to sign out of kik messenger

A Step-by-Step guide To Log Out of Kik Messenger:

This guide to teach you sign out of kik is very easy but make sure that you follow each and every step carefully because if not done so, you can be lead to some other options, however, you can always get back. So, without any further do, let us now teach you how to sign out of Kik in an easy way.

  1. Open your Kik Messenger and at the top right corner, you will be able to see the settings option, open and enter the settings.
  2. Once you are in the settings, you will need to open the account settings by clicking ‘My Account’ and enter it.
  3. In these settings at the bottom, you will be able to see an option saying ‘Reset Kik’. Click it and your Kik Messenger will sign you out.

And this was the whole confusion about this method. This reset button is actually the sign out button and when you click it, it logs you out and whenever you want to open your id again, simply enter your credentials and you will sign in again. Let us now move towards telling yout the features of the app.

Kik Messenger Features:

Being one of the most used instant messaging app, Kik has a lot of features and some of them are listed below.

  • Kik Messenger is one of the most used instant messaging app which has millions of users and it provides features like group chatting, personal conversations, several smileys, and a lot of other things which you need from a good instant messaging app.
  • You don’t need to give your phone number to use it but all you need to do is to create a free account by entering your email id and password and you will have your free Kik account.
  • Kik has hundreds of emojis which can be used to express feelings and tell people how you are feeling by expressions instead of using words.

So, in this article, we covered things like teaching you how to sign out of Kik and also told you the features. Now get Kik for yourself and if you have not used it before, then get it now and start using one of the best IM apps ever. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website for more free tech guides and stuff.

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