How To Increase The Data Transfer Rate of A USB

How To Increase The Data Transfer Rate of A USB

How To Increase The Data Transfer Rate of A USB
How To Increase The Data Transfer Rate of A USB

A USB is a very useful full device to transfer data between different devices. USB mainly consists of a small chip which can stores our useful data, and now it has many storage sizes. USB performs it work very well, but sometimes the data transfer speed of our computer and USB is very low this is the biggest problem of USB devices, in fact, it is not the problem of the USB, this issue depends on upon many factors such as.

There may be many factors which can decrease the data transfer rate of your USB and computer. Below are some most common reasons and their solution which you can follow to increase the data transfer rate between your computer and USB drive.

Files Which We Are Going To Transfer

Files Which We Are Going To Transfer
Files Which We Are Going To Transfer

The first thing which depends on the transmission rate of a USB is the files which we want to move. For example, if we want to move a media file then the transfer rate of an average computer it about 10 MB which is enough, but if we are moving many files from our computer to the USB or vice versa then the transfer rate does not increase more than 1 MB. So it is clear that the Files which we are going to transfer depend on upon the speed of a USB device.

If you are not going to move media, then use tetra copy program for your computer. Some significant features of Tera copy have been described below. Download Tera Copy For Your Computer

  • It is specially designed to reduce the transfer time especially for not media contents.
  • You can skip any file which you want by pausing the copy process.
  • When a text error occurs, tetra copy tries much time before showing the error on screen.
  • You can try all failed files to transfer at once.

Performance And Capacity Of Your Devices

This is another important factor which depends on upon the data transfer rate. For example, I have a computer having 2 GB of RAM and 2.8 GHz processor then it can transfer files between USB and hard drive quickly but we have a computer of a less hard disk and less process than the speed of transfer will be low. So it is clear that the performance of device depends on upon the data transfer rate.

If you are using a computer, have which have installed too much app then first remove all unnecessary programs.
Close all background processes of your computer.
Before you start copying your data first “Refresh” your computer, use F5 function key to do this task.

Your Device Policies

Well, this is another factor which can affect the speed of the data transfer. Policies of your computer and USB has a big effect on the transmission rate.

  • Insert your USB in the USB port and then right click on the USB drive and select the “Properties” from the menu.
  • Select the “Hardware” tab in the properties.
  • Select your USB and click the “Properties” of selected drive.
  • Then click the “Change Settings” button at the bottom.
  • In the next window select the “Better Performance” option there and click on OK button.
  • By doing so, your pen drive transfer rate will be multiplied.

After you have set “Better Performance” option on then you must have to unplug your USB by right clicking on your drive and then select the “Eject” option after that pull your USB off. Otherwise you can lose your important data.

Use USB 3.0

Use USB 3.0
Use USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
The version of your USB has a great impact on the data transfer speed between computer and USB. If you are using an old version USB such as USB 2.0 then you should bought a new USB from the market, while you are buying new USB make sure it is 3.0 or any other latest version because 3.0 has more data transfer rate then 2.0.

Fresh Computer

Fresh computer means that your computer is fully clean it do not have any fake or unwanted files which can affect the performance of your computer. You can read our this article 5 Best Methods To Speed Up Windows PC/Laptop In 2016.

Protect Your USB And Other Devices From Unwanted Viruses

Viruses can highly affect the speed and performance of your computer as well as USB and any other device which you connect with any device affected with virus. Nowadays many viruses are invented to slow down your computer’s performance, to protect your computer and all other devices you must use a good antivirus program for your computer. Read our this article Top & Best Antivirus Programs Of 2016 For Windows Computer to find the best antivirus program for your computer.

Final Words

Sometimes, we are in hurry and want to quickly transfer our data in USB card. But we know that it takes a lot of time and this is so irritating for us. But after using the above method, you can increase your transfer rate instantly. This technique is simple and effective. You can try this easily and transfer your data fast. We clear each and everything about it now its up to you that when and how you use it. We hope you’ll definitely like it and appreciate us after applying it. This technique works for every usb or computer.

People use this method and increase their transfer rate. Many people looking for this method, so we have to post it here for you. This method works perfectly for everyone. Just you have to follow the above steps and your job will done. After that, you can transfer your 2GB data in few minutes. I am sure you’ll love this method after trying it your self. We know that’s a technical a little bit but once you done it, you’ll go through with this process and after this method will be easy for you.

So, this was our guide about how you can increase your transfer rate instantly using one and simple technique. We hope you’ll like it and appreciate us by sharing your review. Just follow above method and also share it with your friends and family and let them help to save their time. If you have any questions in your mind, you can ask form us by commenting here. We will try to clear your every problem as soon as possible. So, good luck and save your time and energy when you are in hurry. Don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.

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