How To Play PS3 Games on PS4?

PlayStation is one of the best gaming platform and competes the leading console manufactures like Xbox, Atari, and Nintendo etc. after launching the PS4 in 2013, the PS4 console has the backward compatibility issues i.e. PS4 users can’t enjoy the sensation of PS3 games. Unlikely there arch rivals Microsoft Xbox, the new versions of Xbox is always backward compatible gives them edge over PlayStation consoles. The main reason behind this problem is different type of system designs of PS3 and PS4.

To encounter this problem, PlayStation Company launched PS4 pro but problem remained unsolved and PS4 users suffers draw back till now. Because we are providing two different methods which will allow you to enjoy the play station 3 games on play station 4 console.

play ps3 games on ps4

Use PlayStation Now To Play PS 3 Games On PS4:

The First solution is PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now is not the ultimate solution but it will allows the PS4 user to enjoy many games of PS3. So what is PlayStation Now? It is an online game streaming network through users Wi-Fi connection. The most important thing for PlayStation Now is the fast internet connection. Through this method user don’t have to wait for installation or update of PS3 titles because titles are already stored on online cloud. After launching in CES 2014, PlayStation Now Service is available in both rental price options and Subscription tiers option.

The Details of packages are listed below.

  • Download the PlayStation Now App from the store
  • In order to buy one month member ship the user have to pay $19.99, the benefit of this package is progress of the games is saved on online cloud and gamer will continue from where he left from last time.
  • The Rental Price range starts from $1.99 to $19.99 and the duration of rental period last for 4 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

Second Method to play Playstation 3 Games on Playstation 4:

The second way is to upgrade your PS3 games to PS4 digitally and it will only cost $9.99. User just have to follow the following steps listed below and enjoy the best experience of PS3 classic games on PS4 console.

  • Log into PlayStation tab on PS3 system Menu
  • Go for the Account Information then go for the Redeem Codes
  • Enter the code contained your boxed game copy
  • Continue through menus and confirm it
  • If user already owns the game then transferring it over PS4 is not a big deal
  • In store, go to the game and the $9.99 price tag will appear automatically
  • Switch to PS4 and log into PlayStation Store
  • Scroll down to PS3 to PS4, Select the game and add to the cart
  • Make sure that price differential is correct
  • Select the purchase and transfer will be completed

This method only works when user bought the game on PlayStation store for $9.99 now user just have to insert the PS3 game disc into PS4 and enjoy the fantastic game. The problem with this method is, the upgrades are for limited time intervals and code must be redeemed before its expiration date.  For more useful information and technique keep visiting our website.

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