telenor 4g packages

Telenor 4G Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Bundles

We all know that internet is most amazing technology till yet and that’s true but there are many categories of internet speed. And the most amazing speed category is 4G network till yet because it provides you ultra high speed which you never thought before. Telenor also providing you this services and here we’ll discuss about Telenor 4G Packages.

Telenor telecom proving you amazing 4G packages in cheap prices and they are also proving you many other deals with these packages. If you are their user then you know better about them and if you are not, then you’ll definitely know after reading this post. So let’s start with the basic.

telenor 4g packages

Telenor 4G Packages

Telenor 4G Packages are interesting because in their packages, you can get many extra offers with ultra high speed of internet. The speed matters a lot for browsing the internet. If the speed is not so high then we’ll be irritate because we have to wait a lot to complete our internet tasks. In old days, when the speed was not so high then things was totally changed. People have to wait for hours to do same tasks which we can do now in 1 minute.

Yes, that’s true the internet is totally changed in today’s era. 4G is the most advanced technology till yet but tech scientists inventing something more than that so to use this, we have to wait for some years. Yet, you can use 4G. The speed will amaze you and take you to the next level of technology.

With the help of 4G, you can download large files in minutes and you can do video call without any lag issue. We know that this thing is so irritating that we have to face lagging issue while calling our loved ones. So, using 4G you have to forget this thing because 4G realize you that you are talking in real with each other. There are a lot of benefits of this network which I may not explain here because of unlimited benefits. But in short, I just want to tell you that this speed is just amazing and the best invention for the internet.

Pakistan’s telecom companies offering you 4G network and if you want to use them, you have to convert your any network sim to 4G sim. Only then you can surf 4G speed because this thing is more than our thoughts so we have to do this little effort.

Telenor 4G Daily Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
3G/4G Daily Unlimited internet Package16 Rs350MBsOne day (From 1 AM to 7 PM)Dial *10#Automatically expires at 7 PM on the same day
3G/4G Daily Bundle15 Rs75MBs24 HoursDial *345*131#Automatically expires at 7 PM on the same day
3G/4G Daily Lite Bundle12 Rs50MBs24 HoursDial *12#Automatically expires at 7 PM on the same day
Telenor Good Time Offer5.5 Rs200MBs for Facebook10,000 On-Net minutesValid for next two hours (except 6 PM to 9 PM)Dial *345*20#Expires after two hours
Telenor Social Pack6 Rs100MBs (valid for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter)24 HoursDial *5*325#Expires automatically at the same day midnight
Telenor Social Pack0 Rs100MBs24 HoursDial *5*325#Expires automatically at the same day midnight
Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package12 Rs1500MBs24 HoursDial *150#Expires automatically at the same day midnight

Daily  bundles are just to chat on social media like facebook and whatsapp. Means you cannot use more things than that because if you use, the package will end quickly.

Telenor 4G Weekly Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
3G/4G Weekly Unlimited internet package85 Rs2500MBs7 Days (Valid from 1 AM to 7 PM daily)Dial *345*144#Expires automatically after 7 days
Weekly Plus Package100 Rs1200MBs7 DaysDial *345*164#Expires automatically after 7 days
3G/4G Weekly Package75 Rs750MBs7 DaysDial *345*134#Expires automatically after 7 days

Weekly telenor 4g packages can be use for normal internet usage. If you want to use internet just to use facebook or whatsapp or do some other little tasks then you can use these packages.

Telenor 4G Monthly Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation Code
3G/4G Monthly Starter Bundle300 Rs2,250MBs30 DaysDial *345*935#
Monthly Data Offer150 Rs2GB1GB Pocket TV30 DaysDial *345*835#
3G/4G Monthly Plus Package750 Rs10,000MBs30 DaysDial *345*136#
3G/4G Monthly Package478 Rs4GB 30 DaysDial *345*135#

These bundles are most popular. If you want to use huge internet, you can go for these bundles. These packages will definitely give you your dream usage of internet.

Final Words

According to my experience, 4G is amazing thing and if you are not using it believe me you are far away from many surprising things. Everyone is addicted to this ultra speed and they don’t enjoy internet without such speed. So, this was the review and packages of telenor 4G services hope you like it. You can share this post with your friends and family to help them in using 4g services. If you have any questions, related to this topic, you can ask freely in the comment section. Our team will try to answer you’re all questions as soon as possible.

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