What is Blogger and Why Blogger is Best For Beginners

What is Blogger and Why Blogger is Best For Beginners
What is Blogger and Why Blogger is Best For Beginners

What is Blogger and Why Blogger is Best For Beginners

Having your own blog is a very great thing. Is it not? Yes, of course, it is. But here is a question. How to create your own blog for free? Google has the answer and this is Blogger (Blogger.com).

Blogger is a very popular blog-publishing website owned by the Google (Google.com). So, you can say that Blogger is a blog publishing service provided by the Google and you can create blogs, publish articles on any topic and many more cool features are present in Blogger. It is one of the most attractive platforms, especially for the newbie Bloggers. I have seen many Blogger who have achieved success through Blogger and now they are earning hundreds and thousands of Dollars ($) daily.

What is Hosting and Where is Blogger Hosted?

If you are totally new to the world of blogging then you must think what is hosting? (There was a time when I also think the same question) Hosting is just like your computer’s Hard Disk where you can store and access you data. On the internet when you publish something not only you, in fact, everyone can access that. Now the point to ponder is where that stored? The place where is that data stored is called the hosting of your site. For example, Blogger is hosted on Google’s servers. Whenever you will publish any article upload any video via Blogger that is stored on Google’s servers and is accessible for the world.

In early stages of Blogger services it was hosted on various servers. But when the Google bought it from the Pyra Labs, they hosted the Blogger on the Google’s own servers that’s why it is considered one of the most secured platform of the world as it is Google’s property and it is impossible to hack the Google.

History and Development of Blogger

  • Creation of Blogger: – Blogger was created by the Pyra Labs on August 23, 1999.
  • Purchasing of Blogger by Google: – In February 2003, Google took interest in Blogger.com and bought it from the Pyra Labs.
  • New Features in Blogger: – On May 2004 Blogger added some new features in it like web standards-compliant templates, posting through email while on August 2006 Google launched the new feature for Blogger which include Blogger beta this migrated many users to the Google’s own servers not only this Blogger was also supporting many new languages such as German, Italian and Spanish etc.
  • Ranking of Blogger: – After taking many actions on design, layout, hosting and on many other things Blogger was ranked on the 16 number in 2007. This was a big achievement of both Google and Blogger.

Features of Blogger

There are many useful features present in Blogger but here I will describe some important to keep the length of article normal.

Free to Use

Blogger is totally free to use. Users just need to have a Gmail ID to use it. Your blogs are hosted with a sub domain of blogspot.com which can be removed by using the custom domains.

No Need to Know Coding

Blogger is so easy to use that you do not have any need of coding, in fact, you can edit, share and publish your blog posts easily and while working with main menus you need a little knowledge of HTML that I will teach you. In the new templates creating menus is also a very easy process which requires no knowledge of web programming (HTML).

Integration with other Google services

You may probably know that all the services provided by the Google are highly integrated with each other in the same manner Blogger is also integrated with Google services like Webmaster Tools, AdWord and AdSense etc. you just need to press the buttons to confirm integration and you are done. That makes the users easy to integrate with all the services of Google. Especially the AdSense is the most used service for the blogger either they are on the Blogger or on any other network then can use AdSense but those blogs that are on blogger have more benefits of AdSense then another. Moreover, you do not need to have separate login details for your Blogger account, in fact, you need to login to Gmail and you are automatically logged in to Blogger.

Easy to edit the appearance, color, and layout

You can easy customize the color of your blog templates in your favorite color either by using the Template editor or changing the HTML and CSS. Besides this, there are many templates available on the internet to download and are also very easy to install on your blog in just a single minute.

Easy to create SEO friendly posts

Yes, you can also create SEO friendly posts very easily on your Blogger blogs. Blogger has many features of posts, one of the best is post description which increases the rank of your blog posts in search. Besides this, you can also add your country, labels and many other things to your blog post directly through the editor.

Blogger Widgets

Blogger has also provided the facility to add different widgets to the blogs. Users can set the e-mail subscription form on their blogs, contact forms so that visitors can directly contact the admin, popular posts widgets this shows a list of all popular widgets of any blog where it is added, HTML coding widget which allows the users to add their own specific widgets such as Facebook like button etc. There are many widgets available for Blogger blogs.

Blogger Stats

This is also a great feature of the Blogger. It keeps an eye on every page view of your blog whenever any page of your site is opened it is immediately noted and is showed on the stats tab of your blog’s dashboard which shows the country where the pages were open, which pages (Posts) was opened and the keywords by which your site was opened.

Country Specifications

Blogger assigns separate URLs of a single site to different countries, for example when your blog blogtitle.blogspot.com was opened in the United States its URL is like this blogtitle.blogspot.com.us which means it is opened in the USA. The reason for doing so is if your blog contains some contents that violate the laws of any particular countries they are locally blocked and are also removed from that particular country.

Backup Data of your blog

If you want to delete or transfer your blog from one blog to another then you can also do this by downloading the backup of your blog’s data and that backup is created by the Google.

Feature of Admin and Author

Blogger also provides the feature of admin and author if you are the admin of a blog and want to hire some authors then you can also add them as an author to your blog while if you want to make more than one admin you can also do this easily.

Posting through Mobile Devices

Yes, you can also post your article through your smartphones as well as through your traditional phones. Blogger has added the feature to post through mobile devices and email. This make easier to work with a blog.

Final Words

As you can see why blogger is best for newbies. This platform is free for everyone and provides many amazing features to users. Its a best way to start blogging by creating a Google blog for free. It is not a wise decision to start blogging career with paid methods. The reason is your money are at risk and the other one is you’ll learn more things by free techniques instead of paid methods. So,i suggest you to if you’re a newbie and want to start your blogging carer then you’ll take start with blogger. Only then you could do practice easily and comfortable because you’ll know that you don’t invest anything and you have nothing to loose if you’ll fail.

Many people take start with paid domain and hosting and when they can’t get success, they loose their money. It hurts more. Therefore it is necessary for you to use blogger because this platform teach you how really things work. I am sure you’ll learn more things in this platform then any other and you’ll realize that why blogger is best for beginners. Basically blogger has many technical things then any other CMS means you have to customize everything with your mind which you can’t do any other else. So, if you take start by technical things, nothing can beat your success.

So, this was our guide about blogger and we hope that you’ll love it and will definitely take necessary steps by implementing these steps. You can share this post with your loved ones who wants to start blogging. In this way you can help them to save their money. You can ask any question related to this topic in the comments. We’ll try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Good luck and enjoy.

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