Add All Friends To A Facebook Group At Once in 2019

In Tech : How to add your all friends on Facebook Groups at once is a very commonly used question for the Facebook uses because there is not method to add all friends at once if you want to add your all friends at once than you are on the right path follow the full article.

Add All Friends To A Facebook Group At Once


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Facebook Group is very popular now a day on the social site Facebook because it helps us to connect with our friends, teammates, and others. It is very standard for increasing the traffic of the websites and blogs if you are a blogger like me or a site honor then this will be very useful for you. Have you ever created a Facebook group if yes then it will be very difficult for you to keep it up because adding friends to the group is not a natural process it is very time-consuming and annoying if someone has 100 friends then it can take about one hour in order to add all the friends on the Facebook group.

But do not worry today I am going to show you a method to add you all friends on your Facebook groups at once using a simple and save the script. Do not worry about the script because I have tested this for many times and is working for me.

Add Friends To FB Groups At Once Using Scripts:

The method we are going to use is very simple and 100% working and fully secure if you are interested in this then you have to follow all the article:-

Important NOTE:-

Add All Friends To A Facebook Group At Once in 2016

When You will be at the console tab you will notice that there is written do no paste any coding here do not worry about that the code which I am providing is 100% secure.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Select the Groups where you want to add your friends either the group is your or not it does not matter.
  • Now press the “F12” Button to open “Developers Option Window.”
    Add All Friends To A Facebook Group At Once in 2016
  • Select Console tab.
    Add All Friends To A Facebook Group At Once in 2016
  • Copy the scripts from here to add your friends to Facebook Group at once.
  • Pate the scripts in the Console tab and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    Add All Friends To A Facebook Group At Once in 2016
  • That’s it now you all friends will be added to your Select Facebook groups at once.
  • To get more and more friends on your Facebook Group copy the URL of this post and share it through chat with your friends on Facebook, by this your friends will add their friends to your groups.We take much care for the users experience and best quality articles, so this is your duty to respect our article and share with your friends.

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So friends all of this was about how to add all friends to a Facebook group at once in 2019. By using the method described here you can add your friends in just one minute even if you have hundreds of Facebook friends. You can do this with all of you Facebook groups and even with other groups. I hope that you have enjoyed the article and if you have any problem then feel free to ask I am 24 hours ready to help you just drop me a comment.

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