Top 10 Best Android Apps 2019

Looking for some of the best apps in 2010? Don’t worry because here we are today with a list of top 10 best android apps 2019. The list contains some of the top apps which you will need in the coming year so let’s get going now.

Best Android Apps



One cannot deny that what they need most is their social media engagement. Now, of course, there is nothing better than Facebook when it comes to social media app. On Facebook, you share your views on status, pictures, videos, and in fact, everything with your friends.

For years this has been a top pick and we aren’t seeing any chances of this coming down. So make sure that this app is still installed on your phone because without the best social media app on your phone, I don’t think you will be doing fine.


WhatsApp is a free instant messaging app which has been dominating the category for years now. There is another instant messaging app as well but what’s keep dominating them is this one. You activate it via your phone number and then do everything such as texts, calls, video calls, and status to connect with people you love.

Just like Facebook, there will be any major decline in the use of the app. This is because people want to stay connected to their loved ones and what’s better than an app like this. It is still free, keeps updating frequently, and definitely one of the best.


Retrica is a free image capturing app developed for the Android and other smartphone platforms. This has been one of the most successful apps in the category. What makes it good are those amazing filters and effects which you can add to your pictures.

Retrica is free, full of filters and effects, and other camera features such as a timer, flashlight, and lots of others. There is not an app like Retrica which captures your selfies that good. We are sure that unless there is a better app coming in 2019, make sure you have Retrica on your phone.

Facebook Messenger:

People aren’t going to stop using Facebook and so do its Messenger. There has been a significant increase in the number of users who have been using messenger. Now, since it has been made a compulsion because there is not another chatting option on Facebook, the messenger is a must.

They have added stories options to it, you can make chat groups, make calls and video calls, and even video chat. With so much stuff like this on the line, I don’t think that there are chances for this app’s trend to be coming down any soon.

Google Drive:

You never know when your SD or internal memory gets corrupted and you lose all of your data. In order to save yourself from that, you should know about cloud drives where you can save your data as a backup and it will remain safe there for years. Google Drive is the best example of it.

Google Drive from Google is a free cloud drive app on which you can store data up to a limit of 15 GB. You can go premium for more data and most of the times, this is enough. Get the app and make sure that your data is backed up good.


Are you planning to stop watching movies and television series in 2019? No, then why you haven’t already installed Netflix on your android? There is not another app we can compare with Netflix when it comes to watching movies and television online.

Being grossing too much lately, there is everything on Netflix for you. All you need to make sure is that you have subscribed to the yearly membership. You can use it on your computer or your phone, that’s up to you. Install it and have some great home cinema time.

Nord VPN:

Of one of the best VPN apps we have seen lately, Nord VPN is the one you can count on. Most of them are hard to set up, they give you connecting errors, and a lot more. In case of Nord VPN, this not the case.

Without any errors and VPN issues on the way, this gives you a smooth connectivity to the hundreds of VPNs all over the world. It makes your browsing safe and better. If you still don’t get this app, I would really wonder why?

PicsArt Photo Studio:

When it comes to photo editing, I wouldn’t bet on any other app than PicsArt Photo Studio. Whether it be for this year or 2019, this amazing app will keep dominating the category. There is so much which users can get from the app.

PicsArt Photo Studio comes with tons of image editing tools and features. Now make your pictures much more beautiful than they ever looked. The app is free, has tons of filters, effects, and other image editing tools. This will be your best pick for image editing on the Android in 2019.


When it comes to streaming online audio music, we have not seen a better app than SoundCloud for past few years. We are not seeing any chances whether there is an app which is about to beat this one. This is by far the best music streaming app you can get on your Android.

All the apps in the category provide these music listening features. What’s greater about SoundCloud is that it lets you upload your own music, get followers, and if you have some talent, you can make it up to the top with this one. Get it now if you haven’t already.

Google Books:

We shouldn’t miss out on fans who love reading. Now an app which you can definitely use for buying and downloading new books on your Android and read them is Google Books. It has been grossing among the reading circles for some time and now, here is the new reading trend.

Google Books comes with tons of books. Most of them are not free but you can get some. The free category also features a lot of books you can read and the ones you need to buy and you love them, there is nothing which is stopping you.

So this was our list of top 10 best android apps 2019. If you agree or disagree with our picks, feel free to use the comment section for letting us know.

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    Dellyjelly says:

    All of your mentioned ones are very familiar to me, but I’m sure many people still don’t realise how important it is to use a VPN. I’m a Nord user myself and I can confirm that it’s a superb app to keep your online data safe.


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