Top & Best Antivirus For Windows 2019

Top & Best Antivirus Programs of 2019 For Windows Computer

Top & Best Antivirus Programs of 2016 For Windows Computer
Top & Best Antivirus Programs of 2016 For Windows Computer

Have you installed an antivirus software on your computer? Is it working according to your hopes? Do you know the key features of your antivirus? Can it secure your computer from harmful viruses? Does it provides the internet security? If the answer of all above questions YES then your computer is fully protected from all types of viruses but if the answer is NO or you do not know the answer then your computer might be at risk.

I want to ask a question from you. Do You Know What Is Virus And Antivirus?

Most of us know the answer but probably are not aware of the primary purpose of the creation of virus DO YOU KNOW? There are many purposes of creation of computer viruses, but the most common are to steal the details from someone computer because it will be the very simple & easy method to access someone’s computer. On the other hand, the antivirus is the biggest enemy of the virus because it finds the virus and removes from any infected computer where it is installed.
Installing an antivirus on your computer does not protect your computer. And your data from harmful malicious files and viruses, until you have not some information about your antiviruses because there are hundreds of antiviruses programs available on the Google and all of them are not excellent to protect your computer. As every antivirus has its features and own virus database, before you install any antivirus on your computer you must have to see some key features of that antivirus. One feature that you must see is that IS YOUR ANTIVIRUS HAS An excellent DATABASE AND CAN IT PROVIDES SECURITY IN REAL TIME? These factors are critical for protecting your valuable data from computer viruses which can not only slow down and irritate you and your computer, in fact, they can also harm your computer and stole your personal information including your social accounts details and everything of this kind. So be careful before you install an antivirus software on your computer.

Top & Best Antivirus Programs of 2016 For Windows Computer

Here in this article I am going to tell you about some best antivirus programs of the world which can be very useful to protect your computer, personal files, social account and everything which lies on your computer with the KEY FEATURES OF THAT SOFTWARE so that you decide it easily which is the best antivirus for your computer.

#1 Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is one of the top leading antivirus corporation of the world although it is not as popular as other antiviruses and security programs it is very powerful tool for protecting your computer and internet from any virus and secure you from the malicious unwanted files.

Features of Kaspersky Total Security

  • Protects your computer against the viruses
  • Keeps your privacy while you are using the GOOGLE
  • Have a huge database of computer viruses
  • Available for both Windows and Android OS
  • Can perform a deep scan of your computer and can find smallest viral file easily and quickly
  • Scan’s your computer without slowing the performance of your computer
  • Also a good password manager for managing your passwords of different site
  • Gives parental control to save children from unwanted websites

#2 McAfee Live Safe

Have you ever seen McAfee on the internet while downloading any software you must have seen because it is one of the best and most top antivirus software for computer & internet it can not only protect your computer from harmful viruses, in fact, it can also protect your browsing. It has also won awards for its best services. Also is both available for Windows and Android.

Features of McAfee Live Safe

  • Best security provider for browsing the internet because it blocks the dangerous sites & Downloads
  • Easy to use and can protect your computer against viruses.
  • Best for managing the usernames and password for different sites
  • Can scan your downloading files before you download them to your computer.

#3 Bullguard Internet Security

Bullguard Internet Security is another essential antivirus software to protect your computers against viruses and other threads of this kind, it is the top leading antivirus software and has been tested independently in different labs. It is available for both free and paid version you can use the free version on your computer it will scan for all kind of threads not only on computer, in fact, it also protects your internet browsing likes other antiviruses.

Features of Bullguard Internet Security

  • Has won many awards at international level
  • Provides multiple protection layers against all types of threats & viruses.
  • Available both in free and paid version
  • Has a simple and eye-catching layout with a beautiful design
  • Prevents unwanted tools from being added to your search bar or browser
  • Provides a good parents control
  • The best feature is it gives 5GBs of free space to its every user to save important files and other documents as backup users can also easily share their data using this software

#4 G-Data Internet Security

The name of this software is the abbreviation of GOOD DATA. It is very best for viruses, especially for KEYLOGGERS and TROJANS. It has recently completed its full internet security features and has become very popular over the world in a very short time for protecting your data from any viruses.

Features of G-Data Internet Security

  • An excellent software for protecting your computer against viruses especially KEYLOGGERS and TROJANS.
  • Provides an extra layer of security by scanning the new coming emails for infected files.
  • Scans SSL connections that make this software unique
  • Gives Exploit Protection to your computer from installed programs because there may be some security holes in your installed programs
  • Uses Bank Guard to protect your online transactions from unwanted people
  • Do not reduces the efficiency of your computer while running

#5 Symantec Norton 360

Have you every listed about this antivirus software, if you are fond of tech then I can say that you must have listed about this software because it is one of the tops and best antivirus software of the world with full protections against all kind of threats and viruses. It is not only available for the Windows, in fact, but it is also available for all Operating systems of the world either they are ANDROID, iOS, MAC or any other OS it can be found on every device, and the best thing is that you can secure your all devices by subscribing just one. So what do your think it is not amazing?

Features of Symantec Norton 360

  • Available for all Operating Systems
  • You can use it on all your devices by subscribing just one
  • Provides best and the fastest security than any other software
  • Gives 25GBs of space on Cloud server to protect your personal data if against viruses
  • Right tools to monitor the children on the internet
  • If you use this on your Android, then it can protect your devices from malicious apps before they get download completely on your device
  • Best and most top security of online transactions
  • 100% money-back-guarantee.

Final Words

Antivirus is best and important for your computer security. We all know that we use internet on daily basis on PC and in the other hand we access a lot of different websites. We also access those sites which we don’t know much about. Therefore we need to keep our PC secure by getting hack from hackers. In such situation, an antivirus can secure our computer and can help us. These tools analyse a site’s data carefully and can tell that is this site trusted or not and tell us. Besides it, these tools also saves our computer files from hackers by stopping bots from accessing in to our PC.

Above are the best antiviruses of 2019 which you can use easily. They are paid but you can access their free features lifetime and these features will be enough for your PC security. If you can pay, you can buy their premium features and can make your security more strong. Many people are using above tools and they are satisfied with their performance. You’ll also satisfied from their progress after using them in your personal or office PC. Many people confused which tool they have to use. Now i hope everything is clear to you and you can make better decision of your self.

This was our guide about best antivirus for windows PC. We hope you’ll love this guide and take necessary steps as soon as possible. Share this post with your friends and family and lets them also help to secure their important data easily from hackers. If you have any confusion, you can ask in the comment section we’ll try to answer you as soon as possible. So, good luck and don’t forget to share your reviews about this guide which have wrote for you. I am sure these tools will definitely blow your mind and you’ll love it.

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