List of Do Follow Comment Luv Enabled Blogs 2019

List of Do Follow Comment Luv Enabled Blogs 2019

List of Do Follow Comment Luv Enabled Blogs 2017
List of Do Follow Comment Luv Enabled Blogs 2019


Backlinks are very important for perfectly optimizing of your sites.
At the present time, there are many ways to get backlinks for example; you can choose some very popular ways of getting backlinks like;

  • Guest Posting
  • Giving Testimonials
  • Writing News
  • By writing roundups
  • Blogger’s Reviews
  • Commenting on Do Follow enabled blogs
  • Creating Amazing articles and much more

But the easiest way of getting backlinks is to comment on do follow enabled blogs.
You will be aware of the power of backlinks.
If you are not aware of the power of backlinks then I highly recommend you to watch below video created by Matt Cutts from Google Webmasters (YouTube Channel)


So, we were discussing the easiest way of building backlinks and that way was commenting on comment Luv enabled blogs.

What is a CommentLuv Enabled Blog?

CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin designed and developed by Andy Bailey and his team. This plugin is created to reward the blog readers for their comments by linking to their pages or sites under their comments.
This plugin is very good for getting more and more comments. The best thing about CommentLuv plugin is that comes in two version i.e. free and premium. In the free version, you can give do follow backlinks to your readers but in the premium version, you have many other features too. If you are interested in reading about CommentLuv then you can read it at the official site of CommentLuv.
Oh, we were talking about CommentLuv enabled blogs so all those blogs which use CommentLuv plugin are called CommentLuv Enabled blogs.

What are DA and PA?

DA stands for Domain Authority. DA is used for comparing one site with any other in order to find its visibility on search result page.
DA is also called a score that ranges to 100, the score varies when the performance of any website is increased. For example, at the present time (29-10-2016) the Domain authority of I Tech GYD is 11 it displays how well this site and its contents will rank on search result page.
Domain Authority is developed by Moz.
PA stands for Page Authority unlike DA PA also represents the authority but it does not state the authority of the whole site, instead, it represents the authority of individual pages.
If you want to read more about PA and DA then you should read What is Domain Authority? by Moz

How to Find the PA and DA of any site 2019?

Finding PA and DA of any site is quite simple and easy process and you don’t need to buy any premium account from Moz, instead, everybody can freely check the PA and DA of any site at any time.

  • Select the site whose DA and PA you want to find out.
  • Visit Site Explorer by Moz and type the address whose DA and PA you want to find out like below image and click on Search button.
    How to Find the PA and DA of any site?
    How to Find the PA and DA of any site?
  • After clicking the Search button if Moz has crawled the site then you will see results like below image where Moz Site Explorer displays the DA and PA of the site you entered earlier.

Now I have introduced you much about Domain Authority and Page Authority and have also stated what is these terms are and how to find the DA and PA of any site.
So, let’s jump to the main reason of this article I mean List of Do follow commenting sites for getting backlinks.

List of Do Follow Comment Luv Enabled Blogs 2019


#SiteNameDAPAMoz Rank

This was a great list of high DA and PA CommentLuv Enabled blogs for getting backlinks just by commenting on them.

How To Get your Comments Approved?

Finding some high-quality blog enabled CommentLuv does not over you have also to get your comment approve if you really want to get a Do Follow backlink to your site.
If you just write words like;
Very good and informative article it really helped me and I create my blog (or anything the page was about)
you will never get your comment approve or at least there are 80 percent chances that the admin will disapprove your comment or will not allow a do-follow backlink.
So the method of getting your comment approve is very simple and easy.
Just read full article or some points the author has described and asked them some question related to that paragraph or just provide some information which author has missed or explain the things in your own way or just show your views about the thing author describing in this way you can get your Comment approved easily on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

Getting backlinks by commenting on Do-follow comment Luv enabled blogs are very easy but the problem which someone can face are finding high quality CommentLuv enabled blogs which I have listed in this post so don’t worry about that. One other problem which anyone can face is to get his comment approve so I have also state how to get your comment approved on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

If I have missed any blogs or you want me to add your blog in this list then I will be very happy just comment below with your DA and PA and your blog’s URL.

Final Words

If you are SEO, then it is must for you to create backlinks of your every site. Because without them, it’ll be hard for you to rank a site. There is a high competition in online field especially in seo field so only backlinks can save you. But it doesn’t mean that you create thousands of spam links because that won’t work now. Google is smart and can analyse about every site. Therefore you’ll create high authority backlinks. They are tough to create but they can boost your ranking without any doubt. These high quality backlinks can boost your ranking in Google easily. Numbers doesn’t matter just quality matters. Forget about the number of links if you are making quality links. Because if you create less links but authority links, they’ll be enough for you.

The above list helps you to create quality links. These sites are spam free and you can get links without any spamming confusion. I suggest you to don’t post a spam comment on these sites. Read there whole post and give a proper answer and place your link. I am sure that you’ll get a backlink easily. Follow the list because this list is huge. You duty is just to create links on these sites. These sites will provide you authority and you can get instant boost on your rankings. I am sure you’ll shock after seeing the results.

So this was our list about do follow comment luv links and i am sure you’ll love and will definitely try them out. I assure you that if you don’t do spamming there, these sites will definitely give you link which will effective. If you like it, share it with your friends and help them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. Good luck and create links on these sites which will take your site to the next level and will boost your authority as well. Don’t forget to share your feedback.

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  1. Aimal
    Aimal says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for providing the list. Most websites are comment luv enabled though, some of the weblogs doesn’t have comment section even, please update the list.

    Thank You 🙂

  2. Adam Lee
    Adam Lee says:

    This helped me so much thank you! I have been struggling to get my page rank up for awhile and this should help out a lot.

  3. sana
    sana says:

    it’s nice list of the dofollow blog commenting sites, i always to do relevant comment, if we will do commenting according google guide line then it can be helpful for us

  4. Simran
    Simran says:

    Thanks for Nice list of Blog commenting sites…..
    I think, it’s time to get the backlink from niche relevant, it will be beneficial for site. do work only to get the traffic and quality backlink for your sites. all above sites are good.. but some are not working. please remove them from list…

  5. Professor .Shaka
    Professor .Shaka says:

    Thanks for providing the list. Most websites are comment luv enabled though, some of the weblogs doesn’t have comment section even, please update the list.

  6. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Thanks for sharing blog commenting sites, I am marketing blogger and know how to do blog commenting on quality blog.
    I always submit the comment on niche relevant blog Post and try to get link back from them.
    i submitted the comment on some of above sites and got the approval in 2 to 3 days. Please Update the list of blog commenting sites.

  7. Milly
    Milly says:

    Thanks for sharing the list of blog commenting sites..

    I think, some bloggers stop to accept the blog comment on your blog after some time due to spamming.

    I Submit the comment only those blogs that are realted to my domain.

    blog commenting is being recommended by the bloggers as it is good source of the natural Back link..


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