Top 10 Best Android Emulators 2019

Emulators are a necessity for any app developer. After they have developed an app, every developer wants to check if their app will run smoothly on a device. Gamers also use emulators to enjoy the experience of playing their game on a portable device. Today, we will be covering a list of Top 10 Best Android Emulators 2019.

Best Android Emulators


Android has a successful history of coming up with good emulators. While most of these emulators are made the same way, there are just one or two things that set each of them apart.

  1. AmiduOS

AmiduOS is a relatively newer Android emulator which comes in Lollypop, costing $15, and Jellybean, costing $10, theme. AmiduOS is not exactly aimed for gaming purposes. Its functionality is quite wide because of which the emulator can be used for work or office. However, gamers and software developers can still use it to test their applications. This emulator is not the best choice for advanced level testing, though.

Seeming like a little costly, it is quite fortunate that you only have to pay these charges once.

  1. Android Studio’s Emulator

Android Studio is one of the best development IDE out there. It comes with default tools to help engineers in making application software fit for Android. On top of that, there is a built-in emulator which the makers can use to test their applications or games. Although setting it up maybe one daunting task, it is easier to use once it is working.

The best thing about this developer cum emulator is that it comes free. That makes it an ideal choice for developers to make and test their apps and games absolutely free of charge.

  1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is most probably the most widely used emulator for Android. What makes this emulator so mainstream is that it can easily be installed on Windows with a simple one click. It supports any other APK or Android apps on it. Bluestacks is quite famous with mobile gamers as this emulator gives the opportunity of playing multiple games at the same time. Along with having the ability to launch various instances at the same time, it also comes with settings and key mapping for games. It might fall a little short on productivity but is quite high on the convenience chart.

In most regions, it comes free of charge while in other areas, there is a minimal fee of $2 per month.

  1. Andy

For anyone who might not find Bluestacks to be the right choice, Andy is the perfect alternative. Andy is helpful for developers and players both alike. It provides ease of making productivity apps and games and then testing them for any issues. Quite keenly focused on productivity, Andy is the right choice for professional software develops. Andy helps the users connect their phones and desktops and create an environment perfect for gaming.

Additionally, Andy is compatible not only with Android but also Mac and Windows which makes it available for a lot of users. It is free of charge and is quite convenient too.

  1. Genymotion

Genymotion is any developer’s dream gadget. The best thing about is that it lets the user test their apps on different devices without actually owning these devices. For example, if you are developing an app for Samsung S8, you can configure your emulator according to that device and the current software i.e. Nougat. You can change the device configuration as you desire.

The free version is fit for personal use. For consumer use, you can always buy additional features that come at a set cost in the free version.

  1. ARChon

ARChon is Android’s newest and unconventional take on emulators. While other ones are connected to a PC, Archon is installed in Google Chrome and then use from there. The user has to install it in Google Chrome. Then, get APKs from various sites. Before using them, they need to be changed a little to make them compatible with this emulator.

Although hard to set up, this emulator gives the user a great advantage by being easily installed into the web browser. It comes free of charge and gives the developers an opportunity to test their apps on their devices. ARChon is compatible with PC, MAC and even Linux.

  1. Memu

Memu is also one of the latest editions to Android emulator family. It is one of the few emulators that run as high up as Lollipop. Along with that, it also works with Jellybean and KitKat. Supporting both AMD and Intel chipsets, this emulator is great for productivity use. Gamers can enjoy the experience of playing more than one games at once as this emulator has the ability to run multiple instances.

What makes it even better is that it is user-friendly by coming free of charge.

  1. Nox

Nox is one of the chief choices for gamers. Supporting gamepads, consoles, and mouse control, Nox gives the user a matchless experience of gaming. Another notable thing is that this emulator supports both Intel and AMD processors. Furthermore, it is available for both Windows and OSX. It comes with additional features aimed at helping the gamers, for instance, the ability to assign a button to any action in the game.

  1. Koplayer

Koplayer is another emulator fit for use by the players. It gives the user ability to copy a controller to the console using key mapping. Furthermore, players can record diversion play and then they can upload it anywhere they want. While it might still contain a few bugs, it is free of all the random issue of other emulators. It is also easy to install and comes completely free of cost.

  1. Remix OS Player

This emulator is probably the newest one for Android. It runs Android Marshmallow instead of KitKat. The remix is suitable for gamers as it gives them a customizable sidebar which the players can use to suit their needs. It comes with a pretty simple installation process and also costs nothing.

The only downside to using this emulator is that it does not support AMD CPUs. Other than that, it is the ideal pick for gamers.

There are hundreds of other emulators in the market to choose from. These 10 stood out for us because of their qualities and cost-effectiveness. Before opting for any one of these or other, always keep your needs in mind.

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