How To Play (Computer) PC Games On Your Android Using Remotr

Android is one of the most important and popular OS for the mobile devices there are certain apps and programs which are available on the android device but they are not available on the window OS. There are some method to play the android games and app on windows using Blue Stacks and some other software of this kind. But there is not any kind of app available on the internet for installing the windows games on the android. SO what can android and other users do if they like some games on their Windows computer but they are not available on the Play Store for the android. Fortunately there is an app available on the Play Store for playing the Windows games on the android without installing them onto the android OS.

How To Play PC Games Android

In Tech :  Today we are with a very interesting trick to play the computer games on our android phones without installing them onto the android. By this you do not have any need to install the games on your android you can play directly from your android as a remote.

How To Play Window Games On Android Phones

Here we will not install any part of the Windows games on our android; in fact we will install an app on our device and also on our computer. That app will let us to play the PC games on our android just by the same network our android will work like as a remote and will also display the main screen of the game onto the computer. The name of this amazing app is “Remotr Game Streaming”.

Some Features of Remotr Game Streaming App:

  • Let you to play PC games on android.
  • Totally free to use.
  • Gives full access to controls even you can customize the controls.
  • You can connect multiple devices at the same time.
  • Awesome game playing performance.
  • And many more features are present in Remotr Game Streaming App
TO play your favorite computer (PC) games on your android just follow the following steps:-

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  • Download and install the Remotr software on your Windows PC form here
  • After you have downloaded the app just launch it, it will ask for creating an account in order to continue. Remember: Enter you right details for creating accounts.
  • After that you need to install the Remotr App for your android phone you can download it from here
  • Install and Launch the app on your android it will ask for an Email and Password enter the same email and password which you had used for creating account in step no. 2
    How To Play (Computer) PC Games On Your Android Phone
  • When you have successfully login then you will see your computer on your android phone.
    How To Play (Computer) PC Games On Your Android Phone
  • Select your favorite games which now you want to play on your android.
    How To Play (Computer) PC Games On Your Android Phone
  • Remotr will ask you for some settings which you can set according to the following screen shots.
    How To Play (Computer) PC Games On Your Android Phone

That’s it, now you can play your favorite PC games on your android phone easily without installing the game on your android phone.

This was all about; How to Play (Computer) PC Games On Your Android Phone. By this method you do not have any need to install the same app on your android and thus you can save the storage of your device if the app is also available for the both Widows and Android.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article and are not able to play your favorite games of your Windows PC on your computer. If you have any question are need any kind of help then just drop a single comment. Your comments will be replied as soon as it is possible.

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